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I thought of penning a few good small business ideas. These are for college students, working employees, entrepreneurs, innovators, women business professionals. But before I share the 19+ small business ideas, I’ve an important story to share with you. It’s from my personal life. The lesson is shared towards the end of the story. Do read it if you want. Or else, skip to the list of small business ideas to start in India in 2022. 

The story behind why I’m sharing small business ideas

By the way, I’m Nishant – a business and tech consultant from India.

Story: We were a group of four friends in college. I was someone who was a bankrupt kinda person, always having no money, saying ‘no’ to any party/outing plans for obvious reasons. And because the lifestyle was almost dead, the only thing I could speak about or talk about with my friends used to be either movies, sports events, or startups and businesses.

Because, when you do not have money – you do not go out dining, dating, travelling, doing experiential things, and because you do not spend time off-college with your friends, you do not have many things in common to discuss either.

Friendship & business plans

But my friends were  good and supportive. They kinda understood my situation. Kind of very empathising friends. And so, they never let go of a single opportunity to blame me for postponing/cancelling plans, labelling me as “Kanjoos”, and whatnot. Friends will be friends. But there’s also one more face of friendship – no matter what your background or financial condition is – real friends always want to stay together and because of that they look out for ways to achieve this.

In school, it is about planning for the same college, same city, and stuff like that. In college, it is about planning a business together and becoming partners and most importantly hiring the class toppers to work under them. Haha. 

College was cool.

Of-course, just like how school plans of getting into the same stream, same city, same college barely turns true (maybe just 5%), similarly, even college plans hardly come true. 

There are a lot of success stories of co-founders starting from the same college, but I am pretty sure if you do some research on the number of plans made vs how many exactly took the first step – the ratio would be less than 0.05. Our group also used to discuss startup ideas – some of us have started our businesses, but sadly – our interest domains changed with time. My closest friend got into investing, my school day pal is into textile, and I am into data and marketing. And as a result, we are yet to start something together. But I am happy, we are all doing good in our personal businesses.

Business and friendship and relations

Takeaway: The takeaway here is – choosing family/friends as business partners is not an intelligent decision. While I am not denying a family member or friend could be a great business partner, choosing your business partner just because you are family or friend can be disastrous. Or even delaying your startup plans again and again because you want to start with a specific person is not a good thing. Always choose business partners based on their skills, your skills, the compatibility, business understanding, mutual respect, trust, competency, innovative mindset, etcetera. If you are emotional in the matters of business or career – I feel 80% chances are that “tumhara katega!”. 

Don’t delay your plans. 

Friendship apni jagah hai, growth apni jagah hai. 

Be realistic while planning, starting, pursuing business and career.

Having said that, here are a few small business ideas for you as I had promised.

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List of small business ideas for skyrocketing growth!

  1. Start a spices business
  2. Lauch Rice/Staples/Fruit Export Business
  3. Open a Apparel stitching factory
  4.  Try out a STEM or creative arts coaching centre
  5.  Open a swimming pool for recreational experiences
  6.  Build a small scale indoor sports stadium
  7.  Establish a dry fruits processing unit
  8.  Start a small scale oil manufacturing unit
  9.  Launch an online electronics store
  10.  Develop a vernacular podcasting platform
  11. Open a salon chain
  12. Get into a small scale fast food restaurant
  13. Sell customized food trucks
  14.  Offer a on-demand home based elderly care service
  15.  Launch an exquisite furniture store
  16.  Open a language coaching institute
  17. Start a home flooring PVC sheets, wall paper coverings business
  18.  Get into home interiors decor business
  19. Start a small scale NBFC business lending business

More small business ideas..

I understand, sometimes 19 small business ideas might not be enough to find a great one that suits your calibre and expertise domain. So, here is a mega list of 277+ business ideas for you to choose from 😉 Yes, it’s a goldmine. 

Now friendship nibhaana hai toh dosto mein bhi share karo (share with your friends this list of small business ideas). Akele gold leke kya hi kar loge. So, share these business opportunities in your friends and family circle. 

Let me know if you seek any help with starting and growing your business in terms of registration, building or launching an app/website, finding leads, etcetera.

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Nishant Choudhary

Nishant is a content marketing consultant for startups & SMEs. He writes about MarTech & business growth. Also an avid book reader, skater, pyjama lover, and traveller.

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