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I was wondering if home based business owners stay indoors forever? Intriguing thought. No? I mean, are there pals who want to stay home all day long? We shall discuss it in the next section, but before that here’s a sneak peek into the home based business ideas that you can start from the comfort of your bedroom (note: these do not include the online business ideas that we already discussed in another insight):

  1. Amazon FBA store
  2. Home tuition services
  3. Yoga classes
  4. Online blogging or copywriting
  5. Digital marketing

Don’t forget to check the complete list of home based business ideas shared at the end of this insight.

Really want to chase home based business ideas?

I’m going to share some highly profitable home based business ideas and opportunities for entrepreneurs in India. But starting a home based business often means staying indoors all the time. I don’t think anyone would want to stay home all the time. People will eventually get bored if they stay indoors 24×7. In-fact, some homes are not really home. They are toxic interior places. People and family make a place worth living or worth leaving. Many of us do want to leave our homes at least a few times a day. Don’t we? But there are people who feel happier when they are in the comfort of their home, surrounded by their loving family.

Outdoors could be refreshing!

If you are that person who stays indoors all the time, I envy you. Because I want to get in your mindset. I want to stay home too. I will try my best. But I fail every time. I need to step out of my house to feel the air, feel the crowd, feel the buzz around, it energises me, and yeah, it does harm my lungs too – the AQI (air quality index) around Indian marketplaces is above 200 it seems. And it makes me postpone things of priority. Because indoors often suffocates me, even when I stay alone, more suffocating when people are around.

Why should you try home based business ideas in 2022 in India?

  • But leaving home shouldn’t mean we engage ourselves in boring jobs outside our homes.
  • To put it in other words – it doesn’t matter where you are, you don’t want to be a robot. You don’t want to be a robot who shows up at work every day (mostly unwillingly), someone who always reports to people of their presence or absence. 
  • You don’t have to be a robot who takes shit from friends and family.
  • Step up for yourself, build your personality and financial power. And to help you with the later one, I’m sharing a list of home based small business ideas for you.

Some homes are really toxic but there are some really good families out there too. If you’re part of such a family, you don’t want to be someone who feels scared to spend time with your family, someone who has to ask for permission to kindle with the family during weekdays.

You don’t want to work when you’re not in the mood to work.

Home based business ideas are your way to financial freedom

  • You want to get out of this pathetic robotic machine life. It’s time to break free from the nonsense rat race.
  • Now, it’s time that you ruffle your hustle wings, flutter towards the sky, and then spread your wings to enjoy the flight. 
  • To help you take control of your finances and your life, I’m sharing with you a list of profitable home based small business ideas. Hope you find some home business ideas interesting and worth pursuing.

Road to entrepreneurship seems all glittery; but the reality is that it’s a game of responsibility. 

You are answerable to your customers. And we can’t escape this, as we are civilised beings. Responsible, not wild animals. We live by an unofficial mantra – Live & let others live. And so, we have HAVE to be answerable. Or else, there is a MONK life – free from all life chains.

Home based business ideas 2022 for a winning entrepreneurial streak

Without wasting a second now, to fuel your entrepreneurship dreams, to break your slavery chains – here we put together a list of 22+ home based business ideas for India that you can start in 2022.

Let’s start exploring.

1. Amazon FBA store home based business ideas in 2022

Amazon FBA ecommerce home based business ideas

Amazon FBA store

Amazon FBA means, fulfilled by AmazonOkay, but what does that mean? Fulfilled by Amazon? 

  • Well that basically means that you will procure the product and ship it to amazon warehouses. 
  • Next, Amazon will deliver it to the customers and pay you for the invoice when the return period is over.

Cool. Is it one of the best home based business ideas for 2022?

  • I know of around 100s of businesses who do FBA from the comfort of their home.
  • Amazon FBA businesses can be highly profitable, and is a great home based business idea for you to start in 2022
  • Amazon FBA falls under home based e-commerce business ideas.

For more details on FBA business you may want to visit the sections for eCommerce business on GrowthRomeo.

Checkout the list of business ideas for-

2. Tuition services home based business ideas for 2022

Tuition services home based business ideas 2022

Home Tuition

  • Byju’s – the largest edTech startup in India has now ventured into home tuition services business too. 
  • That signals that the market is still ripe in the age of digital 1:1 classrooms.
  • Starting a home based tuition service is pretty much zero money infusion.
  • It only takes subject matter expertise.

If you are starting home based business ideas in India then you may earn somewhere from USD 15 to USD 35 per hour. And if you are teaching from Australia or USA then possibly up to USD 150/hour. 

You can later scale home based tuition businesses if you wish. The challenges would be in maintaining the quality of teaching you deliver to the learners. There is always a demand for teachers who could actually teach.

Find some good-

3. Yoga class home based business ideas in India in 2022

Yoga training home based business ideas

Home yoga studio

Expanding on the last home based business idea, you may also want to start a yoga class business. 

You may teach Yoga online from the comfort of your home or you may start taking classes on the terrace of your home. Yoga home based business ideas can always easily expand into yoga apparels, yoga food, yoga events, and of-course yoga equipment. 

Contact us for resources to start profitable home based business ideas in India.

Here’s a list of creative business ideas, you may not want to miss.

4. Content focused home based business ideas in India in 2022

Content services home based business ideas

Content services

I was thrilled to know about the empire that Google, Facebook, and now Amazon has built on top of advertising. 

If you see technically, they have transformed how content is discovered, how people interact, and how people buy new stuff. But the ground reality is that these companies have built their empire on top of content. 

We consume content in terms of social post, search engine results, and product descriptions and reviews. Yes, we won’t be wrong to say that content drives their business.

While Google and Facebook have directly monetised with the help of Ads, Amazon is using multiple channels to monetize the platform, and they have recently started reaping the benefits of product ads too. 

You may also think of some content focused home based business ideas like review aggregator business, or an affiliate business, or a content agency, or content creation platform, a video streaming application, or a business centered around content marketing like copywriting & SEO, etcetera.

The home based business ideas worth considering here are-

  • Freelance content writing
  • Social media content agency
  • Ad writing agency
  • Video script writing agency
  • Podcast interview business
  • Youtube vlogging
  • Personal blogging/micr-blogging on social media

5. Start a remote digital marketing agency from your home

Remote digital marketing home based business ideas

Remote digital marketing

Talking of marketing, you can also start a full fledged digital marketing agency. This too is one of the best home based business ideas to start in 2022.

  • Today, you can start a one person marketing company.
  • There are so many niches that you can serve as a digital marketer – SEO, SEM, SMM, PR, Content Writing, Email marketing, and whatnot. 
  • In fact, you can start a marketing company that only helps legal businesses in SEO. That in itself is a big niche.
  • And once you have your business going well, you can vertically expand into other industries or you may horizontally scale your marketing services for the same industry.

As mentioned earlier, this too is one of the best profitable home business ideas. To start a marketing services business – we do have recommendations for some must have marketing tools. Let me know if you’re interested.

That’s not all… home based business ideas list continued.

Those are our top 5 home based business ideas to start in India. 

We’ve listed 20+ more home business ideas to choose and start your business in 2022. We have tried to keep our home based business ideas list diverse. And no matter what your expertise and qualifications are, you would definitely find some ideas that suit you.

Here’s the complete list of home business ideas

  1. Amazon FBA store
  2. Home tuition services
  3. Yoga classes
  4. Online blogging or copywriting
  5. Digital marketing
  6. Start UI/UX design agency
  7. Launch a remote HR business
  8. Provide online speech therapy sessions
  9. Open a relationship consultancy business
  10. Start a dating community forum
  11. Launch a fashion consultancy business
  12. Venture into dog walking business (poop! You have to step out of your home)
  13. Start a babysitting business
  14. Provide laundry services
  15. Start a small scale manufacturing business in the apparel or food industry
  16. Venture online into a podcasting or video streaming business
  17. Start a on-demand printing business from the comfort of your home
  18. Launch a virtual assistants business
  19. Open an event hosting business
  20. Start an edTech school
  21. Launch a stand-up comedy platform
  22. Take a shot at game development business

Also, do checkout the complete list of 277 business ideas for 2022.

Nishant Choudhary

Nishant is a marketing consultant for funded startups and helps them scale with content.

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