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Where there is a WILL, there’s a WAY. Where there is a person looking for business ideas, there is GrowthRomeo 😛 And today am here with business ideas for working professionals. Here’s a quick list of the business ideas we discuss in the next sections:

  1. Healthcare review aggregator app
  2. Health diagnosis & consultancy
  3. In-house senior care
  4. Online pharmacy
  5. Virtual nutrition consultancy
  6. End-to-end automobile advisor
  7. Construction consultancy
  8. Ceramic tiles store

Plus, a list of 22 more business ideas for working professionals in India, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and rest of the world.

Let’s understand why working professionals look out for business ideas?

  • Working professionals like yourself have a lot of disposable income in 2022. Especially in a post-pandemic world.
  • In pandemic years, we ended up saving a lot of money. If it was not for pandemic then we would have spent this money recklessly.
  • We all are guilty of extravagantly spending money on lifestyle, commute, and leisure entertainment experiences. Thanks to pandemic, we have savings.

Now, what do we do with all this extra money? Waste it on entertainment and leisure? 

No way! 

We should start a business. HeLL YeahhhhHHH!!!!

List of business ideas for working professionals

business ideas for working professionals

business ideas for working professionals

And to start a business, we need ideas. Thus, I have curated this list of business ideas for working professionals. Any working professional can start one or more of these 27+ business ideas shared in this blog. But still, I have added suggestions next to each of the business ideas for working professionals. You’ll find who would best suit to pursue a business idea next to the opportunity itself.

For example, the first five business ideas are better suited for healthcare professionals.

1. Healthcare review aggregator website/app business ideas for working professionals

healthcare review app business ideas for working professionals in healthcare sector

healthcare review app

Among the best business ideas for working professionals in the healthcare industry.

  • We all need healthcare services. From a small dental cleaning to highly complex eye operations and cancer treatment – the needs for healthcare requirements may vary.
  • And usually, we Indians try not to take risks in terms of investment, healthcare, and law. And this opens up a suite of opportunities for you as an entrepreneur. 
  • People want safety, and so they try to verify the organizations and their executives before they kind of deal with them.
  • You can start a review site where people can give feedback about their experience with a particular healthcare executive and hospital. 

Business idea for working professionals in the healthcare industry

This falls under the “reviews aggregator website and app” business idea.

Bonus aggregator business ideas for working professionals in India:

  • Start a lawyer aggregator platform with reviews features.
  • Start an investment consultant review aggregator website. On this platform allow people to rate a investment professionals. Add straightforward criteria like how much profits the investment guy has helped them earn.

The Finance related news channels right now suck at this. Truly.

You can start this as a side business while working full-time in your present job.

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2. Health diagnosis & consultancy business ideas for working professionals 

Health diagnostic & consultancy business ideas for working professionals

Health diagnostic & consultancy

Another addition to top business ideas for working professionals in the healthcare sector, esp doctors.

Are you an experienced physician, ENT specialist, gynecologist, or any niche healthcare working professional?

Business idea for working doctors

  • You can start your own consultancy business. 
  • Normally, to be honest, we don’t trust doctors either.
  • Nod your head if you agree, we do feel doctors earn a little extra to prescribe treatments and medicines that were not really necessary. 

I’m sure you would have been asked to scan your organs when it wasn’t really necessary. But we can’t take risks with our health and doctors know this. 

So, they never miss to take the benefit of this fear and doubt.

How your business can be different if you start this as a working professional?

  • Your consultancy can charge on hourly basis.
  • Allow patients to come and discuss about the treatment they need to take.
  • After taking the right consultancy, they can visit any doctor.
  • Basically, your consultancy would make patients aware of the standard treatments for the problems they are facing.
  • This would ensure that no doctor can fraud him.
  • This could be a highly impactful, and one of the best profitable business ideas for working professionals in the healthcare industry, especially experienced senior doctors, and healthcare executives.

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3. In-house senior care business ideas for working professionals

senior care business ideas for working professionals

senior care

This business could be started by any working professional in The United States, United Kingdom, or India.

  • The demand for caregivers is rising every day. In fact, in my locality – I see a team of 2 nurses visit an old lady on a daily basis for 3-4 hours. People in India today have more jobs than ever. 
  • The population is moving from villages to cities, and we have almost no time for our family. It’s a shame, but we are helpless. It’s a rat race all around and we can’t do anything but participate in it. Else, we might fall under an economically deprived section of the society.
  • And so, care giving to elderly and disabled members could be one of those business ideas for working professionals which allow you to be more than what you are by giving back to the society while making money.

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4. On-prescription online pharmacy store business ideas for working professionals

On prescription online medicine store business ideas for working professionals

On prescription online medicine store

This is a good business idea for B-Pharma working professionals. Online medicine delivery is now a reality in India.

And so, you do not have many barriers to start your own online pharmacy business in India1Mg, NetMeds are good examples of pharmacy startups in India. 

To start profitably, I would suggest to only serve in tier 2 cities first. Then move to metro cities. And lastly, explore the opportunities to launch your business in the villages of India.

How working professionals should approach this business idea?

  • Though, this business too can be started by anyone with small investment. But if you have pharma & medical background, it will be really helpful. Your pharma experience can be crucial in managing the operations, license requirements, and other business critical ops.
  • It’s a good and profitable business idea to start in India. Though this idea is part of the list of business ideas for working professionals, but is it really? I personally feel, this is a full time opportunity and needs heavy focus and investment of money and energy. But yeah, you can kindle with this on the side, before you go in all guns ablazed.

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5. Virtual nutrition consultancy services business ideas for working executives

Virtual nutrition consultancy services business ideas for working professionals

Virtual nutrition consultancy services

Last in the list of business ideas related to health, you can start a virtual nutrition consultation business. Starting this business, you can help people get in their best mental and body shape.

  • To start a nutrition business, having a nutritionist certification could be helpful. 
  • The business model could be that of hourly consultation charges or subscription based nutritional services.
  • With subscription model, you would not only plan the diet chart but also deliver the products as well. 

What sort of working professionals should start this business idea?

This is a perfect small business idea to run on a small scale for any working professional. If you are someone who has an entrepreneurial dream in the nutrition segment, take the leap. If you are into Gym and fitness training, it’s a highly recommended business idea for you.

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6. Automobile advisor business ideas for working people

Automobile advisor business ideas for working professionals

Automobile advisor

  • With increasing competition the number of automobile brands that we have in India has shot up in the last five years. It’s way too confusing to make a smart choice while purchasing a vehicle. This opens up a business opportunity for working professionals.
  • So, if you are someone working in the automobile sector and if you are passionate about vehicle brands and technologies then you can be a part time consultant who assists people in purchasing new/old vehicles and earn a sales commission on every deal. Yes, it could be brilliant & highly profitable business idea for working professionals.
  • Additionaly, you can also start providing vehicle insurance services to your clients. Promising small scale side business ideas to start in Metro cities.

7. Construction consultancy business ideas for working professionals

Construction consultancy business ideas for working professionals in the real estate sector

construction consultancy

  • Similar to other consultancy businesses, be it vehicle or health, this one also thrives because not everyone is a master in every trade.
  • What? People want to buy new properties and they have no clue about which property is good and which one is a bad investment. And that’s where you can enter as an independent real-estate consultant.

What services you need to provide in the construction consultancy business if you start as a working professional?

Yes, this is similar to a professional property dealers business. But you do not need to pursue this at scale in the beginning. You can start small.

  • Your expertise and field knowledge would assist clients in identifying and closing good property deals. This doesn’t stop right here. The business goes on.
  • If it’s a property for construction you can help them find nice architects and construction companies too. You can be a 360 degree marketplace.

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8. Ceramic tile retailing business ideas for working ladies

Ceramic tile retailing business ideas for working professionals

Ceramic tile store

My family had the opportunity to venture into this business back in 2005. But we didn’t. Looking back, I could definitely say that it was not a good decision, not at all. 

I know someone in my network who booked profits by selling tiles. And then, he ventured into agri products and re-invested the money back into construction works and real-estate. Today, he owns around 7 buildings across different Indian cities. 

It’s been years since I spoke to him. But I know they are still booking good profits from retailing tiles.

Can working professionals pursue this business?

Start a tile retailing business. I know you are wondering how to run this business as a part-time working professional? 

You can’t. That’s right. 

  • But you can hire people who can sit at the counter of your shop while you work at your regular office.
  • These retail counter talents would charge a salary of around 10-12k per month.
  • And you can also hire a staff who would work for 8k a month.
  • This business is not recommended for those working professionals who have a zero tolerance policy at their workplace for personal calls during working hours.

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That’s not all.. more business ideas for working professionals

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We have discussed 8 suitable business ideas for working professionals (people) in India, but that’s not all. Before we share more, there is something important that I wish to remind you – “It’s never too early to start a business, never too late either, it’s always in the now! So, start as soon as possible, as soon as you feel confident”. Just a random thought, but I felt it’s worth sharing with you.

More side business ideas for working professionals

Here are 20+ more side business ideas for you to start in India in 2022 if you are a working professional:

  1. Start a borehole drilling business.
  2. Consider starting a bricklaying services masonry business.
  3. Open a computer cafe.
  4. Run a loan and insurance consultancy business.
  5. Launch a training centre for your professional domain.
  6. Develop a job referral SaaS service.
  7. Sell books via an online bookstore.
  8. Serve delicious food and book profits by opening a restaurant/cafe.
  9. Rake in money by starting an angel investing business.
  10. Help people earn more by starting a stock market consultancy business.
  11. Facilitate working professionals in find rent worthy flats by starting a rent aggregator business.
  12. Match working professional with the right job opportunity by launching a career counseling agency.
  13. Explore new destinations while you earn money by starting a tourism consultancy services business.
  14. Unlock growth for your clients with a growth marketing agency.
  15. Start a geoinformatics intelligence platform.
  16. Build a precision medicine intelligence software.
  17. Start a Amazon/Ebay/online-retail store.
  18. Launch a e-learning course.
  19. Start a platform for corporate travel planning.
  20. Help your fellow working professionals by filing their taxes. Launch a tax consultancy services business.
  21. Start a on-demand merch printing service business.
  22. Make a business out of your creative passions.
  23. Healthcare review aggregator app
  24. Health diagnosis & consultancy
  25. In-house senior care
  26. Online pharmacy
  27. Virtual nutrition consultancy
  28. End-to-end automobile advisor
  29. Construction consultancy
  30. Ceramic tiles store

Feel free to ping me if you seek any assistance in setting up your business.

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