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2022 – is the hot iron bed for business ventures around the world. And so, I’m sharing in this exclusive collection some unusual, and weird list of unique business ideas for 2022 that are not yet implement everywhere in the world. You must thoroughly assess the feasibility of these and only then implement. Assess these weird & unusual business ideas based on your personality as well. This would be helpful before you start implementing these opportunities on the ground zero.

Here’s a sneak peek into 20 unique, uncommon, and unusual business ideas that we discuss in detail:

  1. Women drivers only cab aggregator business
  2. Ambulance aggregator startup
  3. Freelancer management agency
  4. Senior talent training & recruitment
  5. Smart home robots manufacturing
  6. Alexa skills development agency
  7. Augmented reality (metaverse)
  8. EV manufacturing
  9. Textile machinery seller
  10. Home air purifier startup
  11. Solar panel retail business
  12. Makhana export agency
  13. Space tourism startup
  14. Divorce consultancy
  15. Cross-culture marriage consultancy
  16. Women only investment fund
  17. Perfume manufacturing
  18. Whey protein manufacturing
  19. Explainer videos marketing agency
  20. Energy consumption smart analytics app

Don’t miss the complete list of unique business ideas shared towards the tail of this exclusive collection.

When to start these unique business ideas that are not yet implemented around the world?

when is the right time to start a business

They say, in business ‘Now’ is the right time.

Every now and then, we are seeing new & weird unique business ideas popping up that are not yet implemented at scale around the world, and making it to the big fat newspaper headlines. Yes, I do still read hard copy of economic times. It’s a good source to learn about unique business startup ideas in India.

  • We are seeing 10 year old but unique tech businesses around the world like Paytm, Zomato, Nykaa, Robinhood, Coinbase, DoorDash etcetera launch IPOs that surpassed multi-billion dollars in valuations.
  • We are seeing one year old startups rake in series A, B, C funding at billions in valuations.

Loha garam hai (the iron is hot), it’s your time to strike too. 

The above listed startups are not the only ones worth mentioning, there are so many more. Here’s a quick look at unique business ideas from around the world which are not yet implemented in all the economies:

  • RealAR, a unique business idea from Australia is into 3D tech and raised $120k
  • Marli, another startup from Melbourne, Australia recently raised $400k+. Marli too is a unique business idea with a focus on making agricultural supply chain more carbon conscious.
  • Revoult, a fintech startup from United Kingdom is simplifying finance for the masses. It boasts 100m transactions per month and claims to be a finance super app. Indeed one of the mammoth unique business ideas from UK
  • A lot of unique business ideas are started in the last few years. Hopin has digitizing networking events. UK based entrepreneurs at Hopin could see unusual business idea in the networking events business and built a solution using which you could host all sort of networking events.

Business ka maahol hai, ab nahi toh kab (The market vibes are in business favour, if not now, then when)?

I would say, 2022 is the right time to start any of the mentioned unique business ideas on this page. But the success of your unique venture won’t be solely influenced by when you start, a lot more is at play. So, if you could smartly assess the ideas, find right partners, right resources, time the product of service accurately in the market, and get your sales & marketing in-line with your product, I can’t think of what would stop you from making your unusual business idea a huge success?

But remember, never go blind with money and resources in the startup universe. Before you could blink your mistakes could make your company dive south. Not discouraging but words to be cautious all the time.

Are we born in the best century to start a weird & unusual business of our own?

By the way, I’m Nishant – a tech and business growth consultant from India.

Yes, I do feel 2022 is the best time in the recent centuries to pursue our own business dreams, no matter how weird it sounds to your friends and people around the world. And I would say the same next year, and the year after, and the year following that one, and to the last year when I’m alive. Because seriously, “now” is always the right time to start a business, esp if you have hopped on any new weird, unique, unusual business ideas.

Whether you want to pursue unique home business ideas in India, or you want to launch your exclusive business idea which is yet to be implemented in USA, in UK, in Australia, or just anywhere around the world, the ease of doing and starting a unusual unique business was never as good as it is in 2022. People and investors are really supportive of new businesses.

So, I strongly feel that if you have no specific reasons to delay taking a shot at your strange, uncommon, unusual business ideas, then don’t delay it. Launch in 2022.

Exclusive list of unique business ideas for 2022 to WOW your income!!

growthromeo business motivation quotes
As I said, I am confident that 2022 presents you with the best and most favourable economic environment around the world to give wings to your unusual and weird unique business ideas. You can start your organisation anywhere in India, USA, UK, Israel, Ireland, China, South Korea, Singapore, Japan, UAE, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, etcetera.

Mentioning Russia makes my heart go to Ukraine. Killing civilians was never something anyone would support. But we got to understand the position of Russia as well. We all want to retain power and not let it slip away. Russia is doing exactly that. It can’t appease people around the world and let its people be vulnerable to external threats. Before we judge someone, it is always helpful to put ourselves in their shoes and then analyze. Anyway, this article is not about Russia or Ukraine or the politics in the UK or USA. It’s about unique business ideas that you can start from your home, and with a neutral focus on all the countries around the world I’ll keep discussing this exclusive list of life-changing opportunities

Here’s a list of 30+ unique business ideas for 2022 to help you start your own business ASAP.

1. Women drivers only cab aggregator unique business idea

women only cab drivers unique business idea for 2022
Consumers are more aware than ever to engage with businesses that have an impact on the society. In fact, we also have impact funds these days. One of the best unique business ideas not yet implemented at scale that you can start in 2022 that may suit the taste of startup investors, and impact focused consumers is “Women only cab aggregator business”. It’s one of the niche unique & unusual business ideas for women with a huge market.

Would women led cab aggregator unique business ideas really thrive in 2022?

Cab aggregator unique business ideas are not so unusual around the world:

  • Grab is a mammoth cab aggregator business based out of Singapore. It has raised around $10 Billions.
  • Careem from Dubai, and UBER, Lyft from United States (USA), OLA from India, Cabubble from United Kingdom (UK), are some other popular cab related startups around the world.

But the likes of Ola, Uber have men dominated on-demand cab services. This needs to change to steer the industry towards gender equality, and to improve the financial conditions of women across India, USA, UK, Australia, France, and in all those countries where women are presently not dominating the Cab services business (basically, the entire world). Countries like USA, UK, Australia, France, and Canada have good number of women drivers. And those who are not employed can find a good unique business opportunity in the cabs space. 

As mentioned earlier, this is one of the niche unusual business ideas for women from the transport industry but worth taking a shot. Also, this would enhance women’s safety to an extent during the late hours and early morning hours, a much needed change that India and the world has been waiting for.

How to approach this unique & weird startup business idea?

To start women only cab aggregator unusual business ideas in UK or India i.e., you can first tag up with a cab agency in the target country, and then hire women drivers. It will be easy to find women drivers in UK, but it won’t be that easy to find or substitute women drivers in India. So, plan accordingly.

Because there are not many professional women drivers in developing countries like India, you can also consider a unique side business idea i.e., to ‘train women drivers for professional cabs’. Now this must be sounding like a unique, profitable, and scalable business idea. There are branching opportunities, expansion opportunities, impact quotient and so much going for this business. It will be a good experience for users as well.

Sounds like an interesting uncommon business opportunity?

I would appreciate it if women take up such women related unusual business ideas in metro cities. Esp women of France, USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan, China, Russia, and India of course.

Why I recommend this exclusive business opportunity to women only?

More importantly, why I am only appealing to first tier cities?

This is because in cities people would be more open to these businesses. They are early adopters. And in cities of UK, USA, Australia, etcetera where women do not have to struggle to step out of their home are best suited for this unique business idea.  

Also, if a woman is running the business then more women would be comfortable taking the training. Families in societies of India are usually reluctant towards sending their young daughters to get trained from an opposite gender trainer. In a lot of countries women are oppressed. I have observed this behavior in tier two cities of India as well. In fact, in developed countries like UK & USA where women have significantly better environment to breathe and be themselves, even in those places they are suppressed one way or the other.

I was reading an article that despite the fact that gender gap is not as much prevalent in UK, the representation of women in the UK parliament, in the UK TV journalism channels, or in the UK workforce in general is very less. So, if more women focused unusual business ideas flutter their wings, maybe one thing and the other will lead to better balance of gender in the workforce and at all fronts. It has to start somewhere, be it India, UK, or USA, or Australia… any country! I can’t say Iraq or Belarus for obvious reasons, so it has got to be one of the aforementioned democracies.

How to take first steps toward such unusual unique business ideas?

To start a uncommon, weird, and unusual business like women only cab aggregators,

  • you can use a wordpress website theme to make your cab aggregator website, and/or
  • a pre-built app package which is up for sale on app marketplaces, these are also called no-code app development tools or
  • you can reach out to a custom web and mobile app development company, like Codewave.

Your money, your choice.

If you’re a woman, and are looking for more women related business ideas that you can pursue, I would recommend reading our business ideas for women blog.

Talking of cab aggregators, and aggregator business ideas, there is another one that I have in mind. Actually, there are a lot of aggregator centric unique business ideas out there. The one in my mind right now is related again to transportation and travelling industry. But that opportunity is from the health segment. I’m wondering if I should discuss it here. Ok, let’s get it out of my mind.

By the way, could you guess what’s it?

I’ll tell you, of course.

2. Ambulance aggregator unique business ideas for 2022

on demand ambulance services unique opportunity for healthcare professionals
Yes! In a country like India, this could be one of the most impactful, new, yet weird unique business idea. On-demand ambulances are an utmost necessary service.

I remember the enthusiasm of Bhavish Agarwal, founder of India’s largest cab aggregator, OLA. In an event, he expressed his desire to invest in a startup that aggregates ‘ambulances’ across the nation. This was in a YourStory TechSpark event. He went on to offer the tech stack support to get this implemented.

Today, we have companies like ‘AmbiPalm’, ‘StanPlus’, ‘Medulance’, ‘Ambee’, ‘eSahai’, ‘HelpNow’, ‘AppBulance’, ‘dial4242’, etcetera in India, who are serving the patients in need of medical attention. But this is one of those unusual business ideas that you can start from India and scale to the world. Despite the fact that there are already players in the ambulance aggregator business, none of them have yet scaled nation-wide.

This is what OLA did before any other startup could and that’s why they bacame a dominating player in the cab aggregator industry. Though they were already a large player, still we do see small cab aggregators sprout up in different localities of different cities in India, and they do make decent profit as well. 

Why do we need unique business ideas like on-demand ambulance services?

  • In tier ii and tier iii cities of India, medical care is in a very pathetic situation and this is a well known fact.
  • As per a report by economic times, more than 27% of deaths in India is because of no proper access to medical services. That’s way too high.

As a businessman, what would motivate you more than saving lives? This is one of those unique business ideas that can be started in the United Kingdom (UK), Australia, The United States of America (USA), and elsewhere around the world. Yes the healthcare accessibility in these countries are far better than India, of course, but these nations need ambulance on-demand services as well.

Profitability of on-demand ambulance aggregator businesses

Impact is good, but businesses need money as well, and a sustainable business model. Sustainability needs profitability. So, let’s talk about the profits here.

StanPlus, a Hyderabad headquartered ambulance aggregator startup says that it has been profitable for the last 18 months. They claim to be clocking INR 100 Crores in annual recurring revenue (ARR).

They plan to expand to the top 30 cities in India and take the ARR to 1000 Crores. An ambitious and well achievable goal.

Who should star this unique online ambulance aggregator business & how?

You too can think of starting this unique business idea in areas where on-demand medical services are highly required. Doping this you can become a real impact maker.

Your business model could be simple i.e., commute cost (driver, care givers, petrol/vehicle maintenance) + the ambulance extra services charges + a profitability fee + miscellaneous charges. The scalability of the business while being profitable might be a question to consider but on a high-level, as already emphasised, this is a very impactful unusual business idea to start in India.

Do explore our blog on some of the best business ideas for India.

3. Freelancer management agency – new unique business ideas for 2022

freelancer management agency
This is another brilliant addition to the unique business ideas not yet implemented collection. 53 Million US workforce is doing freelance gigs either in parallel with their job or they are into full-time freelancing. India too is a rising force in this area. And the trends are similar for UK and several other European countries. Pakistan and Bangladesh are also quickly catching up.

Gig economy based unusual business opportunity

A major drive in the Indian gig economy (freelancing sector) is coming from home grown 39+ startup Unicorns.

Recently listed Zomato, Paytm, Nykaa has surpassed 1.1 Lakhs crore market size, and they are barely 10-15 years old companies. This is a feat that many age-old companies have been striving for but are still struggling to achieve after 50 years in existence.

And presence of such big startups signals about the potential India beholds within its economy, and talent within its territory.

A rising trend in this market is talents opting for flexibility, freedom, and exposure. The industry is called “freelance market”. And because the restrictions on the number of hours you are working, the pay you get, the work you do, the projects you are engaged in are all under your control, I find freelancing itself to be one of the most exclusive unique business ideas out there. But Freelancing gives rise to multiple issues as well. Before we discuss the issue and find a potential solution for it, let’s understand freelancing in detail. 

What’s freelancing?

For those who are unaware of freelancing – it’s just like how a normal employee works in the company but the salary here is not on a monthly basis but for the work that the employee does for the client.

So, yes – freelancing is akin to a contract with a quick expiry date – sometimes merely an hour. While it has obvious benefits for both: those “who need work to be done i.e., talent seeker”, and for those “who want money to do the work i.e., talent”, but it has certain drawbacks too.

What’s the challenge in the freelancing sector?

We just mentioned about drawbacks in the second last line. From clients point of view i.e., those who need DIFM (Do It For Me) service – they struggle to find the right talent, right bandwidth, right quality, etcetera. And those who are looking for new projects – they struggle to find desired projects, timely payment, and support in the hour of need.


Are there any weird, unusual, exclusive unique business ideas sprouting out of the freelancing economy?

A freelancer management agency, an agency, which works with a set of freelancers in a revenue sharing model and gives them the flexibility of working from anywhere, anytime, sometimes in shorts, sometimes while having the food.

Back to the topic.

A freelancer management agency is one of the best unique business ideas to start in 2022. It could be a global organisation. You can pursue freelancing related unusual business ideas from United Kingdom (UK), USA, Australia, or India. These are the countries with huge number of followers and it will be easy to tap in the market as the internet penetration in these countries are pretty high. In fact,

  • India is home to 15 Million+ freelancers already – that’s close to 1% of the entire population.
  • In The United States of America (USA), 33% of their workforce is freelancing. Yes, that’s a lot of people, close to 50 Million.
  • 2.2 Million freelancers are in UK, and 5 Million+ freelancers are there in Australia.

In a Country like India with over 1 Billion+ people, the number of freelancers would get to at least 100 Millions in a decade or maybe earlier. So, the opportunity here is definitely huge!

Is this really one of the best unique business ideas not yet implemented?

Starting a freelancer management agency right now will give you a unique advantage over your future competitors. If you doubt the future of freelancing, just take a look at the stock performances of Upwork and Fiverr.

Find out other amazing online business ideas to start in 2022.

4. Senior talent training and recruitment business to implement around the world

give wings to your business dreams
Education related senior training unique business ideas that are not yet implemented around the world lures me to add this as a promising opportunity. It is an exclusive business idea for countries with a rising older workforce. Countries whose average age is not in 30s but in 40s. This business idea could do really well in such countries. And guess what?

  • the median age of people in the United Kingdom (UK) is 40+ years, not exactly old but yeah the workforce is getting closer to retirement.
  • the median age of people in Australia, and USA too are in the late 30s i.e., 37 in Australia, and 38 in USA.
  • In India, the median age is 28 years, pretty young!

Reading these reports about the world’s age, I started wondering, what ventures can be started focusing at this growing older population? I have some really weird and unusual business ideas that are not yet implemented, but I’ll keep most of them for my book. Here, I’ll list only some 15-20 odd unique business ideas.

Ask any company owner what do they fear the most within the company – and their answer will be related to ‘stagnancy’. What hurts a company the most is when one/more employees of the company starts under performing. Of-course, occasional performance swings is a work phenomena which is observed even in international sports but when an employee stops learning and develops a bad attitude of not delivering quality work/service – the company starts bleeding revenue.

This would need to get fixed early. And that’s where lies our next unique business idea 😉

Executive training programs are focused at training the senior workforce at organisation, upskilling them, and helping the participants grow in their career. Continuing the list of weird and unusual business ideas, let’s discuss starting and running an ‘executive training + HR agency’, where you not only train executive level students, but also help them find right opportunities.

Why upskilling senior executives is one of the most profitable unusual business ideas in 2022?

This is among very profitable niche unique business ideas to start in 2022. Esp true for India as the Indian IT workforce has finally matured, and these days we have people in their late 60s working in IT. People in their 40s are somewhat less exposed to modern tech stacks and need upskilling so they can be your customers. The ticket size is not that of b2b enterprise level, but the scale is of retail level.

Are their competitors for this senior executives training business?

Companies like UpGrad (an edTech startup from India) charge as much as 2-5 Lakhs for a 6 months to 12 months course. Coursera and other platforms charge for certification. Plus, some HR agencies are known to take the first month of the salary as commission to find the right opportunity for the talent, and some charge the company for helping them get the right talent.

There are several approaches to monetizing skill focused training organisations. Of-course, you will find HR agencies who charge both talent and employer. Because, we are here talking about 7 figure annual salaries, so the profit margin is quite high in this business model.

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5. Smart home robots manufacturing unique business ideas

Smart home robots manufacturing business idea
Another modern new age opportunity without which the unique business ideas collection would look incomplete is in-house smart home robots manufacturing plantRobot market size is burgeoning in revenue. Personal/domestic robots are as much in demand as industrial robots. And that’s what makes this unique business opportunity worth your attention. 

Why robots business has good growth potential ?

  • The use-cases are mostly in the industrial equipment inspection and maintenance, material handling like warehouse inventory shifting, loading, unloading, and sorting of shelf products. 
  • Robots are also used in security and surveillance – police use it for remote patrolling and defence use it for surveillance on country borders.
  • Lastly, you could also find the use of robots in the education and entertainment industry.

What unique business opportunities are there for you in the robots industry?

The unique business idea that I see here is in the use case of robots in the home industry. People are now more open in adopting the latest technologies – and home automation is a rising sector. Smart Home Robots (for cleaning, intelligent home management, lawn management), companion robots, and smart kids education robots are very common.

How to get started with manufacturing robots with unique use-cases?

You can start robot assembling and robotic parts and equipment manufacturing plant in India, UK, USA, Australia. Whether you venture into the industrial or home robots sector, it is totally up to you. My personal favorite is home robots. Lynx, Zenbo, Roomba, Alfawise, Worx Landroid, Dolphin Nautlis are some of the interesting robots which you can research about and tear down their business model to get inspired and start a unique future business.

Here are some of the cool robots related unique businesses from United Kingdom (UK):

  • Recycle eye is a unique robotic business from UK that focuses on solving the waste management problem
  • Touchlab is another unique business idea from the robotics space that has developed a robotic skin thinner than that of humans to sense pressure and other sensations.
  • Dogtooth, Automata, Open Bionics, Zoa Robotics, Flare Bright are some other amazing unique business ideas from UK.

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6. Alexa skills development agency: a unique business opportunity for developers

Alexa skills development agency: a unique business opportunity for developers
Alexa skills development business idea is as unique business idea today as app development would have been back in 2008. Just like how app development was very new in the late 2000s, similarly, Alexa skills  is kinda new and hot right now. 

I feel when the robot market will start maturing, we will have gestures, phones, as well as voice controlled smart ecosystems.

Envision a unique world of voice apps 

Let’s say, we want to play a song – we’ll ask Alexa to do that for us, we need yellow lights in the room – again command Alexa, we want to schedule a cab to go to a night party – you can focus on getting all hot-shot, while ALEXA will book your cab! It’s not like Alexa will be the only player, but right now it’s all Alexa and Google home.

So, gaining any experience developing skills for Alexa would help you in venturing into home automation business in the future. The USA alone has built around 80,000+ Alexa skills, and some markets are seeing a 3 digit annual Growth – Spain jumped to 10.6k Alexa skills from 4.6k within a year.

Just like mobile and app development company, you can start an Alexa skills development company. As this is a services business, it is location agnostic unique business idea and can be started in countries with good IT workforce – United states, Australia, India, United Kingdom (UK).

If you are liking development focused unique business ideas then you may like the next one as well. Facebook and Microsoft are betting big in these sectors.

By the way, I also did a blog on electronics business ideas, do check it for more electronics related business idea inspiration.

7. AR related futuristic exclusive unique business ideas

AR related futuristic unique business ideas

  • Augmented reality market size globally stands at 14.7 Billions and is estimated to grow to 88 Billions by 2026.
  • Almost 600% growth. Amazing, right? But some of you might be thinking, what is AR or augmented reality? Just so that we all understand it, here is a one line explainer – it overlays digital content on real world objects to enhance your real-world experiences.
  • AR is the next big thing! The next wave of innovation will be AR and blockchain powered. Get ready for a world full of AR related unique business ideas.

Need AR explanation with an example?

For example, imagine walking by a skyscraper, and you look at it and your spectacles display you the length of the building. Or let’s say you’re at a party, where everyone is wearing designer dresses, you walk up to a person, appreciate their dress and in the meantime your AR glasses tells you who designed it and the price tag associated with it. Another example, you walk into a mall and click a dress – and your camera shows you how the dress would look on you. Isn’t all these ideas interesting. 

Their is much more that we can experience with AR. The best use-case of AR at present is in the hospital and care industry. Other industries that are actively investing in the AR led technologies are retail sector, automotive sector, e-commerce, education, and entertainment. Now that you understand the AR world, you can think of AR powered unique business ideas for the industries that interests you. 

Unique business ideas in the augmented reality space:

  • Start an AR platform for personalized e-commerce product visualization. 
  • Launch an AR based experiential STEM learning app for Indian students.
  • Build an AR based remote health care delivery product
  • Develop an AR based gaming platform.

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8. EV manufacturing focused unique business ideas for 2022

EV manufacturing focused unique business ideas for 2022

  • More and more automobile companies are entering into the electric vehicle manufacturing business in India.
  • Two years back, India clocked a sale of 7.5 Lakh EVs over the economic calendar year. 
  • The FAME scheme from the Government of India (GOI) is a driver behind faster adoption and manufacturing of EV.
  • You can leverage FAME and other policies by GoI to leap ahead in the EV manufacturing business.

Another unique business opportunity in the EV segment could be to set up charging stations.

The EV opportunity for entrepreneurs on hunt for unique business ideas

Delhi government, recently made it mandatory for cab aggregators and food delivery startups to go fully electric. This presents a huge opportunity for EV entrepreneurs.

Charging infrastructure and penetration will be a crucial factor in deciding the future of EV adoption and success in India.

You can start an EV business in the two-wheeler, three wheeler, truck, bus, and Car segments. EV battery recycling and swapping business, solar vehicles, home charging stations, EV customisation garage are some other unique business ideas to consider starting in India in 2022.

Those were our top picks for unusual business ideas that you can start in India (or USA, UK, UAE, Japan, Australia, Canada, New Zealand).

If you’re a problem solver at heart, you may want to read our list of innovative business ideas.

9. Textile weaving machine retailer unusual business ideas for 2022

Textile weaving machine retailer business for 2022
Textile and apparel is a very common business throughout India. In-fact, am pretty sure that irrespective of your gender and location – you would be shopping for the latest in the fashion trends almost every three months, and if you are from a affluent family then prolly every week.

Am I right? Okay.

Anyways, these textile products that consumers purchase first gets produced in the field in the form of crops, then gets processed to form yarns which gets weaved to form fabrics and then it gets stitched to form your fashionable wearables.

More details on the unique opportunities related to the textile machinery business

Retailing the weaving machines i.e., powerloom, auto loom, and rapier looms is an awesome unique business idea for those who want to deal in high worth products. 60 inches, 90 inches looms are common, 120 inches textile looms are in demand these days.

  • The ticket size is quite big here. There are looms that can cost upto 50 Lakhs.
  • Selling one unit can bring you profits between 1.5 Lakhs to 5 Lakhs and in some cases even above that.
  • Gujrat is the hub of textile machinery in India. So, if you decide to venture in this field  – you gotta book tickets to Gujrat.

This might not be as hot as other unique business ideas on this list, but yeah the crowd/competition is pretty less in here and so I thought this is worth mentioning about.

10. Home air purifier: a must start unique business idea

Home air purifier: a must start unique business idea

Some unique business ideas are more of a necessity for our survival. Home air purifier business is exactly that. The health implications of polluted air with bacterial and viral particles is well known to you. The pandemic catalyzed the air purifier market, the demand went high before the lockdown period.

But during lockdown – the supply chain was totally disturbed, economy fell into the arms of uncertainty, and people were wary of their savings, income and future.


  • In no time, the peak that air purifier business saw in late 2019, saw a nose diving trend in mid 2020s as countries around the world went for lockdown.
  • But still, the market is growing fast at a CAGR of above 8%, and by 2025 home air purifier business will be commanding $13.6 Billion in the markets around the world.

It’s one of the best unique business ideas out there which might create several multi billion dollar companies around the world. It is well suited for modern impact entrepreneurs. Talking of location, you can start this in pretty much any part of the world, as every country out there is polluted when it comes to Air quality index. India, UK, USA, Australia.. every country out there is polluted. Air pollution is a major problem in the 21st century. This needs to be solved.

Wait, explore our home-based business ideas blog to start a business based out of your home.

11. Solar panel retail business: One of the futuristic unique business ideas

Solar panel retail business: One of the futuristic unique business ideas

  • Countries across the world are investing big on setting up the infrastructure for the renewable energy sources.
  • Solar energy is one of the most prominent sources of renewable energy.
  • Wind mills are also a good reliable source of renewable environment friendly energy source.

We shall talk about windmills later. For now, let’s discuss the solar panel retail unique business idea.

Solar energy related unusual & unique business ideas

  • Solar presents a range of unique business opportunities – from manufacturing to assembling, retailing, distributing, installing, and contracting for government projects – the scope is limitless. 

The question is – how do you get started. I suggest if you do not have the technical know-how – then jump into the retail solar panel business and then slowly diversify into manufacturing and retailing, installation, and lastly 360 degree solar panel solutions.

Once you have a big budget and brand name – get into the franchise model or open up your own manufacturing units and stores across the nation. Need ideas inspiration for what else you can sell other than solar panels? Go to our blog on E-commerce business ideas, it has some other brilliant retailing opportunities.

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12. Makhana export business – An unusual unique business idea to start from Bihar

Makhana export business - A unique business idea to start from Bihar
I was thrilled to find out that Bihar is the largest producer of fox nuts in India. About 80% of the Fox Nut production is in the districts of Darbhanga, Katihar, Munger, and Sitamarhi. It’s also produced in the states like Madhya Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir, and in countries like Russia, China.

But because the cultivation & processing of Makhana (Fox Nut) is a very complex and labor intensive task, farmers usually shy away from this business. The unique business ideas that I see here is to start a Makhana export house, makhana wholesale business, and Makhana packaged snacks business right from the state where it gets produced in Bulk.

Why Makhana Exports business is a good unique business idea?

  • It is estimated that around 32000 MT of the retail Makhana out of the 40000 MT is produced in Bihar.
  • So, starting a Makhana export house from Patna is a sensible thing, and it’s necessary for the local economy of Bihar too.
  • If you’re someone from Bihar, or if you know someone from Bihar – this could be a good unique business opportunity for you.
  • The Makhana trade is estimated at around 500 Crores in India.

Here are some more food business ideas for you. And if you are specifically looking for business ideas for Bihar, we have that as well for you.

13. Space tourism: Futuristic, unique, weird business ideas

Space tourism: Futuristic unique business idea
This list of unique business ideas would be incomplete without discussing something, which is the tussle ground for both Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos. Any guesses? Yeah, it’s space. Okay! I just thought that maybe a billionaire would land up on this page looking for business opportunities and he might not find any that suits him/her. So, I included this HERE. I’m serious. I’m expecting billionaires to visit my website :/ haha. Anyway, the intent behind adding this here is that you should be aware of where we are headed as a world. And having the desire to pursue unusual business ideas like space tourism can be a driving force.

Who can get into this unique business?

  • Space tourism industry is something that’s limited to Billionaires right now as it is a very, very, very high ticket business.
  • One single space trip can cost something in the range USD 20-35 Millions.
  • Companies like Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic, SpaceX are few who are exploring and spearheading the advances in the space tourism sector.

If you’re not a billionaire yet, then you know what you gotta do to explore this unique business opportunity. Become a billionaire 😉 I know, you can!

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14. Divorce consultancy: ‘Not funny’ but one of the quintessential weird business ideas for 2022

Divorce consultancy business: 'Not funny' but a serious unique business idea for 2022
You must be thinking, am I kidding by writing “Divorce consultancy” under this list of unique business ideas? Nope. Am not joking. Divorce is a serious thing and can be quite complex when it comes to child custody and equitable division of assets. Though, only 1% of marriages in India end up in divorce, in the USA and other western countries the rate of divorce is as high as 40% – 50%.

Would this business thrive?

  • As love marriage culture rises in India, and other closed cultured nations, the divorce rate will rise too!
  • And couples would need highly credible lawyers to smoothly get through tough times.
  • If you are not a lawyer yourself, you can hire a few pros and launch a consultancy.
  • All it’s gonna cost you is the salary + website platform development and maintenance + marketing costs.

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15. Cross-culture marriage consultancy: A strange unique business opportunity for the evolving India

Cross-culture marriage consultancy business: A unique business opportunity
Talking of divorce might change the lives of people who are in a toxic relationship, but divorce still sounds a sad and negative thing. And i don’t have intents of sending negative vibes to you. So, I’m gonna neutralise the effects of the negativity infused in this collection of unique business ideas. How? By suggesting you another marriage centric unique business idea that is on-rise in India but this can be risky too. 

Cross-culture marriage business!

  • It is not the same as inter-caste or inter-religion marriages, so don’t get furious if you’re against such marriages. 
  • Cross-culture, in Indian context, is more like a Bihari boy getting married to a Delhi girl, or a Punjabi boy marrying a Tamil girl. Yeah, half-girlfriend movie and two-states movies kinda thing. FYI, half girlfriend, and two states are Indian Hindi movies. In international context, it is like a bride from India marrying a groom from UK, and vice-versa.
  • Cross-culture marriage consultancy can plan marriage events and ceremonies taking care of the rituals of both cultures. These businesses can ensure minimum conflict between the bride’s and groom’s family.  It’s more like a marriage bureau business – remember the ‘Band Baaja Baraat’ movie? If you were looking for some unique business ideas that are yet not implemented than this is one such opportunity to go after.

We discussed one more marriage related business in our blog on business ideas in Patna. Please do share that blog with a Bihari friend of you. Bihar needs more entrepreneurs to help the state step out of poverty and poor living conditions.

16. Women only investment funds unique impactful business idea for India, 2022

Women only investment funds unique impactful business idea

Earlier we spoke about niche impact focused investment funds where private investors lend out their money in lieu of equities to unusual business ideas that are creating some sort of social or cultural impact – for example, businesses that are making education and healthcare more accessible.

  • One similar unique investment business opportunity is to start a women focused angel investment fund to only invest in startups that are run by women founders/co-founders.
  • A variant of this is government schemes where banks have to lend out loans to women entrepreneurs.
  • This is one of the most impactful unique business ideas to start in India and UK in 2022.
  • Presently only 2.3% of women entrepreneur led startups receive any funding.
  • This needs to change immediately and your investment fund can be a catalyst for that.

17.  Perfume manufacturing unique business opportunities, India – 2022

Perfume manufacturing business idea
Globally, fragrance industry is worth USD 24 Billion of which 2% market share belongs to India. India has a rich diversity of flora and fauna in its 15 geo-climatic zones. Fragrance and flavor development centre in Kannauj underlines the potential that India has in this sector.

Why it’s a good unique opportunity for Indians?

  • Out of the 300 important natural fragrant raw materials that are in use, 50% are cultivated and remaining are sourced from wild habitats.
  • India is well known for cultivating 20% of the cultivated fragrant raw materials i.e., 31 of the essential fragrance oils like Menthol mint, Sandalwood, Jasmine, Tuberose and spices could be sourced from India.
  • Perfume retailing is a common phenomenon, but manufacturing and supplying fragrance oils is a unique business idea to start in India.
  • If you want to start in the Menthol Mint fragrance oil business in India – Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and Madhya Pradesh are your go to places.

If you’re a student or know anyone, then recommend them our blog on student business ideas. I feel, the early you start your venture the better innovator, entrepreneur you will be!

18. Whey protein powder manufacturing unique home business ideas

Whey protein powder manufacturing business
Whey protein is a by-product of the cheese making business process. The inventor of ultrafiltration technology presented businesses with a unique opportunity to produce whey protein concentrates in the form of beta-lactoglobulin, and alpha-lactalbumin. The machinery and plant setup can cost up to 75 lakhs for large scale protein manufacturing. So, if you are looking for unique business ideas in the food or pharma space with medium investment, and if you are interested in the fitness industry then whey protein powder manufacturing business idea is for you. 

We have discussed a lot of hardcore business ideas until now. Let’s discuss a few software related unique business ideas which you can consider to be your new venture.

19. Explainer videos marketing agency: An online unique home business idea with low investment

Explainer videos marketing agency: An online unique business idea with low investment
Explainer videos are where you record yourself and/or create animation videos for detailing out on a concept. Yes, just like how a teacher draws workflow diagrams on whiteboards and explains the mechanism, same way.

What’s the unique business opportunity here?

The unique business opportunity here is that a lot of b2b organisations are looking for digital content creators who understand their business thoroughly, and can create explainer videos  for them. These explainer videos are either to assist the existing clients, or to find and convert new prospects by making them understand how their business works. These videos if done right can bring in lot of engagements and revenue for your clients. Does it sound like an opportunity that gets you excited? Hmm. Anyways, I’ve one more impact making business ideas that I feel like sharing with you.

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20. Energy consumption smart analytics: exclusive startup business idea

Energy consumption smart analytics company
Energy analytics business is to record and store the electricity consumption pattern. And then analyse the recorded data, and provide insights to the users. These insights help to optimize user’s energy usage for minimizing costs and fixing any slippages to save the energy. You can design interactive dashboards and stream the insights in real-time. With use of IoT and other cutting-edge technologies, you can also provide remote energy control solutions for your clients. If you want a more sophisticated business then you can venture into machine learning as well. This would empower your clients to drive maximum performance from their infrastructure. And the solution could intelligently schedule demand and load shifting while optimizing the gains.

I try not to share the business ideas that I have discussed on some other blog. If you’re more inclined towards venturing into online business ideas, then do check out the linked blog.

That’s not all… more unique business ideas for 2022

Huh! That was a long read – but a good collection of unique business ideas. Agree? I hope a few ideas must have intrigued you.  Research/consult further to bring your business or startup idea to life. If the above ones didn’t interest you, no worries –

14 more unique business ideas

  1. Laptop & high-end device renting business
  2. Grocery subscription services
  3. Doctors & hospitals booking apps
  4. On-demand online tutor services business
  5. Customized garment stitching business
  6. Kitchen interiors decor business
  7. Real-time virtual translator business
  8. Bike & vehicle renting business
  9. Defense ammunition manufacturing business
  10. Content publishing business
  11. Self-publishing books services business
  12. On-demand merch printing business
  13. Remote teams event management business
  14. Social media influencer management agency
  15. Women drivers only cab aggregator business
  16. Ambulance aggregator startup
  17. Freelancer management agency
  18. Senior talent training & recruitment
  19. Smart home robots manufacturing
  20. Alexa skills development agency
  21. Augmented reality (metaverse)
  22. EV manufacturing
  23. Textile machinery seller
  24. Home air purifier startup
  25. Solar panel retail business
  26. Makhana export agency
  27. Space tourism startup
  28. Divorce consultancy
  29. Cross-culture marriage consultancy
  30. Women only investment fund
  31. Perfume manufacturing
  32. Whey protein manufacturing
  33. Explainer videos marketing agency
  34. Energy consumption smart analytics app

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