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There are around 2.2 Billion kids in the world at the moment. It’s a huge consumer base. Though they don’t have any income, but they have got parents who can spend. And so, kids are a lucrative market for businesses. Read/share this insight to find out a lot of kid-focused business ideas for 2022.

In this list of kid businesses that make money in 2022, I’ve also shared a few good baby business ideas for stay at home moms. Moms love their kids, don’t they? By the way, just out of curiosity, were you too your mom’s cute looking hunk as a kid, or maybe papa’s cute little baby princess? As far as I could look back into my childhood days, I never heard anyone saying for me – “awww he is so cute…”. Yeah, sad truth 😐

Anyway, here’s a list of baby / kid / child focused business ideas 2022 that we are about to discuss in detail:

  1. Kid’s growth tracking app
  2. Niche bookstore for kids
  3. Toy store for babies 😉
  4. Kid’s apparel store
  5. Creative skills training app
  6. Kid’s home interior decorators
  7. Emergency child health services
  8. edTech apps for k-12
  9. Pre-school for babies
  10. Babysitting
  11. Theme parties for kids

Also, we have a kids-related bonus business idea for you towards the end of this insight.

Where can you start these kids focused business ideas in 2022?

In this article, you’ll find 11 kid-focused business ideas that you can start anywhere in the world be it USA, UK, Australia, France, Japan, Ireland, Nigeria, Pakistan, China, Russia, Nambia, Afghanistan, UAE, New Zealand, or any other European, American, or Asian country. 

Of course, as I’m from India, the baby / kid / child focused business ideas for 2022 that I would share in this insight would have explanations from Indian contexts. But as I mentioned earlier, these child businesses can earn money potentially in any country around the world. And these would be apt especially if you are looking for kid-focused business ideas in UK.

By the way, here’s also a list of profitable business ideas that can help you get rich in any country. 

But I would suggest that you only explore the above opportunities list after we’re done discussing the child oriented business ideas 😉

Can you start kid / child focused businesses in a country other than yours?

Ever wondered, what if you’re in the USA, UK, Canada, or France but you want to start one of the child / kid focused business ideas in India, or China?

Maybe, you want to start child / kid-focused business ideas in these regions in 2022 because of high fertility and kids density in these countries. Or maybe, because you want to expand your kids focused business to these geographies?

Well, you can look at franchise options to expand or start these child / kids-focused businesses in countries other than your native, maybe UK/ USA . You may also look at options of acquiring or investing in kid-focused businesses in other countries.

Starting child / kid-focused business ideas in The USA, UK in 2022

Recently, a woman reached out to me on LinkedIn asking if the kid-related business ideas I shared could work in the USA too in 2022? She was also curious if she is allowed to invest in India from other countries? Yes, of course!

The policies of the present government in India, USA, and others is very receptive towards FDI inflow as of 2022. In future, this might change.

To answer the first part, maybe some of these kids business ideas for 2022 would need little tweak here and there to suit your geography. But on a high level they are region agnostic.

We also have some really good eCommerce business ideas. Check that as well if you wish.

Top kid-focused business ideas for you to start in 2022

In general, you can start a kid-focused business ideas anytime, anywhere irrespective of whether you are a men or women or a transgender. With sheer passion and commitment and clarity – no one can stop you from achieving your goals.

Not even you.

Our world is evolving and we are evolving as humans too. 

As human species, our nature to empathise and be resilient has improved over the centuries. We have grown into better humans, supportive humans, and so the environment around us is perfect right now to launch a business of your own. 

With a positive hope injected mood, let’s start exploring the top kid-related business ideas for you to start in 2022.

1. Growth Tracking App: Kids-focused business ideas for 2022

kids growth tracking app business idea 2022

kids growth tracking app

Before discussing the growth tracking app, which is an amazing kids focused business idea, let’s understand importance of family photo shoots.

If you’re a 70s, 80s, or 90s born kid, then you would know about what used to be family photo shoots. All the family members used to gather together to click a big fat family photoshoot.

The intent used to be to create an album of happy memories, celebrating togetherness.

Every time there was a newborn in the family, people used to rush to find a photographer in their area to click the pic of their kid.

Yes, it was a pre-digital age.

Not everyone had access to cameras, or TVs.

But now we do have. Fast forward to 2021, 2022.. the likes of Xiaomi, POCO, One Plus, Samsung have made high resolution cameras quite affordable, and these are there in the hands of almost every individual. 

And so, I could think of a few related interesting kid-focused business ideas for 2022.

I’ll discuss one of those kid-related business ideas now. Yup, it is about capturing a kids childhood. 

So, what’s the kid related business opportunity here?

Shouldn’t I just fukin’ share the first of all the kids business ideas?

Well… entrepreneurship is about solving problems. And so, first I’m trying to elaborate on the problem whose solution could be a profitable kids focused business ideas for you! Maybe, it can be the next big SaaS startup. Who knows?

So, continuing on the post 90s world.. transitioning to 2021 / 2022

  • With the advent of affordable mobile phones and cameras, it’s easier than ever to click moments in your life, including the birth of your baby and your child’s first anniversary, and his/her growth throughout the early years. 
  • But the problem is that the mobile or camera memory is limited. 
  • You do not want 10,000 pics of your kid all the time in your phone camera. 
  • No matter how much you love your kid, you would not want to scroll through those 10,000 pics to find that one work related pic which you clicked long back because it had some critically useful information.
  • Organising and shuffling between work, family, kids, and friends photos is a pain.
  • Add to the collection ‘our favourite memes’.


An app focused at specifically tracking your kids growth.

Kids focused business ideas for entrepreneurs

Our first kid-focused business idea is to build a SaaS app that stores your kids clicked pics not in your local phone but in a cloud database.

This way, you are not limited to clicking only a fixed number of images of your kid. The cloud image storage service is cheap. Also, it can be configured to automatically charge based on the cloud space usage with bill monitoring software in place. 

Your app users can easily access these pics as they would access a pic on Instagram or Pinterest.

Summary of the growth tracking app kids focused business ideas 

  • An app for parents to click kids pics and keep a record of it – basically a dedicated SaaS app where only kids pics are uploaded.
  • Also, users can have a digital album of their kids to track the growth of their child over the years.
  • A lot of functionalities can be integrated in this, like parents sharing their kids’ growth journey, social network for kids – free from adultery, and a lot more features.

Find some good online business ideas that we collected for you.

2. Bookstore: Child focused business ideas 2022

niche book store business ideas related to kids

niche book store

We as a kid learned from books, wrote in notebooks. But today’s kids are digital learners. Then what makes me suggest you to open a bookstore as kids focused business ideas in 2022?

Why start a books business for kids / children in 2022?

  • Book business in India is estimated to be INR 739 Billion.
  • Yes, a billion with 9 zeros.
  • It’s a 12 figure industry in India, and maybe very soon to be a 13 digit business.

But let’s see how big it can grow as people are becoming comfortable with eBooks, audio-books, PDFs, kindle, and online blogs. Is it worth to start a bookstore solely focused at kids?

A lot of online reading material has been free until now. Ads was the only mechanism to monetise online readership.

But now people have subscription based monetisation models, and live reading experience with the author as other modes of monetisation. It’s certain that child focused book business ideas will increase in the coming year, but the question is how much? And if it is a lucrative kids related business idea, then how to start a book store the right way in 2022 to help the children?

Bookstore child focused business ideas explained

  • When I introduced ‘Bookstore’ as another promising kid-focused business ideas, I didn’t mean only offline. You may would have thought that I was referring to the offline physical bookstores. Human biases!

Anyway, I’m suggesting bookstore related kid focused business ideas as a hybrid offline/online booking & retailing store.

The rise of e-commerce was not a welcome story in the bricks and mortar retail space. But as e-commerce is now moving towards hyper-local fulfilment centres, bricks and mortar is again gaining momentum. And it would be highly ignorant to venture into kids focused businesses while overlooking the e-commerce aspect of it. 

Online vs offline child-focused bookstore business ideas for kids

  • Online, I think you would find tough competition from Amazon, Flipkart, Booky Wooky, Bookswagon, and others.
  • No one said, child focused business ideas was a easy catch.
  • You can consider selling on these marketplaces itself.
  • Or, you may open a dedicated online bookstore business focused at kids for hardcover books and for digital books as well.
  • Offline, you get to choose your locality, and right place to start your book store business.
  • Not just bookstore, for any offline kid-focused business ideas in 2022, you might not have a direct competition in the nearby locality, but you have limited business growth potential unless you plan to open a chain of retail book stores across India in all under-served localities.
  • Talking of early 2020 & 2021, we all saw how valuable are offline stores. If it was not for them, I’m not sure if I would have survived the pandemic.

Child focused business ideas with impact in 2022

Kids focused business ideas are very close to my heart. Maybe, this bookstore business idea won’t be as rewarding in terms of money, but it’s soul-satisfying as you would be helping the future generation build skills so that they live a life of their dream.

Check some really good impact making business ideas for women.

3. Toy store for kids: a highly profitable kid-focused business idea 2022

Toy store for kids

Toy store

Talking of future, skills and learning, playing is equally important for kids. In-fact, I would say that it’s extremely important for parents to make their kids spend equal time on both learning and playing. Also, parents must work hard and learn the skills to make learning fun and playful.

Why do I say so? Because a child’s memory retention and comprehension improves significantly when s/he is in jolly mood,and enjoys the learning process. There are scientific reports claiming the same.

And to be part of a kids play life, you can venture into kid-focused business ideas that deal in toys.

Advanced/modern toy store business ideas for kids

  • Virtual reality (VR) and Augmented reality (AR) technologies are making it extremely easy to experience things virtually.
  • These technologies open up avenues to start a lot of businesses related to kids.
  • You can start AR/VR child focused business ideas that teaches them names of animals by giving them a virtual tour to the zoo.
  • It could be one of the highest revenue generating kid-related business ideas.
  • You can think of starting up an app where kids can virtually play with state, national, and international level players.
  • Imagine your kid batting to the bowling of Bumrah.
  • Or, imagine your kid training with Messi.

Brilliant kid-related business idea, right?

Thank you, thank you!

Low-investment toy store kids focused business ideas

If you don’t have the budget to develop something hi-tech then you may consider even setting up a small scale toy store.

  • Sell electric cars or bikes for kids. This is a perfect kid-focused business idea for those who are looking to start small.
  • For baby girls, you can think of selling barbie dresses and DIY dummy make-up kits.
  • Puzzles, fidget toys, dummy house management and doctor sets are other popular toy store kid-related business ideas

FirstCry has  a great collection of Toys for both genders.

Talking of barbie dresses brings me to the next opportunity in the list of child focused business ideas which is related to kids clothing i.e., baby apparels business.

By the way, did you know, there is an insight on home-based business opportunities awaiting you? 😉

4. Kids Apparels Store: Clothing related kids focused business ideas

Kids apparel store

Kids apparel store

Apparel market for infants (children under age 8) is another favourite business idea of mine. Not only because it creates any impact but because of the revenue factor involved in this.

I mean normally when you go shopping for adults, you buy clothes in pairs or max three sets. Right? 

But in the kids segment, when you go shopping, you buy in dozens and it’s not a once in a year affair, you buy every 3rd to 4th month. 

All thanks to how mischievous is your kid and how good they are at spoiling clothes.

And that means, high recurring sales, high revenue, high profits if you venture into apparel related child focused business ideas.

How to get started with kids related apparel business?

So, how do we procure kids apparel to sell?

  • If you’re in India then you may get the products from Surat and Tirupur – these two are hubs for apparel and everything textile in India.
  • From T-shirts to Tops, Bottomwear, Ethnicwear, Jumpsuits, Skirts, Jeans, Jackets, Trackpants, and Shorts – you can sell all varieties of fashion apparel.

Kids apparel stores are an evergreen business idea for women, and men.

In the same textile segment a good future business idea could be the technical textiles business. Connect with me on LinkedIn to discuss more on the technical textiles business. Or check this list of manufacturing business ideas.

Mid-way recap of kid focused business ideas

Before we explore 9 more kids related business ideas, let’s take a look at what we have already covered by now –

  • Our first kids related business idea is for tracking a kids growth over the years using an app and gift them a digital album when they are 13 or maybe 14. Kids grow up a little fast these days.
  • Next kid centric business ideas focused on learning. And so, we suggested opening a bookstore for them.
  • The third business idea for kids focused on playing i.e., opening a toy store for kids. 
  • Another kids business idea is to open a fashion and apparel store for them.

Now, our next 4 out of 9 remaining kid focused business ideas will be all about developing extra co-curricular skills as well as building or availing the right health and environment for them.

Let’s continue discussing kid-related business ideas

5. Creative arts skills training business ideas for kids

Creative skills training app

Creative skills training app

Creative arts coaching has not been pursued much in India but still we have a gross domestic value of around 89000 crores. 

Crazy!! Right?

I feel, child-focused creative skills training business ideas would fare extremely well in India. Do you agree?

Vocational education in the skills segment like Computer education, communication, etcetera has been pushed via several schemes in India like: Skill India on national level and Bihar Kushal Yuva program in Bihar on a state level. 

But the question is how about painting, music, yoga, karate, swimming, beat-boxing, etcetera? Can’t we train more kids by starting skill-oriented child focused business ideas?

Kid-related business ideas for creative skills training

  • Kids in India do not have many options available to get trained for creative skills. 
  • So, starting kid related business ideas for creative skills could be a competition free venture.
  • When you start you will have to be prepared for heavy investment, and slow growth as you would be setting a new trend. 
  • Always remember, if you’re in a non-patent field – you have to scale fast, otherwise if others spot the potential in your idea, they will quickly copy-paste.
  • So, no wastage of profits. Put at-least 80% back into the skills training oriented child focused business ideas, and keep your core focus on scaling-up.

Would you be excited to checkout a list of 277+ business ideas for 2022?

6. Kids interior home designers business idea

Kids home interior decoration

Kids home interior decor

  • Elegance is what every kids home interior deserves – elegant wardrobes, comfy beds, interesting study tables, happening play spaces, & pools.
  • But the kids home interiors market is not that mature in India and people don’t really want to spend on it.
  • This child focused business idea is already in trend in the USA, UK, Iceland, Ireland, and Australia.
  • USA & UK are brilliant for you to start a kids interior home designer business.

What’s the reason behind low popularity of home interiors related kids business ideas in India?

Low PCI maybe?

  • Anyways, if you can create awareness about the importance of vibrant home interiors in India. Esp in a metro city, then you could get good clients by pursuing this kid-related business ideas in India. No doubt about that.
  • For this child focused business to grow full-fledged, you would need to hire someone with real crafty hands (if you yourself are that person, awesome!).
  • Open a store in a metro city because barely kids have their own dedicated rooms in rural India. 

We make our kids sleep in the same room with us even after they’ve completed class 10th. I don’t appreciate this part of life for Indian kids. Anyways, as I already said, metro cities are a good target for this kids-related business idea.

Check some business ideas for working professionals.

7. Emergency medical services business ideas related to kids

Emergency health services business ideas for kids

Emergency health services for kids

  • Infant mortality rate in India stands around 38 per 1000.
  • A majority of this is because kids fail to get proper medication, treatment, and care at the right time.
  • Every failed medical student in India is a self-proclaimed Doctor. That’s not sarcastic at all. I mean those who flunked their 10th and 12th exams start prescribing medicines to people without consulting with the doctor. Is this not disgusting? A$$#ole$.
  • And that’s why we need proper kid-related speciality hospital businesses in India. There is a big under-served segment in this. Do you really trust the local clinic with your child’s life?

Kids-focused business ideas in the healthcare industry

  • Start a nationwide dedicated emergency care services focused at kids.
  • These sort of high impact child focused business ideas might not be immediately monetised. But perseverance would bring in funds. If you can grow your brand as a single point solution for everything related to kids care, then you’re all set to succeed in this domain.
  • I don’t think you would have any competition.
  • Later, you may venture into other businesses as well with the networking that you would have gained.
  • Healthcare, education, and law should be accessible to everyone at a very affordable cost, in a transparent way.

Check our insight on retail business ideas.

Anyways, the next kid related business idea is to start an e-learning academy.

8. Early-age educational apps: Kid-focused business ideas 2022 

EdTech startup for kids

EdTech startup

Educational apps are trending kids focused business ideas across the globe right now. It is the most popular kids business idea and most exploited as well.

Byju’s, WhiteHatJr, Vedantu, Udemy, coursera, Upgrad, NPTEL – all the education-centric apps, with good content have been so popular in India.

Okay, am not sure if the content is good but yeah, those who were good with marketing have grabbed a fair share of the tuition industry in India.

How about you launch an edTech business focused at kids in 2022?

  • Now with the pandemic slowly disappearing, do you think students would still stick to their phones?
  • I think the trend will slow down but will pick up again and this time in a sustainable way.
  • Starting an educational app is good profitable business idea focused at kids.

The costs would be relatively higher though as the content preparation work in kids education business is a costly affair. On top of that, we have app development costs, and app maintenance costs. Not to forget, the marketing costs.

But higher the risks/investments – higher the reward.


Would you want to start this kids focused business idea in India? BTW I’ve one more education related business idea for kids. See if that interests you more than this one. It’s coming next.

But, before that, just wanted to highlight our insight on electronics and electrical related business ideas?

9. Preschool for kids – baby business ideas for stay at home moms

Pre-school business idea for kids

Pre-school for kids

Opening a kids play school in India is relatively easier then opening a primary/secondary school as less amount of licensing and paperwork is required.  This is an amazing baby business ideas for stay at home moms. The profit is also good.

Who should open preschool business for kids?

  • I would suggest opening a preschool only if you’re passionate about developing brilliant kids.
  • This is because it’s the early ages where you infuse all sorts of values and initial behavioural characteristics into a kid.
  • Having said that, while starting a preschool make sure that you are hiring only highly qualified kid trainers.
  • The more experienced and passionate they are, the better it is.
  • Stress or personal frustration should not be taken out on kids.
  • So, also make sure you have proper policies in place that are strictly taken care of by the entire staff team. 
  • If you want to raise investments for child focused business ideas, you would need to make your preschool more of a play-school and less of a preschool.
  • Investments can be used for spending on rent, kids toys & equipment, furniture, wall-decor, and of course on hiring trainers, guards, and facilitators.

Check out some innovative business ideas.

Word of advice for kid’s preschool entrepreneurs & business owners

The last relevant suggestion for successfully building preschool business is to invest in quality products. I guess you would already know why. You would be dealing with other’s kids all the time. Their safety is your responsibility.

Parents are very attached to the new born kids. Any small scratch or harm to the kid, and high chances are that you’ll have furious parents knocking your doors. So, if you’re venturing into child focused business ideas, always put extra efforts to ensure every child’s safety & security.

Not making you feel scared of this awesome kid focused business idea, but just trying to highlight how sensitive kid focused business ideas are!

Talking of preschool, safety, and care, let’s talk about baby-sitting business ideas.

10. Babysitting business ideas focused at toddlers & kids

Baby sitting business ideas related to kids

Baby sitting

You would have probably heard of old-age care.

Did you not?

Baby care is not much different. It’s almost the same. The only difference being that here you are taking care of someone who is very very young. In old-age care homes, you normally take care of someone who is pretty old and is suffering from some sort of age-related health issues.

Where to start child focused businesses like babysitting?

Child-focused babysitting business can be started at a client’s location i.e., on-site baby-sitting business. Or if you prefer, then you can start at your own location, or maybe in a luxury hotel, or at an event venue, or my personal favourite i.e., hybrid mode – all three locations.

Depending on where you start, your costs vary too.

If you start in your own home then you need to invest in buying toys for kids, making your walls look playful.

If you’re starting out in a hotel or mall – then investments depend on whether the mall management team provides you free space or not. Other charges probably remain the same as your home.

In the last case, if you are starting out in a client’s place – you need no extra investment other than the fuel costs. 

Just like the last kid business idea, here too you need to be extremely careful about your behaviour while delivering care.

Time for the next and the last opportunity in the list of kid focused business ideas… once you’re done reading that, do check unique business ideas collection as well. It has some really unique good opportunities.

11. Theme parties business ideas for celebrating kids birthdays

Theme parties business ideas for kids

Theme parties

  • If you’re someone who loves to spread happiness, or someone who is passionate about children then this kids business idea is for you.
  • You can make a baby’s birthday celebrations special by organising parties for them in hotels, or celebrating their achievements like academic or co-curricular success.
  • You can organise theme parties, surprise parties, wild animal parties, end of the summer-school parties, and whatnot. 
  • All you need to invest in here is your creativity and some party-essentials.

The best thing I love about such party themed child focused business ideas is that you get to visit parties every single day!!!! Talk of weekends of corporate tortured employees. Your every single day is going to be partyholic.

How to start, run, and grow a themed parties kid-focused businesses?

To spread awareness about your services, advertise, advertise, and advertise.

Your target audience are kids and their working parents. These parents have money. They have intent to make their kid’s birthdays special – what they don’t have is time. You can be their extra time. Take money from them and do all the planning and other stuff to organise a party to celebrate important events in their kids life. 

Make their birthday’s special.

Always bring something new to the table, else parties will become boring.

If you’re from India, or thinking to startup in India, check best business ideas for India in 2022.

More kid-related business ideas are waiting for you…

We discussed 11 kid-focused business ideas on this page.

This was a comprehensive collection of kids-related business ideas including:

  • Kids’ party business ideas
  • Child-related education businesses
  • Baby-focused photo app for kids
  • Kid-centric healthcare services business ideas
  • Babysitting business ideas
  • Kids apparels and fashions business
  • Kids-specific stores for books and toys

But guess what, that’s not the end of the child-related business ideas collection in 2022. We shall post more kids-focused business ideas to start in 2023 on GrowthRomeo for everyone. So, subscribe & wait for GrowthRomeo’s emails.

  • Whether you are working in a large-scale enterprise and want to start a profitable work-from-home side business or a successful entrepreneur who wants to venture into new domains, we have appropriate business ideas for everyone. 
  • Women, kids, men, old men & women, students, girls, boys – each one of us has equal potential to do business and earn profits. I share business ideas for everyone.

Find one business idea that is worth pursuing and go maniac about it to make it a success story in 2023.

Here is a bonus child-focused business idea for you ->

Baby care products manufacturing business idea related to kids

This reminds me of Johnson’s baby.

This is a bonus child-related business idea. So, I would refrain from detailing this here. But am open to discussing these on Instagram, Twitter, or Linkedin.

See you again with more business ideas in different industries and domains.

Keep sharing these blogs with people who should start a business – your peers, your family, and your friends.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I start a kid focused business?

  • Starting a kids focused business or any business in 2023 should first start by researching about your idea.
  • Next, check the legal policies in the country where you are starting to evaluate if the idea is feasible to be established in that country.
  • Do the market research
  • Get your business plan ready.
  • Acquire the resources including funds, licenses and business permits.
  • Hire the right team.
  • Scale your business
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