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Life in school could be so breezy and chilled if you could make some extra income. This income should be on top of the pocket money you receive from your parents. One of the amazing ways to make money while in school and college is pursuing zero investment business ideas for students. But there ain’t any business idea for student or in general which can be started with zero investment. Time & resource investment is compulsory for all the businesses.

Here are the top business ideas for students that we shall be discussing in a moment:

  1. Internet cafe-cum-gaming zone
  2. Tuition for junior students
  3. Resume writing services
  4. Project development services
  5. Laundry services startup
  6. Paid students musical band
  7. Reselling business
  8. Newsletter business
  9. Content services business
  10. Web & mobile development
  11. Date finder buddy

Without money can you start a business as a student?

As long as money is concerned, some purely online business ideas for students can be started with negligible investment. But almost all such opportunity verticals are already saturated. Should you be worried then? Are there no good business opportunities for students to earn side income while in school or college?

Don’t worry, this list of business ideas for students has a lot of good profit generating opportunities. I believe, if you find any of the following questions highly relatable to you then this insight could be damn useful for you-

  • Tired of capped monthly incomes every month? 
  • Don’t have enough to spend on cool goodies? 
  • Can’t afford branded fashionable outfits? 
  • Can’t ask parents for money to take your gf/bf out on dinner?
  • Do you not have any weekend plans cuz of financial challenges?
  • Do you switch off your phone on birthdays because friends may ask for party?
  • Always feeling low because you can’t go on trips like your rich friends do?
  • Do you have stress to pay-off your education-loan or family debt?
  • You have the will, the hunger, & the fire to make it big in life?
  • You have a smart hustler in you?
  • This post is meant for all those students whose breath got caught-up for a few seconds on one of the above questions.

It’s your time to rise-up and shine.

Top 11 Business Ideas For Students in 2022

India is a very big country. We speak different languages in different states, our culture changes every 2-3 KMs. It’s tough to list out business ideas that students all over India can try. But we’ve tried our best to keep this list of student business ideas geography-agnostic, yet make it India-specific.

Let’s start exploring the top business ideas for students in 2022:

1.  Internet cafe & gaming zone business ideas for students

Internet cafe & gaming cafe business ideas for students

Internet & gaming cafe

Unlike full-time professionals, students cannot afford to run a 9-9 business. And I know from my experience that pursuing any student business ideas alongside regular school or college is something even the best of the breed would struggle at.

There are multiple factors at play.

  • You students have academics to take care of, right?
  • On top of the academic pressure, you have classes to attend, F***ing minimum attendance criteria!
  • And then you have to find time for binge watching Friends, GoT, Breaking Bad, Mirzapur, House of Cards, Two and a Half Men, Dexter, Suits, M##$#$ F#@#@ng peer pressure!

Okay, no slang.

How to find student business ideas that are actually executable?

Umm.. What you can do is find out student business ideas which are not time-intensive and suits school & college lifestyle

What could be the traits of such student friendly businesses?

The major trait is – these student business ideas will only take time in the initial setting-up stage, and demand less operational attention or time. So that you can have enough free time to invest in things that take your career ahead. This idea to start an Internet cafe business in 2022 as a student perfectly ticks this criteria.

Next, we’ll discover how you can run an internet cafe business in parallel with studies.

By the way, we also have a collection of online business ideas, you should take a look.

How to run an internet cafe student business idea while in college?

You only need to set up the cafe once, and then just function as a money collector over there. You might wonder if this business idea for students holds good potential? That’s sensible doubt. And here is my take on why internet cafe student business idea is a good option?

  • The sole reason behind me suggesting this as the first small scale, low-investment side business idea for students is the fact that most of the students in college don’t have a laptop. Yes, that’s true.
  • Especially those in the first years of college and in pre-university years, do not have access to computers because they might not have enough money for it.
  • Some students do not get their hands on a laptop because parents have a generic belief that laptops are a second year thing.

Extra stream of income with related business ideas for students

  • Also, alongside the internet cafe – you can make your cafe a gaming hub.
  • You can charge again on the hourly basis and help other students refresh and get out of the academic and exam stress by playing games with their respective friends/group.
  • This could be a good stream of extra income in parallel with what the internet cafe student business idea would generate.

If you’re starting a cafe for student near your college, make sure that you’re someone who is very strict with financial transactions – no matter how small it is. This is important because otherwise your friends will ask for free cafe uses and won’t pay you – kyunki har ek friend kamina* hota hai. Keep your circle small, and keep it real. If you are pursuing any of the student business ideas listed in here, pursue it like a businessman, not like a student.

2. TuitionJr, edTech business ideas for students

Tuition for juniors student business ideas

Tuition for juniors

Student life is usually to take training and academic classes. But if you’re a senior in your school or college, you can also start teaching your juniors on the side. This helps you revise and clear your own basics, and in parallel, it helps you earn a little extra income. What could be cooler than this?

Overcome mental barriers to starting a student business idea

Some students hesitate to start this business thinking what other fellow students would think, but trust me as you grow up nobody cares.

  • If you are dropping your hustle ideas thinking that THEY will laugh today, make fun of you then remember that tomorrow these people are not going to come forward and help you when you need them the most.
  • So, stop worrying about negative, energy-draining, small-minded people, and instead start adding supportive, growth-oriented students in your group.

Also, take a look at our kids-focused business ideas collection.

Internet cafe and tuition business, a good combo together?

Can you pull this off as a student? My opinion, this idea can be pursued in parallel with the internet cafe one, as that one won’t need any intervention at all once the cafe business wheels are in motion.

  • So, let’s say that you start the internet cafe with 5 computers and it starts earning you a revenue of 30k/month.
  • Hire and give 10k to a caretaker/staff, and keep 20k as profits and for operational costs – maintenance, electricity, rent.
  • And parallelly, start taking classes for students in that very cafe.
  • So you save on the rent for tuition, while you earn extra.
  • And trust me, people would be willing to send their k-12 level kids to a tuition center with 5 computers more than they would be willing to buy a digital course for 40k to watch on phone.

That brings us to our next business idea for students, but before that I have a cool name in my mind if you start tuition center student business idea for juniors -> TuitionJr (Yes, it is inspired from whiteHatJr)

3. Resume services business ideas for final year students

Resume writing services business ideas for students

Resume writing

Students are good at academics and co-curriculars. No doubt. But a doctor’s hand would shake when they are operating on their kids. The same way a student would never feel confident when they are preparing their own resume or curriculum vitae (CV). This opens up an opportunity for other students who understand the job market. And that’s what this student business idea is all about.

Who should start resume writing student business ideas?

  • Are you one such student, who understands the market’s talent needs?
  • You can help your final year peers crack through the resume shortlisting stage.
  • You can do this by starting a student led business of writing a well-detailed but sharp resume for seniors.
  • Make sure you write resume in a way that it cracks through the ATS systems as well.
  • Educate yourself about the interview process, the HR mindset, and the automated resume parsing software(s).

This process will be helpful for you even if you’re not interested in this student business idea.

Talking of final year students, there is something they need help with even before they get to the resume stage. And that too is part of this student business ideas list. Anyway, if you are interested in more unique business ideas, do read the insight for the same.

4. Project development business ideas for college students

Freelance project management services by students

Project management services

Final year and pre-final year students, in most of the college curriculum of India, have to make a project for the university records. In these project they need to exhibit their expertise. But not everyone is equally talented to pull-off a full-fledged project on their own.

These guys need help with the project and you can be their guide. Of-course you can charge a little for this help. When you do this at scale, this becomes one of the top high profit generating business ideas for students to use their skills and earn a lot extra on the side.

Who is your target market for project development business ideas for students?

  • Usually, students in the architect space, and the ones in the engineering stream (for eg., computer science) need help with these projects.
  • So, they could be a good target for the success of this and similar student business ideas.
  • You can start in these domains and later on expand to electronics, physics and mathematics too.
  • Higher studies in these areas often need demonstrable projects and this is a good income opportunity for skilled students.

Enough of academics and job related student business ideas. I’m personally not an academic fan, instead I appreciate problem solving and people skills talent. Of-course, academics helps in early career stability but real growth comes from problem solving skills and people skills. So, time for some non-academic business ideas for students.

By the way, did you get a chance to go through the list of best business ideas for India? Check it out, got a few really good business opportunities in there.

5. Laundry services business ideas for students in hostel/lodge

Laundary business ideas for students

Laundry services

Do you love washing the undergarments of your friends? If yes, this business idea for students would suit you. Haha, kidding. I know, bad at humor. Disaster, in fact. Anyway, continuing about the topic. You do not need to clean the clothes of your college mates on your own. But still, without having to clean a single cloth, you can run this business as a student. How?

Strategy to run laundry services business ideas for students

  • You can just arrange the pickup and delivery of student’s clothes.
  • Sign-up with a laundry service provider and take commissions for the number of clothes that you sent for the cleaning.
  • Alternatively, how about you try one idea from this list, earn some income, hire a staff and invest in a big washing machine.
  • Make that hired staff to do all the cleaning and ironing work, you take care of collections. 

Sounds like one of the best scalable student business ideas for college hostels. You can start in one college and scale it to all nearby colleges in your city.

It’s a simple business idea for students. As I said, you do not need to be highly skilled to start earning a good amount in your college days.

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Anyways, the next student business idea is from the musical genre. I, personally, do not understand music at all but I do enjoy it. And I saw, a lot of college guys monetise their musical craft, so thought of adding this income opportunity as well. 

6. Paid musical band student business ideas

Paid Students musical band business

Paid Students musical band

  • Students musical bands is a group of students from the same school/college, or maybe from different colleges but same city.
  • These guys compose, rehearse and perform instrumental music together.
  • Usually, such bands only perform in college competitions and fests.
  • They earn a lot of money and celebrity status within the college.

Now, you must be interested in this rockstar student business ideas! Aren’t you?

Strategy to pull-off creative business ideas for students

  • I suggest that you dream big and start performing in small restaurants, parties, and marriages.
  • Initially you can do it for very small amounts like just a thousand rupees or 2k, okay maybe 3k/performance.
  • But as soon as you start getting traction and requests to perform in more marriages, birthday parties, and office events – start charging more.
  • I’d say double your prices – every 5th performance.

This is one of the best business ideas for students with a creative personality.

What about investments required to pursue music band business?

Of-course, you would need some initial investments to purchase string basses, woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments. You might be able to afford this as a team. Individually it could be a tough investment. I’ll again repeat, if you truly have a passion and not show-off fad for music, go for this student business idea.

And if you need an idea where you don’t need to invest in any initial money, stop worrying. We have got you covered. Here are some low investment business ideas for you. There are multiple others on this list as well, go through them before hopping on to any other business ideas collection.

7. Reselling business ideas for students in 2022

Reselling business ideas for students

Reselling business ideas

What can you resell? Of course,

  • old books,
  • bikes,
  • sports goods,
  • beds,
  • laptops,
  • phones.

These products are in huge demand among college goers.

And thus, I felt this is a must add in our student business ideas collection. Also, this is useful for students because-

  • As a student, you’re always calculating about your monthly expenditures and all.
  • Because in India the max pocket money parents give out is 10k. That too only if the family is affluent. So, budgeting your hostel side-expenditures is quite important.

Do parents understand that all those paratha corner evening parties, and late night beer parties come with a cost associated with them. Oh! they don’t even know you’re part of those parties. So, you’re pretty much on your own. And you gotta think of student business ideas to generate income to continue making all those cheerful memories. But without a business background, how can you come up with ideas? That’s where we step in, and this list of business ideas for students is exactly for the same purpose. 

What business could students start with empty pockets?

  • We as humans came into this world with empty pockets and we started accumulating ‘exchange worthy’ goods before we entered into a currency led economic model. And that’s what you need to apply too.
  • Start trading goods. You can resell old books to freshers, you can sell used bikes to students who need to purchase new scooty or bikes, sell beds to students shifting out of the hostel, sell used laptops/phones to students who are looking for affordable options.

And this model usually works because like you, everyone else in your college is a student too, and they too want to save some bucks. Plus, college students are often very supportive as well. So, if they know you’re onto something really good. They will support you. Choose one of the suitable business ideas for students from this list and try implementing it.

Do check the list of wholesale business ideas.

Which students should get into this business?

  • I would recommend this business idea to those who have poor communication skills.
  • No, I’m not recommending because you would do well with poor communication, but because this will significantly help you improve your negotiation skills and communication skills as well.
  • And these two skills can change your life, forever.
  • These two skills are the most vital industry-agnostic factors behind your career growth.

Hope you found the above business ideas for students to be interesting. But most of these student business ideas need some sort of people skills and usually extroverts will do well with the above ideas.

What if you’re an introvert?

What if you don’t gel well with the team?

Can you run a business as a student?

Don’t worry, GrowthRomeo has a business idea for just everyone. You can individually start the next three student business ideas and guess what, these will earn more income then what an entire team would earn in above businesses. But where there is more reward, either the risk is more or the work needs calibre. And you do need niche expertise to start generating good side income from the next 3 student business ideas that we’re about to share.

8. Newsletter related business ideas for students

Newsletter business ideas for students

Start a newsletter

You can start a newsletter business in India as a student. Wait, are you someone who is wondering what’s newsletter business? Well, everyone knows what a newsletter is in 2022 but still if you do not, it’s okay. It’s just that you might not have come across the term, else you would know as well.

No worries, I’m gonna explain everything to you about the Newsletter in one line 😀

A newsletter is a set of periodic emails where you share in depth insights, knowledge, news, updates about a topic of audience’s interests.

For example, I want all the data science job updates on a weekly basis. Then you can start a data science job aggregator newsletter and charge some money from me. Basically, newsletters are subscription based businesses where you would deliver newsletters on a weekly or monthly basis and charge the audience on a monthly or yearly basis as well.

Some newsletter business ideas for students in colleges:

  • Job updates
  • Course updates
  • Exam updates
  • Result Updates
  • College updates
  • Fest updates
  • Notes updates

Talking of emails, and newsletters, how could i miss talking about another popular money making business idea for college students. I see these ideas are very popular among Delhi University students – esp, the top tier ones with good command over language and communication. Also, don’t miss the marketing business ideas we collected for you!

9. Content services business ideas for students in 2022

Content services business ideas for students

Content services

  • Businesses around the globe need content services.
  • Some need technical content, seo content, technology related content and some may need medical science related content or something specific to their industry.
  • For example, sports organisation would need sports content, and a fashion & lifestyle company would need a lifestyle writer.

Content marketing is literally on fire.

  • Google has truly revolutionised how advertising used to work.
  • Today, online publishing is one of the top ways for businesses to generate leads.
  • But to generate content, these businesses need writers. Writers who can connect with their audience, and then convert them into customers.
  • Good writers are in short supply.
  • If you have got a knack for writing, especially creative simple yet cheeky writing then you should know that you are in demand.

What should be a student’s go-to-market strategy to run this business?

  • To start content services related business ideas for students, I would suggest you first decide upon what sector you’re gonna cater to (basically, what interests you the most) and then see if that sector is in need of content services.
  • Identify those who would need your services and send them emails pitching your services.

If you do not already have any clarity about what sectors interest you then take a pen and paper and jot down what all fields are there that you feel excited about, prioritise them in some order and start writing random yet planned articles for each vertical. After  articles in each domain, you’ll definitely gain some idea on what you would want to pursue more than the rest. Though, niching down is not a compulsory thing but it does help in the long run.

Kolkata, Delhi, and Bengaluru are the top regions in India where content businesses usually sprout up. Do read our list of business ideas for Kolkata.

10. App development business ideas for students in 2022

App development business ideas for students

Freelance app development

For college days, I think more income should be your first priority if you are someone who lives on a very tight budget. No matter what they say, it’s tough to focus on studies while your friends are partying, and you’re not because your pockets are empty. But it’s totally comfortable to focus on studies while your friends are partying, and you’re not, even when your pockets are full of money. Both are different scenarios.

If you resonate with this feeling, start hustling and change your life for a better future. Partying will help you get social life and social skills but you don’t need to party every week. Once a month is good for most. Focusing on skills, and studies will help you shape your future better.

How to start pursuing app development business ideas right from your college/school?

The weeks when you’re not partying, you can spend those on building your web and mobile development business. And development related student business ideas, like the content services business idea for students does have a prerequisite.

What is the prerequisite?

  • You should know how to develop web and mobile apps.
  • It’s pretty easy to pick these skills.
  • And you don’t need an engineering degree to learn it.
  • It’s all free on the internet.
  • But yeah, courses do help you in filtering out unwanted stuff and gives you a sharp curriculum to follow.
  • Learn development & earn massive money.
  • You can easily start earning 40k – 80k per month working as a one-person mobile and app development agency.

An off-topic suggestion, but you can also check some business ideas for villages, rural areas, and small towns. We need to cohesively put efforts to boost village entrepreneurship to build a new India. If you know someone from the village areas, please do share these with them.

11. Date finder buddy, unique business idea for students

Date finder business ideas for students

Date finder

Last business idea for students on the list, and so I wanted to share something that you all would be waiting to hear. Something very fancy, and hyped too. But spoiler alert: we’re talking about side business opportunities and growth here, so, it’s not about you, it’s about your customers/ You can help match your college friends, and peers from other colleges to find the right date.

Will dating related business ideas for students work in a highly competitive market?

  • Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid can never match the personal known circle potential of finding the right match.
  • One strategy could be to catch up with those school days friends who you were close to in school days but now you are in different colleges.
  • Speak with them and ask them to organise inter-college singles parties.
  • Charge a few bucks for every entry and damn!!!!
  • You’ll be the heartGuru everyone has been waiting for.
  • Who knows, you too would find someone worthy enough to lend your heart too.
  • Just kidding. Vyapaar & Pyaar are often not that great.
  • But I would say, dating business is indeed a cherishing experience.
  • Business is the beast of all addictions.

I don’t recommend this business idea for students who get easily carried away – but yeah, you can try.

Who knows what would work for them. Magic can happen anywhere.

Are you on a hunt for profitable business ideas? You’ll easily find most of the business ideas on GrowthRomeo. We have a complete list of 277 business ideas as well 😉

It’s a wrap for student business ideas 2022?

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So students, that’s all the business ideas for students which I would have wanted to know in my college days from a side business point of view.

There are thousand more things that you could do to earn extra bucks like putting money in matches, trading banned stuff in the hostel, but I plead to you to stay away from such nuisances as they are nothing but a time killer and something that spoils your future. Nobody wants to be a criminal, it might look cool during college but that becomes your identity once you’re out of college. And that’s not good at all. If you need more business ideas for students, keep exploring, also, here’s a bonus hustle idea for you-

Bonus student business idea

A good idea that I didn’t cover here is selling insurances and investing money in stocks. First one needs heavy time investment, and second requires in depth knowledge of the financial world. Choice is yours.

See you on other posts where I share more ideas for your business and income growth. I like the collection of startup business ideas, and online business ideas. Do check them out.



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