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Why I suggest low investment business ideas to first time entrepreneurs? Let’s understand with an example.

Isn’t investing all the money into one stock a bad idea? I just lost INR16k in Zomato shares by shorting it in intraday trade. But luckily I had made good money from Zomato during its run to Rs168/share. So, I am still in profit. But trading Zomato is a risky game because it is overvalued, god knows what may happen after the market sentiments discontinue to be in its favor.

Anyway, the point is that without understanding the intricacies of business, directly venturing into a high budget business is a poor thought. What’s a good strategy? There are many. One such strategy is to start with any low investment business ideas and then gradually increase the business.

Here’s the list of low investment business ideas that we are gonna discuss-

  1. Teal stall
  2. Paratha outlet
  3. Consultancy agency
  4. Marketing services
  5. Automobile garage
  6. Small scale manufacturing 
  7. Electronics repairing
  8. STEM tuition
  9. Retail store
  10. Last-mile delivery
  11. Review website

Are low investment business ideas worth trying?

Some people do look for low investment high profit business ideas, which does sound cool and smart but being realistic we should understand that most of such ideas are very high risk business ideas and prone to fail. 

A few do succeed – like if someone had invested in Bitcoin in 2009, or let’s say even in 2019. But that’s the thing, the risk is way too high. It can peak, but it can sink too. We never know. It’s like blind betting. I personally believe in the calculated way, taking the safe route with minimal to manageable risk. 

Alternatively, if I have disposable income, I would not hesitate investing 5% of it in high risk opportunities. But again, I am not recommending it to anyone, we all must only venture into something that we truly understand.

Expectations from the opportunities shared in this insight

Just to set the expectations right – pursuing any of the below mentioned low investment business ideas doesn’t guarantee that you will become the next billionaire or millionaire. But yeah, if you do the business in the right way and tackle the competition with the quality of your service/product – most prolly, you would earn good return rates on your income.

However, if none of these low investment business ideas suits you, I recommend you to read our mega list of 277+ business ideas to start in India in 2024.

That will definitely have a few business ideas that interests you as it is the most comprehensive list of business ideas on the web. Please do share the business ideas list with your friends and family groups. For now, let’s explore the list of 14 low investment business ideas to start in India in 2024.

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Low-investment business ideas 2024 list [start with no money]

Some low investment business ideas included in the list are very common. They might sound rubbish. But if it appears like that to you, then obviously, it is not for you. Probably, you should ignore it and move on to the next business idea. My goal has been to include an idea for everyone i.e., people with all sorts of interest and financial strength.

1. Start a tea or coffee stall  low-investment business ideas

tea coffee stall low-investment business ideas GrowthRomeo

This is the simplest of them all. In India, there ain’t any village where you won’t find 2-3 tea stalls. And in metro cities, you will find chai sutta almost everywhere. But Tea, Coffee, and other Asian beverages are slowly also entering Western countries. And so, the demand is rising year after year. You can start a tea stall in something as little as INR 50k in India.

2. Launch a paratha, Litti/chokha, Idli Sambhar outlet

litti-chokha outlet low-investment business ideas GrowthRomeo

Another popular low-investment business idea is to start a Paratha, Litti/Chokha, Idli-sambhar outlet. I don’t mean to say that you start all at once, but yeah, India has got lot of local delicacies which the world needs to taste. Start a low-investment food outlet business like KFC, and Pizza Hut and let’s take our local taste to a global stage. This business can be started in as little as 1 Lakh if it is a cloud kitchen or else you can arrange an initial fund of upto 5 Lakhs if you plan to start a dine-in restaurant outlet.

3. Build a travel, real estate, healthcare, education consultancy business

travel and tourism consultancy low-investment business ideas GrowthRomeo

Consultancy agencies are another good low-investment business ideas to pursue in India. People anyways tend to give a lot of advice to do this, do that. So, if you are someone who is good at giving advices, why do it for free? Why not make money out of your advice? Start a real estate investment, travel guide, educational counselling, or fitness and healthcare-related consultancy agency in your city. You can easily take such low-investment business ideas online and turn into a community-based platform/marketplace.

4. Provide content writing & marketing services

content writing & marketing services low-investment business ideas GrowthRomeo

People do start businesses, some are low-investment business ideas, some are large. Irrespective of the investment size, often entrepreneurs are good at multiple skills.

But not everyone can be good at everything.

Some entrepreneurs are good at promoting their businesses, some are good at innovating new solution, many are damn good at managing people and resources, sine with finance  and others at sales.

But again, not everyone will be good at everything.

So, for those entrepreneurs who are not good at marketing, or who need external support to run their marketing initiatives you can start a marketing company. One of the top sought services in the marketing industry is content writing. It’s a low ticket business but so many people need this – so the demand is pretty high. If you are good at content writing – do try writing related low investment business ideas.

5. Start an automobile repair low-investment business

Automobile repair garage low-investment business ideas GrowthRomeo

There are very few low-investment business ideas that I can recommend for automobile lovers. This is one of them. Purely boy thing. But imagine how fire it would be to see women only automobile repair shops. In USA and other Western countries, this might already be true. But here in India, we haven’t seen women only automobile repair shops. Maybe, you can think of starting one. Marketing will come so naturally to such stores, when something is rare, word of mouth marketing automatically gets into the driving seat. This business may take an upfront investment of upto 8 Lakhs – labor included.

6. Setup a peanut, agarbatti, papad, spices, sattu manufacturing business with low-investment but high-profits.

Incense stick manufacturing low-investment business ideas GrowthRomeo

We’ve already talked here in detain about how peanut manufacturing, or Paneer manufacturing businesses can be run profitably. We also did mention that these have pretty low entry barriers. The initial investment required to start a peanut manufacturing unit is barely 2 Lakhs. Similarly, low investment business ideas like Papad, Agarbatti, and Sattu manufacturing can be started with very low capital. If you are living in tier two or tier three towns of India. These are you simple, straightforward low-investment business ideas to pursue in 2024.

7. Launch a laptop, mobile, smartwatch, smartTV repairing low-investment business

Electronics repairing low-investment business ideas GrowthRomeo

Electronics products demands keep on increasing. Electronics products manufacturing is not a low-investment business idea. But starting an electronics store is definitely among low-investment business ideas.

With inventions like 4G, 5G and whatnot, companies just keep pushing new products & softwares. Recently, Samsung launched foldable phones – i mean you can bend the screens and they won’t break. Yeah. Is it even required is not something that decides consumer behaviour.

I don’t know, but consumer economics is wired in a way that people just seek new things and experiences. The point is, even if every single person has an apple or android in their hand – still the phones and of course their spare parts will keep selling. So, maybe you can consider starting an offline-cum-online electronics store.

8. Open a STEM tuition center

STEM Tuition Low-investment business ideas

Usually, all human-only and no-hardware service agencies would fall under the low-investment business ideas list. Because in such small businesses, you don’t have to buy heavy machinery or you don’t have to rent a lot of space to rent in the beginning itself. Even the paperwork is nominal. One such service business where you just need to invest in a few furniture items and 1/2 teachers is to start a STEM-focused tuition services business. We had discussed this too in detail in our other articles. Read it here.

9. Flash sale apparel store low-investment business ideas

flash sales low-investment business ideas GrowthRomeo

Scavengers can start multiple low-investment business ideas, as there is barely any capital infusing required to run such businesses. Scavenge basically means collecting items from garbage. But what I meant here is that you can reach out to fashion retailers in your location and ask them to hand you out all the junk apparels from last season, last year etcetera. These are items that the retailers may not have been able to sell. So, you have the bargaining power to get them at ridiculously low prices. and then organize some sort of clearance sale to make profits on these items and hand out the agreed share to original retailers and keep the remaining as commission.

10. Small-scale last-mile delivery business ideas with low-investment

last-mile delivery low-investment business ideas GrowthRomeo

In the world of supply chain, last-mile delivery is king. From eCommerce to regular export-import and other distribution-focused businesses – last mile delivery is crucial everywhere. You can help companies win the last mile game by assembling a team of last-mile delivery guys and then just do an impeccable execution. This low-investment business idea can be started with a capital of two lakhs and then you can scale this business gradually by re-investing the profits back into the business.

11. Develop a review website

Review website low-investment business ideas GrowthRomeo

Review aggregator websites are another good low-investment business ideas to start online these days. You easily get wordpress themes for these websites. All you gotta do is pick one theme and set-up the website. Then you may either start collecting reviews manually from different websites, or you can use automation to aggregate reviews. Though this is a low-investment business idea but it is very easy to make money here. You gotta do it right else there is no money in this. Beware of plagiarising – if caught, companies may sue you too!

Low Investment Business Ideas List [continued…]

However, would you answer “yes”, if I ask you, ‘are you flexible with initial capital requirements’?  Additionally, what if I also ask you, ‘are you open to explore interesting opportunities’? Did you answer in a ‘yes’ for these questions?


Then you should find below some more low to medium budget business ideas.

  • Soy Milks
  • Dairy Farming
  • Wafer Biscuit Manufacturing Unit
  • Granite Tiles Unit
  • Paint making business
  • Home Furnishing Business
  • Online Pharma Business
  • Online flat rent bookings aggregator
  • Rural Tourism
  • Dental Products Business
  • IT automation business
  • Footwear business
  • Online writing software
  • Online Job aggregator
  • Jackfruit JAM
  • Bottled drinking water
  • Construction Related Business Ideas
  • Grey Iron Casting
  • Online shopping warehouse management
  • Sanitary napkin manufacturing
  • Jute shopping & packaging bags
  • Start a tea/coffee/pan stall
  • Launch a paratha, Litti/chokha, Idli sambhar outlet
  • Build a travel, real-estate, healthcare, education consultancy business
  • Provide content writing & marketing services
  • Start a automobile repair shop
  • Setup a peanut, agarbatti, papad, spices, sattu manufacturing business
  • Launch a laptop, mobile, smartwatch, smartTV repairing business
  • Open a STEM related tuition centre
  • Try out a flash sale apparel store
  • Nurture a small scale last-mile delivery business
  • Develop a review website
  • Open an online language training school
  • Launch an online legal services business in India
  • Start a earphone retail business

You may want to explore a few unique business ideas too, after all, we have them in ample supply! Lastly, do check out best business ideas in India collection.

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