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Change of government, change of how people buy, eat, greet, interact, or transact opens up new business avenues for small and large businesses alike. Also, such events are always good news for new entrepreneurs who are on a hunt for upcoming business ideas.

Change opens the gate for upcoming business ideas

For example, liberalization of the Indian economy in 1991 brought a lot of new opportunities in the import export markets of India. Similarly, the rise of internet and smartphones totally transformed the advertising and marketing industry – creating a lot of marketing business opportunities for individual marketers around the world. 4G revolution took communication and remote working to a whole new level with live audio and video calls, real-time unlimited chat, financial transactions, file sharing, etcetera. 

It’s always good to have a leg in something new. But you must take calculated risks. Putting all the eggs in the same basket, or all the milk in the same cane is insane and foolish. So, you must take a loot at our mega collection of business ideas list 2022 to find suitable opportunities.

Business tip for entrepreneurs

Further, to continue talking about placing all eggs in the same basket…

Obviously, someone putting all their money in Bitcoin in 2009 would have been filthy rich today. Of course, if the investment amount was at least meagerly respectable. But it would have been a very foolish and risky to do so. 

In this article, my goal is to share with you the complete list of all the upcoming business ideas in India, 2022. These are rising trends. So, it is possible that you might not have the expertise to start it immediately. But with little effort you can understand any field thoroughly. And then launch your business accordingly. When I said ‘little effort’, I meant, a week to a few months.

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Upcoming business ideas 2022

  1. Data center business idea
  2. Shared community solar panel installation business idea
  3. Impact investment funds, niche venture capitalist business idea
  4. Wi-fi service provider or installation company
  5. Hyperlocal e-commerce stores
  6. Warehouse, payment, cart management for ecommerce businesses
  7. Logistics & Last-mile delivery company
  8. Company business registration and GST or accountancy services
  9. Blockchain solutions for agriculture and finance
  10. Smart home solutions company
  11. Online ads, and content marketing company
  12. E-recycling business idea
  13. Biometric & security solutions company
  14. IT infrastructure security company
  15. Data analytics startup company
  16. CCTV camera & Drone Photography services
  17. Web & mobile design and/or development company
  18. Export/import consultant business
  19. Wholesale product procurement consultant
  20. Online group video calls business
  21. Foreign language edtech business
  22. Technical training business
  23. Remote digital recruitment agency
  24. Freelancer project management software
  25. Retail store intelligence software business idea
  26. Micro-finance business idea
  27. Skyscraper-construction business
  28. Water-purifier community supply business
  29. Religious evangelist event management company
  30. Political intelligence data analytics company
  31. Waste management business idea
  32. Smart devices for health tracking
  33. Space tourism agency
  34. Smart home robots manufacturing business
  35. Vehicle/machine health monitoring business
  36. Smart Energy Management Services
  37. Mobile VR games
  38. AR glasses business idea
  39. Smart textiles upcoming future business idea
  40. 3D printing business idea
  41. Niche Ecommerce Stores
  42. Corporate law consultancy business
  43. Mergers and acquisitions, deal discovery and closure agency
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