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It’s 2022. We are in a digital economy. People are making money online, that too from the comfort of their home.

And so can you!

Yes, it’s really simple to make money online from home in 2022.

There are plenty of short time gigs, full-time opportunities, and part-time jobs that can help you earn a little extra on the side.

In this insight we’re going to discuss 32 online income ideas to make money online. The good part is that as these are online money making ideas, so these are not bound by any timezone or geographical location. Additionally, they have low entry bandwidth in terms of capital & resources required. You can pursue these from anywhere, anytime.

Feel free to jump to your favourite money making idea from this list:

  1. Influencer marketing
  2. Sharing economy
  3. House hacking
  4. Play to earn
  5. Property flipping
  6. Metaverse
  7. Video streaming
  8. Arbitrage – retail, finance
  9. Flea flipper
  10. Insurance PoSP

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List of ideas to make money online

make money online

make money online

With non-stop thunders of trumpet & the drums, let’s start discussing 32 online income ideas to make money online:

1. Influencer marketing: make money online by cashing the creator economy!

Become an Influencer to make money online

cashing influence

Marketing was broken. But internet fixed it.

This is a new rising trend in the marketing circles.

Previously, the power of advertisement and influence was limited to some glitzy celebrity from sports and movie world. Only if you could afford to pay the hefty amount these celebrities charge, you could build a brand.

Marketing was broken. But internet fixed it. Today, not only you can make money online doing digital marketing but you yourself can become a brand now.

Who, What, and How behind making money online through influencer marketing?

So basically, anyone with 500 or above followers on any of the social platforms would be considered an influencer.

  • Someone with 500 followers is called micro-influencer.
  • And those with 50,00,000 followers are called super-influencers.

With the rise of digital creator platforms, we have 10s of thousands of influencers out there. Brands are directly approaching these influencers to promote their products among their followers. This process of directly engaging with micro-influencers is called influencer marketing.

Influencers can make money online i.e., earn side income; or they can pursue it full-time as well.

The popular social media platforms include, but are not limited to the following:

  • TikTok,
  • Instagram,
  • Snapchat,
  • Reddit,
  • LinkedIn,
  • Sharechat,
  • MX Takatak,
  • Youtube,
  • Twitter,
  • Clubhouse

There are multiple other generic and niche social media platforms.

For example, here are two niche social media platforms:

  • Pratilipi is a niche social platform for storytellers,
  • devRant for developers.

You would find niche social platforms based on the language (language), demography, age-group, and even religion.

How you can make money online with influencer marketing ?

There are two quick ways to earn money online with influencer marketing:

  • Become an influencer yourself. Charge money for all the brand endorsements.
  • Help brands crack deals with influencers. Earn commission income on the side as an influencer-manager.

Check this list of marketing business ideas that you can start with low investment.

Flirt right, flirt tight with money!

NishantFounder @

2. Sharing economy – why just share, when you can earn money online!

Sharing to make money online

Share, rent & earn

In the first online money making idea (influencer marketing), I spoke about us being in the digital economy in 2022. Now, alongside this digital economy era, there are multiple sprouting economies as well.

One such vertical is sharing economy. And this sharing economy presents huge earning potential for you to make money online.

You can build an app to share anything that’s in demand. Work on setting up the supply chain. Get the wheels in motion. And bang! You will start making extra online income on the side in no time!

You can share your own goods, products, tools, resources, or you can allow people to list theirs.

In either cases, it is possible to make money online, of course, by trading goods.

But why would people share on your platform? Can they also earn online income from this?

Simple, help them gain visibility and clients.

This would enable/motivate them to share/rent their listed goods, products, services.

Ultimately, you are helping them make money online.

You too can earn from this either by making it a membership platform or earn commission from the business that listed people (members) engage in.

What can you share/rent to make money online?

The most common elements to share or rent for a side income:

Renting residential flats & houses to make money online

Share extra space in your home, and help other find a paid shelter.

Airbnb is an amazing example of this type of business. Airbnb allow individuals to rent their extra living room or space to travellers around the world and charge them money for their stay.

This way, the property owner can earn some passive profits by making money online. And the travellers save money which they might have spent in hotels.

Rent garage, warehouse, shop, commercial space to make money online

You can rent your garage to someone without parking or someone in need of extra parking.

You can let people use the extra commercial space that you have – a warehouse, or a shop. Launch an online platform for this, and make money online.

There are no known major players in this space right now. But it has a good potential. So, this seems like an attractive opportunity to me. It’s not like there are no players trying to crack this, it is just that there are no sharks in this field, yet. So, you have the opportunity to make money online by cracking this. Maybe, you can become that shark of the parking-rent industry.

Launch a high-end digital gadgets renting platform to make money online

Rent-out high-end camera, laptop and digital gadgets to let photographers snap awe-inspiring images. While you make money online renting high-end digital gadgets, you would empower creators produce jaw-dropping content, and to enable independent journalists report the on-going events in the world.

Also, many time it happens that economically deprived talent do not have access to laptops or camera to exhibit their skills. And so, by making it affordable for them to easily borrow these digital focused gadgets from an online app could open up income avenues for them, as well as you can also make money online from this.

Start cars, bikes, automobiles sharing platform to make money online

Ride sharing apps are nothing new in 2022. It’s everywhere.

These businesses are only focused on execution in the metro cities as expanding to rural and sub-urban is quite cost intensive, but not equally rewarding in the short-run.

If you could crack this for sub-urban and rural areas, it would be a big win. Right now, the demand is there but it is very fragmented.

If you are not targeting to be next billionaire, then you can make money online by focusing on building local ride sharing apps in small cities. You can charge commission for renting & sharing these out, and make money online in the process.

By the time you finish reading this collection of online money making ideas, in case if you find this list as a bit short, do check our comprehensive list of 277+ business ideas for 2022.

Money is a mindset, earning is an attitude!

NishantFounder @

3. House hacking app – extra space means extra money!

House hacking to earn money online

House hacking

This is niche version of the second money making idea that we discussed. If you do not know what is house hacking, no worries, we have got you covered.

House hacking in technical terms means “buying a residential or commercial property and renting a part of it”. This rental income then can be used to pay the mortgage amount. So, basically you did the down-payment, and then you are the landlord without paying any extra penny for the flat.

You might be thinking that but this one is an offline and not online money making idea. You’re right. But partially, this is online and partially offline. Let’s call it hybrid. House hacking is not just limited to renting, it is more.

What other problems house hacking can solve that could make extra money online?

Today eCommerce companies seek to crack the supply chain miseries they face. They struggle to affordably rent-out spaces from where their valets or delivery agents can pick up packages and deliver it to customers. House hacking is a brilliant jugaad (workaround) solution for this. You can renovate your basement area or your garage to rent out spaces to them, give them fractional ownership, and earn extra on the side.

Alternatively, you can help other people shoot-up their available space and execute house hacking at scale to make money online.

Lastly, if your locality is in good region then you can rent out your space to Banks to open ATMs or you can rent to shopkeepers to earn money on the side.

By the way, do check out our list of home based business ideas.

4. PlayEarning – it’s a money game!

Play to make money online

play & earn

Knock, knock. Boom!!!!! Gamers kill like maniacs in the games they play, esp the ones like PubG. And that’s the attitude of entrepreneurs as well, they knock a problem, they spot the barriers, and if they find any, they go BOOOOOOM. One such issue was related to the gamers who spend their entire week days on their screen playing games. Imagine how exciting it is to play games all day long, and make money online in parallel 😉

Yes, that’s possible and many gamers are pursuing it as a part-time career to earn extra side income online just by playing games. There are some games which are popular to earn online money like Poker, minesweeper, etcetera. Also, with improving internet connectivity around the world, gamers started streaming their game skills on Youtube, Twitch, and other platforms to make money online. So, basically there are multiple ways to play and earn. But in the last two years, a new trend is emerging to play games and make money online from it. We talk about it now.

A big chunk of gamers were not getting anything in lieu of their time, except the entertainment of-course! But we all know that games are way more interesting when money is involved. And in the blockchain led metaverse, play to earn gaming is already a trend, forget rising trend. Companies like Axie Infinity are paying out hefty amounts to gamers in the form of digital NFTs or crypto-currencies in lieu of the time they spend playing games on the platform. A good way to make money on the side, right?

How you can make money playing games in 2022?

You too can register on such platforms and earn digital currencies or NFTs that can be traded for a profit. These type of gaming platforms are blockchain based. And every reward that you earn in the game is exclusively yours. These rewards can be traded for a profit. You are not locked into one gaming platform. It’s possible to sell your earned NFTs in the same gaming platform or some NFT marketplace, of course! This makes it one of the most interesting online money making ideas on this list.

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5. Property flipping marketplace – good flat, earn fat!

sell flat and earn fat - make money online

sell flat and earn fat

Oh man! This sounds so easy to make money online, but it is way too complex than you can imagine. Esp, it is tough if you have never tried it before. But you might be wondering what’s property flipping? In short, it is buying a cheap property somewhere, renovating it, and then reselling it for way higher prices.

Now that you know how you can earn money flipping properties, the question is – how do you execute this money making idea on the ground?

The complexity here is a level deeper than what it is in general in the real-estate sector:

  • You don’t only need to find a property seller to buy from, but you have to find a property which is presently available at low price.
  • Additional thing you need to take care of is that the property must hold good value in the 3 months to 15 months period.
  • And then you have to find buyers who would be interested in buying the same property at a premium.

Challenging? I believe that’s the starter for an entrepreneur – challenges!

How do you make money online flipping properties?

Build a marketplace where sellers can list their property (with flaws of-course, or why would someone sell at lower prices), and build a network of property flippers. Make sure you don’t have final customers on the same platform as property flippers. These need to be separate else final negotiations while buying a renovated flat/house could be very tough. Every transaction on the flat can earn you good commission. This could be one of your most profitable channels to make money online.

The idea is that there should be one platform exclusively for property sellers & flippers. And there should be another real-estate house buying selling platform for actual buyers who unlike flippers are not investing to resell the property in the short term but to keep it for a decade or more.

As the deals here are normally in crores, the commission share is huge as well. This makes property flipping marketplaces as one of the highest ticket size online money making ideas on the list.

Also, property flipping is not merely limited to renovation and resell, it’s way more. Find more about it in my business book: ablaze – startUp, scaleUp, serveUp.

Need more online money making ideas to earn extra income on the side? You should definitely check out the mega list of 20 online business ideas for 2022.

6. Meta – sing the new verse in the money rain!

Metaverse to make money online


Giants like Disney and Facebook are already making efforts towards the next big trend the world is predicting – Metaverse! In fact, Facebook went on to rename itself to Meta. But what’s metaverse? And is Metaverse really a new way to make money online or just a fad? We’ll briefly explore all these questions, one at a time.

What’s metaverse?

Technically speaking, metaverse is a digital or let’s call it “virtual” equivalent of real-world universe. It’s a computer generated virtual world created using VR/AR tech and accessible via smart glasses and VR headset, sensors and other wearables. So, right now, any digital eCommerce store that gives you a real feeling of 3D shopping malls via the screens in your phone, or VR games that you play wearing the phone, or the animated 3D cartoons you watch, all are examples of Metaverse! It’s opening up new channels for artists, creators, and entertainers to make money online.

Problems with the metaverse!

It’s going to be super interesting interesting to see how the metaverse evolves.

I’m getting a feeling that social media has solved a lot of problems, like at-least people today are voicing up together globally if they spot a narcissist behavior in any corner of the world, but it also ended-up giving birth to new problems, and aggravated some existing ones. For example, people are now spending a lot of their time on their phone. People are disconnected today. Privacy concerns have come into the light. And we are being controlled by algorithms. It is easy to manipulate today if you have got the financial power and right people to execute social media campaigns.

With Metaverse as well, the same problem is there. As it is going to be an extension of present-day social media, eCommerce, and gaming platforms. While it will definitely solve certain problems, it is going aggravate a few. For example, privacy loving individuals will have a hard time thriving in the metaverse led social commerce. People with no digital design, creativity, marketing skills will be left behind. And circular-trading of digital assets in the metaverse could be another challenge. But where there is a problem, there will be a solution as well. And getting the solution right means opportunity for entrepreneurs to make money.

How you can make money online in the metaverse?

Earning money online in the metaverse is not that easy in 2022. As the concept of metaverse is still in evolution. Companies like Facebook, Microsoft, Louis Vuitton and Gucci are already flirting with the idea of metaverse. They have the money and network to infuse heavy investments in the virtual universe and pull profits out of it. But for a normal man, like me, how they can make money online in the metaverse? It’s tough as of now, but it is possible. There are ways you can make money online in the metaverse even in 2022. Here we list a few-

  • The easiest step is start a VR/AR development company.
  • Get into VR game development.
  • Launch your VR travel app, and earn filthy money if it clicks among travelers.
  • Start a fashion line in the metaverse,
  • Create digital arts & products for the metaverse (more of NFTs)
  • An alternative option is to play games in the VR world and earn money from it.

I find it hard to digest, but I have read reports around real-estate in the metaverse where you’ll own a piece of virtual land, and rent it out or resell it. Crazy Fu@#ing $#it. Anyway, metaverse is expected to transform how e-commerce, real-estate, fashion, and entertainment industry functions today. It will also bring a breakthrough in how people communicate over the internet.

We moved from postcards to telephones to video meetings in a very short span. Now in the future, we might be 2000KMs away from each other but we can have a book reading session from the author in a virtual room, together. And organizing such sessions, virtual events etcetera means money, money, and more money in the metaverse!

Imagine entire trade events economy getting shifted to metaverse. Imagine the entire movie industry moving to the metaverse! Okay, the penetration won’t be 100% in any industry, but metaverse is definitely gonna change a lot of things that exists today.

Anyway, if you are from India and seek more opportunities to make some real cash, then head to our collection of 70+ best business ideas for India exclusively put together for Indians to start in 2022.

7. Video – stream money to your bank accounts

Make money by making vlog


There are social platforms like Vimeo, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Sharechat, Twitter, and so many other regional vernacular platforms in 2022 where you can stream any video. You can stream an educational, funny, music, game, or anything you do on your screen. Streaming videos would help you to build an online audience. And then, you can monetize this audience and the resulting influence that you have earned to make money online.

Here are some video streaming ideas to earn money online:

  • Stream the games you play
  • Live host fun parties
  • Digital get-together live-show
  • Online one-to-one interviews
  • Group discussions
  • Trade shows
  • Debates streaming
  • Online News
  • Permissible adult content on allowed platforms
  • Karaoke streaming

Also, if you feel interested, do checkout the list of eCommerce business ideas.

8. Arbitragemake money online in the retail, and finance

Retail arbitrage to make money online

Retail arbitrage

The concept of arbitrage is simple. Buy in the market where the goods/assets are available at lower prices and sell in the market where it is in demand for higher prices. And the difference of prices in the two markets for the goods/assets is your profit. Simple way to make money online, right? Now, to a naive eye this idea may seem equal to how retail works. But the difference here is behind the why.

Normally, in retail the difference between source and selling price is fixed by the company selling it. But in arbitrage, you don’t trade based on the “selling cost – manufacturing cost” concept. You sell on the basis of “price fluctuations”.

Explain finance arbitrage with an example

So, let’s say an IT company trades on both TSX in Toronto and NYSE in New York. Now on any given day, let’s say because of time difference the stock on TSX ended $49.25 CAD, but let’s say because of fluctuation in the FOREX market, now CAD depreciates in value against USD. If your broker and the stock exchanges allow inter-buying or inter-selling on TSX and NYSE, then you can sell the IT stock at higher prices on NYSE, which you bought at lower prices on TSX. Do pay attention to involved charges when you are transacting on cross-platform stock exchanges. This is a pretty straightforward, simple, and less risky way to make money online.

By the way, we also have other simple and straightforward business ideas to accumulate wealth. Check the list of retail related business ideas, or village based business ideas.

9. Flea flipperearn money selling in disappearing marketplaces

Flipping markets to make money online

Flipping markets

If you’re from India, you would have heard about Sadar Bazar in Delhi, Fashion street in Mumbai, Esplanade in Kolkata, KR market in Bengaluru. These are flea marketplaces. It’s a version of a flash sale market where vendors open stores to sell new goods, used goods, new launches, or to drop their inventory at steal deal prices. These markets are really good to sell collectibles and other items, and organized once a week.

Getting rid of your stock is damn easy if you know what is going to appeal to buyers/audience of such markets. If you can source goods at cheap prices, you can earn really good money from this.

Now, you might be wondering once again that it’s all cool, but how do I earn money from it online?

  • A lot of eCommerce websites are experimenting with online flea markets like Shopclues, Paytm, Mercari, Bonanza. You too can start your own online flea market to trade goods and make money on the side.
  • Alternatively, you can organize weekly sales on Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook lives.
  • You can also sell on social video commerce platforms, auction platforms, etcetera.

Here are some wholesale business ideas, if you need something more systematic and organised.

10. Insurance POSP – commission money, rewards, share

Insurance POSP make money online

Insurance POSP

A PoSP is point of sales person to sell insurance to retail consumers. ICICI, reliance general, and Aditya Birla in India; Aviva, Staysure, policybee in UK are some of the popular insurance focused enterprises with Insurance POSP channels. They pay 1% – 5% as sales commission to these POSPs. It’s a good source to make money online if you have a blog with huge audience, or if you are a social influencer with audience ready to invest in insurance.

For more interesting business ideas to make money, head on to unique business ideas list, it has some awesome business ideas, different from the boring league.

That’s not the end… the complete list of ideas to make money online

  1. Influencer marketing
  2. Sharing economy
  3. House hacking
  4. Play to earn
  5. Property flipping
  6. Metaverse
  7. Video streaming
  8. Arbitrage – retail, finance
  9. Flea flipper
  10. Insurance PoSP
  11. Podcast – Sponsorship
  12. Blogging – Ad income, sponsorship, subscription
  13. Online commerce – eCommerce, dropshipping, sell old goods, reseller
  14. Domain flipping
  15. Consultant – fractional CMO/CEO/CTO
  16. SaaS service
  17. Affiliate – fixed sales share
  18. Teach online
  19. Aggregator websites
  20. Freelancing – writing, marketing, design, accountancy, legal, development, testing, virtual assistant
  21. Agent – commissions, commissions, and more commissions!
  22. eBook publishing
  23. Stock snaps! Nope, not stockings!
  24. Digital prints on Etsy for POD
  25. Patreon to pat your good projects / deeds / initiatives
  26. Develop & sell new fonts, themes for websites, new plugins, integration services
  27. Rent your time for surveys, media engagement, virtual secret shopper
  28. Let someone take out their frustration on you in a voice call
  29. Mechanical turk! Data entry – not recommended
  30. IT services -web/app design development, digital marketing
  31. Voice-over audio-books, news, podcasts
  32. Sleep & earn! Nope, not that one 😉

Well, we have come to the end of this list of ideas to make money online, but there are a hell lot more business ideas on GrowthRomeo. Explore it, find what suits you, and pursue it. If you wish to reach out to me, I’m here on LinkedIn.

Nishant Choudhary

Nishant is a marketing consultant for funded startups and helps them scale with content.


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