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VALUE is our captain Jack Sparrow. Creativity, engagement, readability, and everything else is the crew. For technical documentation, be it a how-to blog for a SaaS tool, a guide to cloud infrastructure, or an API integration doc, first and foremost, it should deliver the intended purpose i.e., it should work. For that it is important that the person writing it should understand what they are writing. Just like how the crew must know what they are sailing into. Our technical writing crew jump-in headfirst into anything tech, pouring their heart and soul into it, living it, breathing it. They go deep into the game, with all the chips on the table.


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Work with the best technical writing services company in Bangalore, India GrowthRomeo.

We’re a team of freelance technical writers, editors, reviewers and content managers. We adhere to the best technical writing practices and frameworks like DITA to create helpful & comprehensive documentations. We’re remote, flexible, and affordable technical content writing services provider company in India.

We work together, have some virtual beers together, and perform analytics led content audit to extract actionable insights for growing your SaaS, PaaS, IaaS software & IT business.

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API Documentation

Comprehensively cover your APIs & their functionality.

API guides

Minimize rough edges with thorough API guides & examples

Technical Reports & Research Papers

Make your research accessible & usable.

Training Material

Create technical training materials tailored for learners.

Hardware & software installation & user manuals

Simple & clear communication to increase product adoption.

Troubleshooting Guides

Help your audience easily diagnose & resolve common issues.

SOP documentation

Document complex workflows & processes of a hardware/software system


Create marketable jargon-free technical documents.

Maximise Usability.

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