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Do you have an eye for good startup ideas?

If yes, India is the most fertile land for startup ideas in 2023 that you need.

And I’m not exaggerating this.

India is the third largest startup ecosystem in the world. Only USA and CHINA are ahead of India in terms of the startup economy.

Startup India is one of the largest startup-related programs in the world. To an extent, I’ll call it a massive success. Because before 2016, all we had was copy paste startups. But now, we have homegrown AI startup ideas. Not just that, India is leading in blockchain, metaverse, data, AI, and ML startup ideas.

Today, talented Indians, especially youngsters, are on the lookout for new startup business ideas that they can pursue. I’ve personally met a few young aspiring talents without tech background asking me what village startup ideas can they start in 2023.

Now, every time I cannot lecture people for 15 minutes. So, here I shared some top startup business ideas that you can start in 2023.

Feel free to share these startup ideas with your friends, family, and anyone who aspires to startup.

Yes, this insight is written in the Indian context, but what works in India can work anywhere in the world. Literally.

Be it the USA, UK, France, or Australia… the startup ideas shared here have equal potential in all countries.

Take a quick look at the list of best startup business ideas:

  1. Blockchain powered content monetization
  2. B2b wholesale portal
  3. B2b portal for decentralized manufacturing order management
  4. SaaS app for employee management
  5. Data analytics startup
  6. Video marketing AR startup
  7. SaaS platform for no-code app development
  8. edTech platform for STEM
  9. Review aggregator platform

also, do check the bonus list of startup business ideas towards the end.

This article has tech-primary startup business ideas

Startup business ideas

Startup business ideas

Note: I understand that the term ‘startup’ is more related to ‘disruption’ and/or ‘innovation’. But most of the wannabe entrepreneurs from tier 2 and tier 3 cities of India do not differentiate between the words startup and business. A majority of these people are just okay with digital technologies. So, if you are one such person – please explore other articles on GrowthRomeo. This blog is going to have a few highly technical startup ideas.

It’s not like you can’t do these. You can do anything you set your mind to.But let’s assume, you are looking for online business ideas, or eCommerce business ideas, then read dedicated articles.

Anyways, here I’m going to discuss startup business ideas for 2022.

Let’s get the ball rolling:

1. Blockchain powered content monetisation platform startup business ideas, 2022

blockchain powered content monetization

blockchain powered content monetization

  • Blockchain is quite popular in the finance world. But industries have forgotten the meaning of ‘boundaries’.
  • Now we have a payment company which is into ecommerce, and an edTech company which acquires a food startup, and a petrochemical giant that in a span of two years becomes the largest telecom company of the largest democracy in the world.
  • In this age of advanced digital disruption – you can think of starting a blockchain powered content monetisation platform for individual creators as well as for large publishers.

Blockchain startup business ideas, or the web3 focused startups have good future scope, if industry experts are to be believed.

WTF is blockchain? And why should you consider blockchain startup business ideas?

  • Blockchain basically is a ledger, yes just like how accountants have a ledger of financial records.
  • Then what’s the speciality here?
  • You can easily modify or replace the traditional accountant’s ledger, right?
  • For modifying or replacing an entry in Blockchain ledger, it is almost next to impossible.
  • Unless all the stakeholders of the Blockchain contract agrees to update an entry, you can’t modify/update anything.

What’s the startup opportunity in the affiliate payments world?

  • Right now, the affiliate system of many websites are under trust radars because creatures pour their heart out and yet earn in only pennies.
  • This hurts the creators, and they start distrusting the ad agencies.
  • So, you can start a blockchain powered content monetisation platform where the contracts are immutable and highly secure.
  • Once the algorithm is in place – the creators will not be exposed to any fraudulent ad agencies.

More blockchain based finance related startup business ideas

  • Additionally, you can also build solutions where the audience pays creators from within the browser.
  • And this payment mechanism itself can be blockchain powered.
  • This is a trending alternative to membership websites.

For 20 years, we have had the habit of consuming content for free. Now, all of a sudden publishers are asking for ridiculously high monthly subscription prices.

  • And so, this in-app payment facility based on the number of articles you read could be a very interesting startup idea to pursue in 2022.
  • The good thing about these startup business ideas is its scalability.
  • Once you see positive traction for in-app blockchain powered payment in one industry i.e., online publishing businesses, you can then easily scale it to emails, lead generation, database sharing, video streaming, podcasting, sports viewership, and other online businesses.

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2. B2b wholesale portal startup business ideas

b2b wholesale portal

b2b wholesale portal

The flight that Udaan has taken in India and the speed with which Aliexpress took over the entire b2b globe is jaw dropping. Udaan is already a unicorn startup in the b2b space.

You too can pursue such niche startup business ideas in the b2b wholesale space where retail sellers can purchase goods at a discounted prices and sell it in the market with a profit.

I would recommend starting in the apparel & fashion, or consumable organic goods segment. One is evergreen business, and the other is a rising business trend in India and the whole world.. especially USA, Australia, Canada, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, etcetera.

Starting a wholesale portal for retail businesses is one of the good profitable startup business ideas to start in India in 2022.

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3. Decentralised manufacturing order management portal startup business ideas

b2b portal for decentralised order management app

b2b portal for decentralised order management app

  • Direct to consumer brands are on the rise.
  • And this creates a demand for order management startup business ideas.
  • But not all the D2C brands are actually D2C.
  • They still source from manufacturers.
  • I personally call it D2C if the finished product is directly shipped from manufacturers to consumers.
  • I think people are becoming conscious about their choices.
  • And so, there should be an open D2C platform where people know exactly how the product that they are consuming came into existence.

Let’s say, you are dining in a hotel – you can scan the barcode and get to know the origin sources of the spices used in it, the oil’s source, who cooked it and the methodology used. Yes, this too is a blockchain based startup business idea that you may start in India in 2022.

Explore the blog on manufacturing business ideas.

4. Employee/workforce management SaaS app startup business ideas

SaaS app for employee management

SaaS app for employee management

All the startup business ideas we have discussed can be started anywhere in the world – USA, Singapore, Egypt, Italy, Australia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, or India.

But this present SaaS business idea to manage the workforce especially for the hybrid organisations is going to be transformational in nature.

  • There are businesses that are already taking care of employee management via online SaaS tools.
  • But these tools are highly inefficient and deliver poor employee experience.
  • You can start a well thought out personalisation focused employee workforce management software to keep a track of team insurance, PF, Salary, hike cycles, experience, skills improvement, project experience, etcetera.
  • Timely app from Codewave could be a good inspiration.

Find suitable future business ideas for yourself.

5. Data analytics startup business ideas

Data analytics startup

Data analytics startup

Data analytics startup business ideas are no rocket science now.

  • You can start a niche analytics startup to avoid financial frauds,
  • you can deliver real-time energy analytics insights to frugally consume electricity, 
  • you can analyse the invoice data to find fast-selling product trends, or
  • you may analyse the learning habits of an individual to carve out a personalised curriculum and learning journey.

They say it right, data is the oil of the 21st century.

And data analytics startup business ideas are going to be a lot successful in the coming years.

Need more upcoming business ideas? We got you covered 😉

6. Video-marketing AR startup business ideas

Video marketing AR startup

Video marketing AR startup

This could be a unique startup business opportunity for creative entrepreneurs. I feel all entrepreneurs are innovative and creative. But still, some will have more craft in visual creativity, and such entrepreneurs can start an Augmented Reality led video-marketing startup.

  • Video marketing market is growing.
  • A rising number of brands are banking on Augmented Reality to create visually catchy videos and cash on the engaging experience that it delivers.
  • So, whacky AR startup business ideas can attract a lot of consumer and brand traction.

I’ve also shared some brilliant marketing business ideas for you!

7. No-code app development SaaS startup business ideas

no code app development saas solution

no code app development saas solution

  • Everyone wants to develop an app but not everyone is equally sound with tech skills.
  • For such people you can start a no-code app development software where they can just point and click to create new apps.
  • It is also called drag and drop app builder.
  • This is lately gaining popularity as now everyone wants to have a startup of their own and become the next billionaire.
  • While I feel, no-code apps will never reach the heights where any app built using it goes on to become a unicorn but the no-code platforms can definitely make you the next billionaires. It can be starting point. And that makes this as one of the best startup business ideas to start in 2022.

SaaS is the most raging startup segment in 2022

So, if you really want to startup then consider this as one of my top recommended startup business ideas for 2022.

WordPress, Shopify, Wix, Drupal, Magento, Blogger and several others went on to become huge successes in the no-code website development economy.

Now, it is the turn for mobile apps.

Don’t miss the storm.

Go with it.

Who knows, I might interview you as a Billionaire.

We never know. All I can say is, this is definitely a good startup idea. Find a tech consultant on Linkedin to build such a platform. This will take heavy investments but I think it’s totally worth it. If you are starting something like that in India in 2022, be confident that you will definitely raise funding for this business.

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8. Non-STEM edTech startup business ideas

EdTech platform for STEM

EdTech platform for STEM

  • Byju’s, Whitehat Jr, Upgrad, Cuemath, Vedantu, Toppr, Unacademy, Classplus and so many other successful edTech startups are there in India.
  • But there are successful school franchises too. Right?
  • The point is don’t brush away an idea just because you think multiple players are already in the market.  Because if that was a decisive factor then we would have never had Gmail, Rediff, Google Search, and Amazon.

Instead we would be using AOL and Ebay till date for all our search, email and shopping needs. Anyways, if you do not want to directly compete head-on with edTech unicorns. It’s totally understandable. But you can definitely think a little differently, innovate and compete. Could you not?

A different approach to create winner startup business ideas..

All the listed platforms are targeting high profit segments i.e., STEM. What you can do is start a non-STEM edTech platform with a strategy to either raise really heavy funding or have an exit plan. Because without funding or exit plans you won’t be able to compete with these well funded startups.

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9. Review portal startup business ideas, 2022

review aggregator platform

Review aggregator platform

  • Goodreads, Rotten tomatoes, Tripadvisor, Lonelyplanet, Glassdoor are some of the top startups in the review aggregation niche.
  • But there are so many more that can be there. For example, reviewing a marriage hall, or a service of a food buffet, or reviews for a kundli analysis pandit, a locality in a city, a hairdresser, a doctor, a teacher, a musician, a sports club and a lot more.
  • Think of something unique for which you can collect the reviews and exclusively show it on the web.

Review portal startup business ideas are not that awesome but yeah it may give you the fodder you need to launch a large-scale, high-agility startup. That makes this fall under the group of promising startup business ideas for 2022. In-fact, you can even start a mega review portal where you collect reviews about just everything.

Those were the top 9 startup business ideas that I wanted to discuss with you guys.

For more, connect with me on social media and pitch your short idea. Me along with other teammates would give honest feedback about the idea. Don’t worry about your Idea getting copied. If it is that easy an idea, trust me, it’s not worth pursuing for big dreams.

Anyways, we can always discuss this in more detail later in group or over direct DMs.

That’s not all.. more startup business ideas

startup India

startup India

We have discussed at least one startup idea each in the Data, No-code, Blockchain, EdTech, Marketing, AR, SaaS, as well as generic review collection apps too.

Yes, GrowthRomeo a goldmine of business ideas. Lastly, don’t miss the best business ideas for India 2022. Here are some more startup business ideas:

12 more startup business ideas

But that is not the end of our startup business idea collection. We have a list of 12 more startup business ideas for you to start your own company in 2022 in India. Here I’m listing them out – 

  1. Develop an online gaming startup
  2. Start a price comparison website
  3. Work on starting an employee review startup
  4. Launch a video resume/CV powered Job portal
  5. Start a online pharmacy business
  6. Develop a online insurance aggregator business
  7. Build an online credit & loan focused startup
  8. Start a grocery delivery startup
  9. Get into food businesses with a meal planner business
  10. Launch an eCommerce fashion startup
  11. Develop a Vernacular podcasting platform
  12. Open a niche digital marketing startup
  13. Build a crop planning agTech intelligence platform
  14. Launch a blockchain solution providing company for FMCG, and Finance sector
  15. Blockchain powered content monetisation
  16. B2b wholesale portal
  17. B2b portal for decentralized manufacturing order management
  18. SaaS app for employee management
  19. Data analytics startup
  20. Video marketing AR startup
  21. SaaS platform for no-code app development
  22. edTech platform for STEM
  23. Review aggregator platform
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Nishant is a marketing consultant for funded startups and helps them scale with content.

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