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A land of 130 Crores+ people, imagine the creativity we Indians can unleash. Well, today,  at least I would try sharing a minimum 13 creative business ideas that can be started in 2022 by any of these 130 crore people in India. In fact, any one out of the 7-8 Billion people around the globe can try these creative business ideas. Business creativity is like a market monopoly. Here’s the list of creative business ideas we discussed in this insight:

  1. Rap lyrics writer
  2. Music composer
  3. Drone photography services
  4. Office interior designing
  5. Web/app design agency
  6. Creative products marketplace
  7. Tattoo making services
  8. Fashion & attire consultant
  9. Custom stitching services

Check out 5 additional bonus creative business ideas towards the end of this insight.

Creative business ideas for entrepreneurs who dare to think differently

Creative business ideas

Creative business ideas

A monopoly that will certainly get copied by your competitors if it gets successful. In-fact, the Snapchat founder once said something akin to – people who are innovative should be okay with getting copied, it’s the norm. This was when someone asked him for a reaction on “Facebook deliberately copying Snapchat features”. Anyways, here is a list of 13+ creative business ideas In India for you to start in 2022.

1. Rap Lyrics Writer

Lyrics writing creative business ideas


Rap music is on fire right now, all of a sudden (especially after the Gully Boy movie) the Rapping artists came out of the hood, and started uploading videos on Youtube. What secret superstar failed to achieve –  Gully boy did it in a related niche.

Today, not just entertainment businesses but all sorts of businesses have started using Rap as a mode of expression, celebration, and they use it actively in advertisements. Ranveer singh himself has done Rap commercials for jack and jones, Durex, and a noodle brand. This is an evolving sector and 3-5 years from now it will start seeing the real upside movement, the real exponential growth.

Who can get into rap songs based creative business ideas?

Rap lyrics’ creative business idea is free from geographical barriers and you can pursue it from a remote location. You can even record it indoors but to make it look sassy and glossy – you would need to record it in studios or outdoor locations. If you belong from a village in India, even then you can start it.

The Internet has truly diluted the location advantage for several industries. Today we have “Bachpan ka Pyar ” song coming out of a remote naxal affected region in India from a boy who has barely started his life. If you believe in your writing abilities or if you are determined to build writing skills and rapping skills, this creative business idea is for you. And for those who cannot sing or write but are good with music, they can try the next creative business idea.

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2. Music composer, producer, trainer

Music composition creative business ideas

Music composition

Talking of music related creative business ideas in India – how can we miss on music composition, singing, filming, and production? 

What Gully boy did to the rapping industry – Rockstar had done to the music industry – particularly for those who wanted to play Guitar and attract ALPHA-breeds 😉 Yes, that’s the goal for the most. They are not into it for the lust of music but to be more cool, social, and attractive. Don’t do that in business, because here you might end up losing a lot of money if you are not passionate about what you do.

Music based creative opportunities for deserving entrepreneurs

If you have the craft, or if you have got it in you to learn the skills (which pretty much everyone has got – you just need to hustle the right way), then start a music composing, producing agency. You can also start training the kids and other music aspirants (it’s an untapped market). But lately, I’ve started observing that people are starting up in this segment too.

For starters, if you are good with instruments – start a youtube channel or use a edTech LMS to stream live classes to music learners.

How about plagiarism in the music industry? Is it a bottleneck to this creative business idea?

The good thing about these creative businesses is that – if someone copies you and gets popular then you’ll easily be able to find them. Once you identify the target, the copyright laws can be of use to you in claiming your art, and remunerations too. This is highly useful for music, photography, cinematography, paintings, and writing works.

But that doesn’t mean it won’t get plagiarised – it’ll. It’s just that if that happens at scale by a repeat offender, then you can take action on them. You can take action even if it’s on a small scale but businesses don’t usually do that keeping the cost factors in perspective.

Here’s a collection of unique business ideas for you.

3. Drone photography, pre-wedding shoots

Drone photography creative business ideas

Drone photography

Creative artists have a special eye for unique things – be it musical chords, specific words, or a specific frame. 

Frame, what? 

Yes, cinematographers and photographers know exactly which frame would look awesome. Wait, wait – I’m not suggesting you start a production house on the scale of what Rohit Shetty & Ajay Devgan have.

Who should start drone photography creative business idea?

All I am saying is that if you are a guy who gets crazy with a good camera in your hand or who gets restless to stop your cars on the uphills and click the mountains,  then you can start a drone photography business. Or if you love parties and weddings then you can even start a wedding photography business.

To stay in your niche, you can try a pre-wedding photography business too. Initial investment for this business – Camera, editing software, computer systems, video editor, drone, etcetera would go upto 6-7 lakhs. Repeat expenditure would be around 2 lakhs annually + employee charges.

Where to start drone photography creative business?

It’s a good creative business idea for the town as normally people in the village wouldn’t look for wedding photographers normally and business won’t be scalable in such an environment. In towns, if you start a photography business with a wedding segment niche, you would find various high paying clients throughout the year. Per marriage – you can charge 3-60 Lakhs, depending on the people and scale of marriage (but for high profile marriage you would need more staff and camera-persons too). 

Watch the movie starring Ranveer singh – ‘band, bajaa, baraat’ to get inspired about this business.

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4. Office Interior designer

Office interior designing creative business services

Office interior designing

Recently, my employer who is into web design decorated her office interiors so well with the team that a remote worker like me who loves solitude was highly tempted to visit the office and work there. 

Off-topic: ‘The office’ reminded me of a famous series with the same name, it’s a must for anyone who wants to watch something light hearted and take a feel of the office culture if you haven’t been to the office. I would also recommend the series to anyone who is starting their own office. It pretty much gives a good insight into how things on an average are at every office. Maybe, that’s why it became so popular – a relatable and well written script!

Is this the right creative business idea to get into? Is home interiors sector growing in India, USA, UK?

Interior decor creative business idea in India is slowly catching up to the western levels, but i personally feel that convincing office owners to renovate their interiors is going to be an easy job compared to pitching house owners. 

Why do I think so? 

Because, a great office interior means a favorable positive vibe where people actually like to hangout and enjoy their work. It improves employee productivity and business owners know what improved employee mood and productivity can do to a company’s profits. 


It really impacts the business growth. This creative business idea is well suited for you if  you are someone with a knack for interior designing. Later, you may even venture into home interiors, etcetera.

A few additional innovative business ideas for creative entrepreneurs.

5. Web & mobile app design agency

Web & app design creative business ideas & services

Web & app design

I mentioned my employer in the last creative business idea that we discussed, right? So, let’s discuss that idea too. No, my boss won’t be angry at me for inviting competitors. Instead, they will be happy if more and more people could build solutions for the masses that makes life better. 

Anyways,  this creative business idea is again a design focused business idea – This too is much like interior design, it’s just that you are designing for digital properties and not physical props.

How large is this creative web/app design opportunity?

There are 1.8 Billion digital applications available on the internet. This includes 8 Million apps on playstore, app store, and 1.5 Billion websites accessible using the internet across the world. But most of these websites and apps are poorly designed and score too low on usability.

If you are good with app and web design – start a web app, mobile app design agency and help out businesses in India, USA, Europe, Russia, China, Australia, etcetera to build use-worthy solutions. Unleash your design creativity. India needs you, the world needs you. Your design in India can transform the world. Lol, was listening to Modi’s speech yesterday, he used similar slogans – “when India reforms, the world transforms”. 

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6. Sell your creative arts business idea

start a marketplace for creative products

creative products marketplace

Digital art, textile prints, drawings, paintings, serigraphs, sculpture, photographs, or any other art can be sold from the comfort of your home. Etsy, Amazon, ebay, Shopify are great platforms for creative artists who work independently and want to sell their art online. 

You may also find certain geography specific platforms to sell online. For example, America has FineArtAmerica, India has Mojarto. 

You can either sell your art yourself, or you can find an agent who is renowned and expert in selling art. Artists prefer agents because they at times help in negotiating great deals. If you are a great negotiator and salesperson yourself, then you don’t really need an agent. 

The next creative business idea is for Tattoo art-lovers.

Are you into selling? Yes? You would love these eCommerce business ideas. Also, do check the retail business ideas blog.

7. Tattoo making creative art business

Tatto designing creative business ideas


One of my friend’s cousin brothers is a Tattoo artist, he paints god’s tattoo on the biceps, nails, neck or the shoulders. It takes him around 3-4 hours to make a small tattoo and he charges 3-5k for it. The price differs based on the complexity and the variant of the tattoo. Tattoo parlor is not a creative business idea which just anyone can pursue. It demands sheer focus for long hours, dexterity with hands, and of-course high calibre in design and drawing.

Will the tatoo spark turn into fire? In other words? will the tattoo making creative business ideas ever become mainstream income generating source? 

Beach and metro cities are best suited for this business. It will take some time for tattoo culture to get to remote India. We are very protective of our heritage, culture and practices. Tattoos are not part of our culture, it’s a western influence. Let’s see how it evolves over the time.

For now, I can clearly see that the TikTok culture had our youngsters go crazy with all sorts of hair dyes, tatoos, and eye underlines. It was crazy! 

In America, tattoos have been around for a very long time. In-fact, as per reports, one new tattoo shop is being set up everyday in America. The total revenue that America gets out of the Tattoo business is around USD 2.3 Billion. I think the numbers speaks for themselves.

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8. Fashion & attire consultant

Fashion & attire consultant creative business ideas

Fashion & attire consultant

I’m infamous for my poor dressing and fashion sense. Fashion is like a creative art, where you decorate yourself. People usually like sharp dressing – but I prefer extra loose clothes. Yes, not loose, extra loose – XL for me stands for extra loose. And at times, I even feel that I look very ugly with all this loose slothy dressing – it kinda sends a bad first impression. But I can’t help it as I hate wearing tight clothes. But yeah I do know that sharp is always good, presentable and aesthetically attractive, but still…

This is not just my story. 

Almost every next person is grappling with this problem of bad fashion sense. Some are really good at using fashion as a way of expressing themselves. Others suck at it. You can start a fashion and attire consultancy business for such people. 

Find professional people, pitch them with how fashion and dressing psychology impacts our productivity, happiness levels, and mindset. I would recommend girls to start this creative business. This would only work in the metro cities and tier 1 towns in India. Village people won’t give a damn about this. They are like me. They don’t care. Most of them.

Manufacturing business ideas for creative entrepreneurs.

9. Custom stitching, designer dresses, creative business idea

Custom stitching creative business ideas

Custom stitching

Are you the next Manish Malhotra? Of-course, you can be. But would you have enjoyed Kohli, if he was the next Tendulkar? Or would you have enjoyed Dhoni if he was the next “Ganguly”? Nope. Right. 

People are unique in their own ways, and we need to bring that aspect out of ourselves. To get inspired from fashion designers is a good thing. But still, I would request to explore, experiment, fail, learn, and discover your own USP, your own creativity. Bring out ‘the YOU’  version of yourself. YOu can start a custom stitching unit as small as your neighborhood tailor shop. And later, you can scale the business to the levels of stitching factories with 10s of thousands of stitching machines.

If you are starting a custom stitching unit – I would recommend having a good mix of ladies and gents in your workforce. Regularly upgrade their skills, teach them ethics, values, and culture. All this contributes a lot towards business growth in the long run.

Here’s a mega list of business ideas 2022.

That’s not all… more creative business ideas for you!

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We discussed 9 creative business ideas in this article that you may start in 2022. But that’s not all the creative business ideas, there are more ideas. 

For example, in the writing niche – you can start blogging on finance, fashion, lifestyle, humor, stem education etcetera. You can even start writing for businesses. Video is taking the online world by storm right now, you may start producing videos for yourself and for businesses alike. Platforms like Youtube have made the entry barriers quite low. From Unacademy, to TVF have all started on youtube – and then they grew their business to such big levels that they are leaders right now in their respective industries.

The limit is infinity, it is all about where you want to go. With below five creative business ideas – I would like to request you to come with a strong determination for starting your business and hustle SMARTLY until you succeed. 

Say YES to criticism – analyse and improvise. 

Also, learn to identify when to reject bullshit criticism. 

These are critical for business leaders.

5 more creative business ideas –

  1. Painting & Caricature creative businesses
  2. Blogging, Vlogging, and Content related creative opportunities
  3. Acting & Dance creative Studio
  4. Gardening creative business idea
  5. On-demand T-shirts with creative designs
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