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Why I suggest low investment business ideas to first time entrepreneurs? Investing all the money into one stock is a bad idea (I just lost 16k in Zomato shares by shorting it in intraday trade, but luckily I had made good money from Zomato during its run to Rs168/share.. so I am still in profit. But trading Zomato is a risky game because it is overvalued and the market sentiments still continue to be in its favor).

Anyway, the point is that without understanding the intricacies of business, directly venturing into a high budget business is a poor thought. What’s a good strategy? There are many. One such strategy is to start with any low investment business ideas and then gradually increase the business.

Are low investment business ideas worth trying?

Some people do look for low investment high profit business ideas, which does sound cool and smart but being realistic we should understand that most of such ideas are very high risk business ideas and prone to fail. 

A few do succeed – like if someone had invested in Bitcoin in 2009, or let’s say even in 2019. But that’s the thing, the risk is way too high. It can peak, but it can sink too. We never know. It’s like blind betting. I personally believe in the calculated way, taking the safe route with minimal to manageable risk. 

Alternatively, if I have disposable income, I would not hesitate investing 5% of it in high risk opportunities. But again, I am not recommending it to anyone, we all must only venture into something that we truly understand.

Expectations from the opportunities shared in this insight

Just to set the expectations right – pursuing any of the below mentioned low investment business ideas doesn’t guarantee that you will become the next billionaire or millionaire, but yeah, if you do the business in the right way and tackle the competition with the quality of your service/product – most prolly, you would earn good return rates on your income. 

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Some low investment business ideas included in the list are very common. They might sound rubbish. But if it appears like that to you, then obviously, it is not for you. Probably, you should ignore it and move on to the next business idea. My goal has been to include an idea for everyone i.e., people with all sorts of interest and financial strength.

However, if none of these low investment business ideas suits you, I recommend you to read our mega list of 277+ business ideas to start in India in 2022.

That will definitely have a few business ideas that interests you as it is the most comprehensive list of business ideas on the web. Please do share the business ideas list with your friends and family groups. For now, let’s explore the list of 14 low investment business ideas to start in India in 2022.

Low investment business ideas 2022 list [start with no money]

  1. Start a tea/coffee/pan stall
  2. Launch a paratha, Litti/chokha, Idli sambhar outlet
  3. Build a travel, real-estate, healthcare, education consultancy business
  4. Provide content writing & marketing services
  5. Start a automobile repair shop
  6. Setup a peanut, agarbatti, papad, spices, sattu manufacturing business
  7. Launch a laptop, mobile, smartwatch, smartTV repairing business
  8. Open a STEM related tuition centre
  9. Try out a flash sale apparel store
  10. Nurture a small scale last-mile delivery business
  11. Develop a review website
  12. Open an online language training school
  13. Launch an online legal services business in India
  14. Start a earphone retail business

However, would you answer “yes”, if I ask you, ‘are you flexible with initial capital requirements’?  Additionally, what if I also ask you, ‘are you open to explore interesting opportunities’? Did you answer in a ‘yes’ for these questions? Yes? Then you should find below some more low to medium budget business ideas.

Business ideas list [continued…]

  • Soy Milks
  • Dairy Farming
  • Wafer Biscuit Manufacturing Unit
  • Granite Tiles Unit
  • Paint making business
  • Home Furnishing Business
  • Online Pharma Business
  • Online flat rent bookings aggregator
  • Rural Tourism
  • Dental Products Business
  • IT automation business
  • Footwear business
  • Online writing software
  • Online Job aggregator
  • Jackfruit JAM
  • Bottled drinking water
  • Construction Related Business Ideas
  • Grey Iron Casting
  • Online shopping warehouse management
  • Sanitary napkin manufacturing
  • Jute shopping & packaging bags

You may want to explore a few unique business ideas too, after all, we have them in ample supply! Lastly, do check out best business ideas in India collection.

Get Latest Business Resources From GrowthRomeo In Your Inbox
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