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I’m sharing my top 11 choices for business ideas in Bihar to start in 2022. I’ve carefully picked each of these Bihar focused business ideas after thoroughly analyzing the future scope of these opportunities, and the political, geographical, and economical state of Bihar.

Take a glimpse at the top business ideas in Bihar which I share in this insight-

  1. Textile exports
  2. Yarn import export
  3. Textile printing & embroidery
  4. Leather products (footwear, garments)
  5. Brewery raw materials
  6. Milk dairy
  7. Blockchain platform for farmers
  8. Digital marketing agency
  9. Tiles franchise business
  10. D2H Juice business
  11. Grocery delivery startup

Do let us know in comments, which is your favorite business idea in Bihar. And in comments, do let me know how Bihar can move ahead towards growth & development?

Also, if you are looking for online business ideas in Bihar, or unique business ideas to start in Bihar in 2022, then I have shared dedicated collection for the same. Not specifically for Bihar, but yeah, you can definitely start those business ideas in Bihar as well. Lastly, if you are a student, you may want to check online money making ideas to earn extra on the side.

What business ideas in Bihar can you expect here?

Bihar now must ventures into uncharted business territories

Bihar is primarily an agri-state. Agriculture has long been the backbone of not just Bihar, but the entire Indian Economy. This collection of “business ideas Bihar” Contains some really good agriculture based small business ideas. But it’s high time that Bihar further stretches its wings in 2022. Bihar now must ventures into uncharted business territories. And so, I have shared a lot of non-agricultural, industrial business ideas as well. Besides, you can always find startup business ideas, eCommerce business ideas on GrowthRomeo.

Where to go to find the online business ideas in Bihar 2022 list?

Like few other pages on GrowthRomeo, for brevity, I’ve not discussed here the online business ideas. Are you’re looking for online business ideas in ecommerce, finance, lifestyle, education, healthcare? Click on the link to find some real-good online business ideas for Bihar or any other region. That article has a good collection of online business ideas 2022. Also, do share with your family and close friends as well.

Hah! Let’s get back to the topic of this article. Now, we shall dive into some of the unique business ideas that would suit the soil and air of Bihar. If you’re not from Bihar, brief intro could be that ‘Bihar is the land of Ashoka, Sita, Aryabhatta, and Buddha’.

Why you must start a business in Bihar?

You should pursue the listed business ideas in Bihar because it is a state in India with 10 crore customers. Yes. Bihar is big-

  • As per the last census in India, Bihar was the third most populous state in India i.e., you have a huge client-base.
  • Bihar’s population is 10 Crores+ i.e., 1/3rd of the US population. And the per-capita income is gradually increasing i.e., more expenditure power.
  • Last year, while we combated the pandemic and economic turbulence, Bihar’s growth was twice the national average.

Commendable enough to convince you to launch a new startup in Bihar? Now, with digital penetration, Bihar citizens need to further bolster their growth rate. Bihar needs to catch up with the development and digital transition that the nation is going through. And so, by relying on our agricultural strengths we have curated a list of 11 business ideas for Bihar to modernize it’s industrial landscape. You’ll also find a few business ideas in Bihar from the Agricultural, Leather, Brewery, Textile, Digital, and Education sectors.

11+ business ideas in Bihar that impact entrepreneurs should start in 2022

Read this article to find an exhaustive list of low investment, high profit business ideas in Bihar that you can start in 2022. Let’s get started.

1. Textile export business ideas in Bihar, 2022

textile exports business ideas in Bihar

textile export

Bihar is home to 90,000+ weavers. Bhagalpur, and Gaya are the most popular hubs for textile manufacturing in Bihar. In-fact, Bhagalpur is known as the silk city of Bihar. There are several clusters coming up in Bihar for embracing new age technologies like Shuttleless looms and rapier looms.This again makes Bihar a hotbed for starting textile business ideas in 2022.

Nalanda, Darbhanga, Siwan, Patna, Madhubani, etcetera are having small scale textile businesses. Madhubani in particular is famous for GI tagged Madhubani paintings and prints. Bhagalpuri Silk is another GI tagged product from Bihar. New textile clusters were planned to be developed by the textile ministry but for some reasons, I think, there is a gap between policies and implementation.

Start a textile export company in Bihar in 2022

Still, you can start a textile export company from Bhagalpur or Gaya or Patna, which are major commercial cities/districts in Bihar. In fact, I would say, if you are looking for where to pursue your business ideas in Bihar then these three cities should be your top consideration. I have heard good word-of-mouth for Munger as well. But I think it is still one of those regions where goons have their influence.

To start a textile import export company in Bihar you would need a properly registered business with PAN, TIN, GST, etcetera, and export-import license i.e., IEC number, RCMC, etcetera. Get the textile products manufactured in Bihar and export it to USA, Russia, UAE, and other nations which import textile from India.

Major takeaways:

  • 90,000+ weavers in Bihar
  • Textile favorable economies in Bihar:  Bhagalpur, Gaya, Madhubani.
  • Bhagalpur is also known as the silk city of Bihar.
  • Shuttleless & rapier looms can modernize textile industry in Bihar
  • Textile relevant GI tags from Bihar: Bhagalpuri silk, Madhubani paintings

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2. Yarn import business ideas for Bihar, 2022

Yarn import business ideas in Bihar

Yarn import

This is one of the very high potential business ideas in Bihar for 2022 which is yet not pursued at scale.

Yarn manufacturing is a process to make threads out of fibres. These threads are called yarns. Yarns get weaved together to make fabrics. These fabrics gets stitched to make the garments we wear everyday. Yarn prices have been recently skyrocketing. And thus, another good textile business idea for Bihar could be to import yarns which are not easily available in India. You can also become a local yarn distributor. Recently, YarnBazaar raised 1 Cr funding from a group of investors to scaleUp their yarn business.

Challenges in running a yarn import business in Bihar

But the textile business ideas in Bihar in 2022 is not without challenges. Whether you wish to become an exporter or importer in textile or both, you’ll find tough competition from Bangladesh, Taiwan, China, and Pakistan. These nations have done pretty well in the textile sector over the past few years. India has performed badly, maybe due to lack of government schemes and support and the rising labor wages.

Mills like Jayshree import Linen yarns/raw-materials from Europe to India. You too can start importing yarns and supply it to manufacturers at a competitive price.

Major takeaways:

  • This business is all about processing raw materials i.e., fibres into yarns.
  • You can start a yarn import business.
  • You can also venture into yarn distributorship
  • There will be tough competition from China and Bangladesh.

This was second textile related business ideas in Bihar on this list. By the way,

  • If you are looking for business ideas in Buxar, you can start a brand for Soap & detergent. As Buxar district in Bihar and Dumraon are famous for its soap industry.
  • Areas like Gopalganj are one of the poorest districts in Bihar, and even in India. Entrepreneurship can bring in equilibrium to the lives of these people.

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3. Textile printing & embroidery business ideas in Bihar 

Textile printing & embroidery business ideas in Bihar

Textile printing

The third and the last textile related business ideas in Bihar for 2022 is from Printing and embroidery.

Textiles are a very vast industry. From farming to fashion, a lot of processes are involved. And two major job works or value added services are Printing and Embroidery. Usually, small textile merchants do not set up their own dedicated printing and embroidery units because it might not be fully utilized. And thus, recovering the investments could be a very long term gig. So, merchants avoid in-house setup and outsource these value added services to make their product marketable.

Set up your own printing and embroidery unit in Bihar

Their fear is your opportunity for a business. Yes, as mentioned, our next business idea for Bihar is to set up your own printing and embroidery unit. You may start this business in Bihar with low cost machines. Normally, you will need machines like flat-bed screen printing. And later you can buy more sophisticated machines to print on textile materials. To start your embroidery business in Bihar, you can go for hand-embroidery and hire-in women and men who are apt in embroidery. You can buy automatic machines too. But to cut initial investment costs, I would suggest hiring hand embroidery talent.

Also, always do remember your target customer if you are pursuing embroidery business ideas in Bihar. It is easy to get lost or deviate in the business. Your target audience is not the retail customers who need embroidery. Instead, your target customers should be b2b customers who need printing and embroidery services.

Major takeaways:

  • printing & embroidery are job-works in textile
  • it’s not compulsory but adds up the premium value of a piece of cloth
  • target b2b customers
  • start with hand-embroidery services, later buy low to high end machines as well to scale this business

If you are hungry for more unique business ideas then read the linked blog post.

4. Leather footwear, garments, & accessories business ideas in Bihar

Leather footwear business ideas in Bihar

Leather footwear

Bihar, primarily being an agricultural centered state is home to 50,000 footwear artisans. India, with around 20% of the world’s cattle, is the second largest footwear producer globally. And Bihar too has a significant contribution in it. And so, we thought footwear manufacturing business ideas in Bihar could be a good opportunity for localites to try entrepreneurship in Bihar.

Though Tamilnadu, West Bengal, Delhi, Karnataka, Haryana, etcetera are ahead of Bihar in Leather products manufacturing and export. Bihar is a leading player in the leather footwear manufacturing vertical.

I personally don’t like any business ideas for Bihar or any part in the world that might lead to intentionally torturing or killing animals. It’s a sin for me. So, I personally do not like to promote the leather business. But because India exports $2 Bn+ worth of Leather products, we just can’t simply ignore it either.

More than 40 lakhs people drive their revenue out of Leather businesses in India. You too can start your own leather garments, leather footwear, leather bags, and accessories business ideas in Bihar.

Major takeaways:

  • 50,000+ footwear artisans in India
  • India is the second largest footwear producer globally
  • India exports $2Bn+ leather products
  • Bihar too is a leading player in this business (as an agricultural economy Bihar has a lot of cattles)

After you are done exploring this exclusive list of business ideas in Bihar, do also explore our mega list of business ideas with 277+ business opportunities!

5. Brewery raw materials business ideas from Bihar

Brewery raw materials business ideas in Bihar

Brewery raw materials

We are already half-way through this blog on business ideas in Bihar and now it is time for a unique story. It is funny.

India has been quoted as the world’s toughest market by the CEO of Carlsberg, an alcohol business. And I can understand why he said that. Nitish Kumar invited him in 2014 or 2013 to set up a brewery plant in Bihar, and when they did – Nitish banned alcohol in the state 😐


That’s so unprofessional. Right?

I mean, the step was a welcome for a better future of the Bihar. But why would you ask a business to setup a plant and invest in $25 Million when you have plans of banning alcohol? Anyways, brewery plants might have been banned in Bihar, but they are active in the neighbouring states. And thus, Bihar could be a raw-materials provider for these brewery plants. This could be one of the most profitable business ideas in Bihar in 2022.

Start a raw-material sourcing business for brewery plants in Bihar

Beer, for instance, primarily needs cereals as raw materials. And as Bihar is a rich production hub for cereals like Barley and Maize, it’s well suited to start a raw-material sourcing business for brewery plants. Also, Brewery plants need a lot of cheap labor to keep the drinks affordable. And Bihar being the third most populated state, can be a good source of human capital. So, you may even plan to become a HR agency for brewery talent. Interesting idea, right?

These business ideas in Bihar might sound easy, but are very tough to implement and manage. Requires financial and muscle power too. Also, in a state like Bihar, you can’t really pull-off a big business without political support.

Major takeaways:

  • Bihar is a major producer of Barley, and Maize.
  • can be the raw-material supplier for brewery business
  • Bihar can also be the human resources supplier for brewery labors
  • Brewery & wine related businesses are banned in Bihar, but raw-materials you can supply to other states.

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6. Milk dairy business ideas in Bihar

dairy related business ideas in Bihar


Sudha is such a big success story from the land of Bihar. Though Bihar has given birth to a few of the top richest Indians, people don’t really remember Bihar as an industrial state, or a state which is prosperous. In-fact, slightly earlier than a decade ago, the World Bank quoted Bihar’s capital Patna as the second best city in India to start a business. Position 1 was attributed to the national capital, Delhi. It was a surprise for many, but the economical numbers supported Patna as the #2 locations in India. 

And so, don’t ever make excuses that Patna or Bihar is not good for businesses. Business ideas in Bihar could really help foster a culture of entrepreneurship and drive Bihar forward. To accelerate entrepreneurship culture, how could have I not discuss dairy related business ideas in Bihar?

Start a milk dairy business in Bihar

Anyways, starting a milk dairy business can be really profitable. It is worth pursuing this small scale business idea in Bihar. You can start a milk related business idea in Bihar with low investment. Something as little as 1 Cow, or maybe a few Goats is sufficient to start your dairy business in Bihar. And you can start supplying Milk to the major dairies like Mother dairy, Sudha, and their competitors.

I’ve personally tried this business idea in Bihar. And I was able to drive a revenue of Rs 60k with 5 Milkable Cows. After adjusting the labor, medical, and fodder charges, the profit was around 20k. A good side business idea in Bihar. Not that big revenue and profitability but you can always hire someone and you will have a side income source.

Do you want to pursue dairy business at scale in Bihar? If yes, then you can think of starting a paneer manufacturing, or packaged Rasgulla/Sweet business. In Bihar region, you may also start retailing factory made Pedas. I love Pedas, BTW. The point is, there are plenty of niche business ideas in Bihar from the dairy segment. And as mentioned earlier in the leather business ideas for Bihar, we are a major state in India with huge cattle population. So, starting a dairy business in Bihar should be a breezy gig, though not that easy.

How to run the Milk dairy business successfully in Bihar

There are companies that are setting up Milk processing plants in Bihar. That itself is a signal of growth potential. You have an edge over these companies if you prefer to not scale and limit yourself to a district or two. Because people do not trust the quality of milk packed within those plastic covers. And you can capitalize on this by offering raw milk right out of the Milk farms to the consumers. This is not scalable as the milk quality deteriorates way too fast. It can max survive 4-5 hours without getting processed. After 3-4 hours, unprocessed milk is not good for consumption.

The takeaway here is:

  • milk dairy business is profitable if you run it right.
  • start with 1, 2 or 5 Cows, and
  • become a Milk supplier for your nearby city dwellers, or
  • become a supplier for Milk agencies like Sudha, or Mother Dairy,
  • venture into related businesses like paneer manufacturing, flavored packaged milk business, whey protein powder manufacturing, etcetera

Read more food related business ideas to feed your entrepreneurial hunger.

7. Start a blockchain platform for farmers in Bihar

blockchain related business ideas in Bihar for farmers

Blockchain platform for farmers

Until now, we have been discussing many traditional business ideas in Bihar. Now it is time that we should discuss a few new-age, modern business ideas in Bihar. I mean, we can also start agTech, EdTech, eCommerce and other startup ideas in Bihar.

Rapid urbanisation, technical breakthroughs – AI, ML, Cloud, and Smart Phones alongside waging global economic war, and rising middle class income levels demand for innovation in ways we communicate, transact, behave, and conduct ourselves, our businesses, and/or our people. Technology led innovation is disrupting our everyday lives. And one such technology is Blockchain.

What’s blockchain?

In simplest words, a blockchain is a digital version of your accounts book where you record your financial transactions. The only difference between this digital version of your accounts books and the physical version of your accounts book is that the digital version is immutable.

That means, you can  not change a recorded transaction in the digital version. So, it’s a non-modifiable digital ledger. Now it has a lot of similarities between the physical record book.

What are the unique aspects of Blockchain?

For example, all the stakeholders of the record book can see what has been written into their account. Their is an added advantage in the digital ledger. And that is no single stakeholder can make any new records. No single stakeholders can change the rules without the permission of all involved stakeholders. Another added benefit is that all stakeholders can view the records at will. But for this the contract needs to be configured initially in the right way to keep things transparent.

Interesting. Right?

But that’s not all. The blockchain ledger is not just limited to financial transactions. It goes beyond that. It records all the transactions – from employees, to stockholders, to the raw materials provenance, and medical health data.

What’s the business opportunity with Blockchain?

  • The problem of hoarding, extortion, unprofessional price hikes, and poor produce quality has long plagued the agriculture industry.
  • 40% of the world population is dependent on agriculture.
  • Actually, 100% is dependent on agriculture as we all need agri products to survive.
  • To be more precise and accurate, 40% globally, and 50% of Indians are economically dependent on agriculture to make their livelihood.
  • Blockchain powered digital platforms can rescue these people from landing into situations of uncertainty by infusing trust and transparency in the Agricultural supply chain.

Blockchain business ideas for farmers

Here are two ideas to start a blockchain powered platform for farmers:

  • Food provenance services for end consumers using blockchain solutions in agriculture
  • A platform with integrated agricultural-loan & crop-insurance services for farmers

I’m personally very excited to see what you start in the Hi-tech space. If you’re serious about hi-tech, feel free to drop me messages for brainstorming on your business ideas in Bihar. I’m always available for productive result-oriented discussions.

Talking of tech, let’s venture into another digital business idea to start in Bihar. We shall discuss that, but before that here are some recommended readings for you:

8. Start a digital marketing agency in Bihar, 2022

Digital marketing services business ideas in Bihar

Digital marketing services

This is an idea which you must have already heard of by now. The blockchain related business ideas in Bihar could be a little tricky to pull-off. But this is easy.

Digital marketing is something that has disrupted the way marketing used to be done 20 years back. Earlier, small brands were not able to compete with  big brands. This used to happen because big brands used to partner with top marketing agencies. And smaller brands had no financial power to engage with them. But now with digital taking the forefront, SEM and SMM are quite popular. Enterprises with marketing budgets as low as INR 100/day can start advertising their business online and grow up. But it is not all that easy either. Not everyone is equally trained to carry out marketing.

So, businesses often choose unskilled talent just because they offer cheaper services, and they end up losing money. This is where you can step in and bridge the gap.

How to approach Digital Marketing business in Bihar?

If you are not highly skilled in marketing, I would recommend hiring certified digital marketers and then start serving your local business community in Bihar to promote their products and services online.

Digital marketing business ideas in Bihar can help you earn somewhere between INR 50k to 50Lakhs per month. This is  if you are a small advertising agency with 1 to roughly 100 people. Larger advertising enterprises make crores of money every month. Talking of crores and small advertising agencies, could you think of ways to promote a Tiles franchise business in your locality? Why do I ask that?

Because, that’s what my next business idea in Bihar is going to be – starting a tiles franchise to retail/sell printed and exquisite tiles in your city.

Major takeaways:

  • digital marketing is a services business
  • suitable to start with low-investment
  • you can provide content writing services, distribution services, ad marketing services, organic marketing services, etcetera.

More brilliant marketing business ideas are waiting for you, read them.

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9. Tiles franchise business ideas in Bihar, 2022

Tiles franchise business ideas in Bihar

Tiles franchise

When the country was growing at 4% in 2020, Bihar marched at above 10%. The agri-focused state has been seeing consistent fast growth in the last few years. Income levels of people across the state are improving. The housing schemes from the government for the poor are on the brink. The government is also trying to attract businesses to set up industries in Bihar, and are offering them subsidized land. All this is helping boost the real-estate development in the state.

And this invites for real-estate related small business ideas in Bihar. One of my favorite and best business ideas in Bihar is starting out a franchise tiles store.

Why tiles franchise business ideas in Bihar will grow in coming days?

Office places, or shopping malls, home or school, every real estate property is being built with aesthetic exteriors and amazingly furnished interiors. People are using marbles and tiles to furnish their floor and washroom and kitchen walls. It gives a latte touch to their houses and it’s easy to clean too. Also, a furnished property with tiles is likely to get rented faster than the one without proper finishing.

And this demand for tiles is an opportunity worth tapping. Getting into tile production is a large capital affair. So, I recommend you to go for a franchise option. If you start a tiles franchise business – you can easily start with barely 5 Lakhs of investment. And in 6-12 months, you will start booking profits.

I’ve seen tiles businesses thrive

One of my school friend’s father was into the Tiles business, and in the last 12 years – he has built his own 9 multi-storey buildings in different cities of India. He started accumulating his fortune from this tile business. And then diversified into agriculture, transport, and education too. Not a rags to riches story but he has enjoyed his fair share of success. This is a good testament that tiles franchise business has huge potential in Bihar.

Major takeaways:

  • tiles businesses will continue thriving in the developing regions of India
  • rising economies like Bihar will see huge demand for tiles
  • you can start a tiles franchise business with as low as only 5 Lakhs investment

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10. D2H juice center business ideas in Bihar

d2h juice center business ideas in Bihar

D2H juice center

Okay, this is not one of those business ideas in Bihar that needs a lot of explanation. It’s obvious. Everyone has thought of this, some might have even tried. Some would have failed. I guess, either the pricing model would not be suitable for business feasibility or the durability of juices might be creating a lot of problems. 

For example, a banana shake can not last for more than 5-10 minutes. It deteriorates fast. Even pomegranate juice, mango shake, or orange juice if not freezed then it becomes bitter with time. So, with 10 minutes as delivery time – it could be a really challenging business idea. 

But here is what I propose – Have you observed how thela walas will go Gali-Gali and sell orange juices? What if we use the same approach? Tag-up or partner with fruit retailers and then retail fruits direct to home or offices? 

Tough reality of this business idea

Kind of tough deal to pull-off, but manageable. This idea needs a lot of refinement. I’m not trying to demotivate you, but this idea in reality has higher chances of failure than success. But as I said, you can always refine the idea, fix the loopholes, and give it a shot if you feel confident about it. Otherwise, starting a juice retailing store chain business is also a good idea. And juice retailing chains have high success chances if started in an office or corporate locality.

Major takeaways:

  • time is most critical in executing d2h juice business plan
  • partnership with fruit stores in the city could be a good opportunity to scale the business
  • juice business is a profitable business idea for market areas with high-footfalls
  • favorable business idea for office or corporate locality

Well, this might be a risky business idea. But there’s another one related to food delivery itself which is relatively easier.

Yes, you guessed it right – Grocery delivery business ideas in Bihar!

You may also like home-based business ideas to give wings to your entrepreneurial dreams.

11. Grocery delivery business ideas in Bihar

Grocery delivery business ideas in Bihar

Grocery delivery

This is the last opportunity in the list of business ideas in Bihar 2022.

Grofers, Big basket, Jio Mart, Amazon, Flipkart, Ninjakart and several other startups have hopped onto grocery delivery business in cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad, Patna, and Kolkata. Grocery delivery is tricky too, just like the juice delivery business idea, or milk delivery business idea. 

But here, as others are also trying to crack the market and success route, so it’s kind of relatively easier. And until now, there have not been many failure stories in the grocery delivery space. In-fact, Big Basket is a big success story. So, how about you start a grocery delivery business in Bihar?

Sounds interesting?

Grocery delivery business idea strategy for Bihar

You can partner up with grocery shops in your target localities and advertise using digital mediums to lure in the customers. Mostly, your customers are digitally sound. And so, you would be benefited by targeting the young digital group only. Your ideal location would be the urban part of Patna, Bhagalpur, Munger, Gaya, Mujaffarpur, Hajipur, and Darbhanga.

Major takeaways:

  • tricky to execute grocery delivery business
  • has big players like BlinkIt and others as competition
  • in Bihar, good localities to start grocery delivery business is Patna, Bhagalpur, Munger, Gaya, Mujaffarpur, Hajipur, Darbhanga, etcetera.

That would be a full-stop to the list of business ideas in Bihar. But these are not the only business ideas for Bihar. We have two separate lists of business ideas in Patna, and business ideas in Bhagalpur as well. Do check them out. Read a few eCommerce business ideas if you’re keen on venturing into online commerce.

That’s not all the business ideas in Bihar… 

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Hope you enjoyed the collection of business ideas in Bihar. On GrowthRomeo, a lot more business ideas for Bihar and other geographies are waiting for you. 

Don’t limit yourself. Unleash your potential.

Explore new business opportunities to try in 2022 on GrowthRomeo, and find out ways to market your business, and scale it to greater heights. With the right people, and the right resources – you’ll write a success story worth remembering. 

I strived hard to find out these business ideas in Bihar, to help you unlock prosperity, growth, and happiness in life. And I love it when you share your story with us. So, do drop in messages / emails / whatsapp / comments if you have any favorite among the above or if you have launched a new business in Bihar. Do share this list with your family and friends.

Keep hustling, Keep growing!

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Tada, Nishant

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What type of industry can be set up in Bihar?

Bihar is brilliant place to start any of the following businesses:

  • Agriculture related businesses
  • Healthcare focused services
  • Educational startup
  • IT services
  • Textiles
  • Aquaculture
  • Hotels & restaurant

Which startup is best in Bihar?

If you’re launching a startup in Bihar, it will be great if you could cater to:

  • Agricultural economy
  • Educational market
  • Textile industry
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Women upliftment
  • Import/Export services

Which business is profitable in Bihar?

Coaching business is undoubtedly one of the most profitable in Bihar. Also, the below small business ideas for Bihar could be highly profitable:

  • Tea adda chain
  • Fast food restaurant chain
  • Online education
  • Fast fashion textile business
  • IT consultancy
  • Home interiors
  • Job training & consultancy
  • Marriage bureau
  • computer repair services

Find more business ideas in this collection of business ideas for Bihar.

How many startups are there in Bihar?

There are no official numbers for how many startups are there in Bihar, but on a rough estimate basis there are more than 200 startups in the incubation centers of Bihar under several colleges and premier institutes. And approx 200 more are working on their own without any investor or mentor support. There might not be lot of startups from Biharis from Bihar, but Bihar entrepreneurs have made it big on national level with startups like TaxiForSure, Alkem, TVF, etcetera.

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