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You know business is an ocean. And all the fishes in this ocean needs marketing. Direct marketing or indirect marketing, but they need it. And that’s what compelled me to share some trending and unique marketing business ideas that suits the taste of millennials and genZ. Here’s a list of 7 marketing business opportunities that we have discussed in this insight:

  1. SEO services
  2. Content marketing business
  3. Email marketing services
  4. Video marketing
  5. Podcasts business
  6. SMM marketing
  7. SEM services

Find the complete list of 14 marketing business ideas towards the end of this article.

Do we need marketing services?

There are plenty of niche unique business opportunities within every vertical. I know of 100s of SaaS startups that have been working night and day to help companies successfully manage the sales.

And similarly, there are 100s of SaaS marketing tools that help companies better market themselves.

But SaaS alone is not enough.

If everyone’s marketing looks the same, it won’t be marketing anymore. Marketing means unique approach to make customers aware of your products/services/vision in a unique way, something that differentiates you from the rest.

And this need for differentiation invites for human creativity, strategy, and execution. In short, it demands for innovative marketing business ideas.

Marketing business ideas

Read this post to find out business opportunities in the marketing sector in India in 2022. We are sharing with you 13+ marketing business ideas for 2022 to try in India, USA, Australia, Ireland, France, Germany, UK, Portugal, Russia, China, Pakistan, Ukraine, Nepal, Canada, etcetera.

In short, these marketing business ideas can be pursued in any continent including the Europe, Asia, USA, Australia, Africa and the MENA region.

Guess the best thing? you do not need to spend a penny to start these marketing businesses. Of-course there are costs involved in terms of having a laptop, an internet connection, a place to work, acquiring the skill set, and finding the clients but you don;t need any infrastructure setup cost, or you don’t need to hire a team of 50 people to get started. Starting a marketing business is a low barrier affair. All it demands is a marketing sense and a bit of creativity. You get the high level idea. Right?

By the way, if you are looking for India specific business ideas, we have a curated list of best business ideas for India waiting for you 😉

Cool. So, let’s get the ball rolling.

1. Search engine optimization marketing services

search engine optimisation marketing business ideas

search engine optimisation

SEO is a good business opportunity if you learn it the right way.

Where to start SEO marketing services business?

Search engine optimization, more popular as SEO, is the best business opportunity for Marketing experts in India, USA, and Australia. There are 100k+ SEO professionals in India alone.

Yes, it’s a cut-throat competition.

But still, you can manage to excel in this field. This is because most of the SEO experts are actually not specialists in reality. They add these tags to their profile on Linkedin and other portals, so that people can find them via search. To be honest, most of them are John Snow. They know nothing. Haha, PJ.

Okay. I take the joke back. 

SEO is a good marketing business idea for India, USA, UK, and Australia. These regions have high density of small business and startups. The English speaking population is really good. And that’s the dominating language in the search engine world right now.

Is it a profitable marketing business? How much investment do we need to start SEO marketing business?

It is a highly profitable business for 2022 and needs very low investment to start.

Max 50k-100k is sufficient to give wings to your SEO marketing business ideas in India. But it’s good to have INR 3 Lakhs – 5 Lakhs as backup for smooth operations in adverse weather. In Australia, you may need around 2500 AUD – 5000 AUD to start SEO business. In USA, and UK as well it would be somewhere between 2000 USD – 4000 USD, and equivalent Euros (if that’s the currency in your home state). Find more profitable business ideas.

What exactly is SEO?’

Good question.

Search engine optimization is an approach to writing articles.

It’s about structuring your writing and your website in a way that is easily discoverable and parseable (understandable) by the search engines. But that’s not all.

SEO is a vast universe. It goes beyond your own website.

You also need credibility to help your website rank better in search results. And that’s called link building. You gotta link your pages internally, and you have to get links from other external websites to your webpages as well. A hell lot of links. Some websites have 10M+ links from external websites.

Ah! Now SEO seems a lil complex, right?

I know.

Nothing is that easy, else everyone would be rich.

How to become a ninja SEO marketer?

I’ll now shoot you with that famous line that our teachers used to tell us in the classroom – “Explaining SEO completely here is beyond the scope of this article”.

But there are SEO books written to explain the topic in detail at a very affordable cost.

Do read any of the SEO books to completely understand SEO.

Guess what, there is a book written by me which has all the SEO knowledge – in fact more than what’s there in most of the books out there. I explained everything with examples, and thought process, instead of just giving you boring instructions. But I don’t know why I priced it 10x less than what it deserves. Maybe because my intent is to help you and my audience without being greedy. It should always be a win-win deal. Right?

Anyway, SEO marketing business opportunity was the first in our list of marketing business ideas for 2022. There are so many more marketing startup ideas to explore. Let’s continue the hunt.

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2. Blogs & content marketing business

content marketing business ideas

content marketing

Blogs were a sensation back in 2012, and the frenzy continues in 2022 too. Big brands invest in blogs for organic growth, and individuals start blog for an extra income stream. Yes, some do start a blog to fuel their writing passion as well. Businesses can earn limitless through blogs. Individuals have reported incomes in millions through ad revenue and affiliate income. Intrigued? Continue reading 🙂 By the way, if you seek out innovative business ideas, do find them, we have a list for that as well, for you 😉

Is blogs led marketing business a profitable affair?

earn online with blog marketing business ideas

earn online with blog

A decade back it was pretty easy to rank with a blog as there were fairly less competition than what it is now. That doesn’t mean that now you cannot rank. You can rank even today. All it takes is the right strategy and commitment.

Because it is tough to rank a blog these days, it becomes a good fit into this list of marketing business ideas for 2022.


Because if it’s tough, the competition will be less.

You may also ask, if it is tough then why to get into blogs business?

Some also doubt on the future of blogs, and may ask if it is not a dying industry?

Well, I believe, what’s tough is not approached by a lot of people. And automatically, the competition is less.

So, jump into the world of content marketing. And help your clients find new audiences & customers and subsequently help them cross the target revenue goals.

Because in the end all that a business wants is a queue of clients who at any moment would like to come down to your store so that they could get their hands on your latest product offerings and sale campaigns. Ever queued up to get an Apple iPhone?

Yes? You get the feeling then. That’s what blog led organic growth can do to your business. Build a healthy stream of leads and customers.

By the way, talking of customers remind me of the upsurge in eCommerce users over the last five years. It’s phenomenal growth. Are you interested in eCommerce business ideas as well? Check the list out 😉

How should you pursue blog marketing business ideas?

Actually, blog marketing comprises two business ideas in one. The two ideas are – content writing services, and affiliate marketing business idea.

You can start writing blogs for a business (content marketing), or you can write blogs to promote products and earn commissions on sale (affiliate marketing). Of course, there will always be an option for hybrid business.

Content creation is one thing, content distribution is a whole different game.

Under content distribution and discovery, there are different methodologies to promote the business. It includes but is not limited to community based marketing, influencer promotion, SEO as discussed in the first marketing business idea, SEM, SMM, PR, Email marketing, etcetera. I’m about to explain these as separate marketing business ideas. Because these are way too large niches on their own.

Great, so far, we have covered SEO marketing services, and content writing and distribution marketing business ideas.

Ready for the next marketing business idea?

3. Email marketing services business idea

Email marketing business ideas

Email marketing

We discussed blog marketing business ideas. But blogs are meant to be distributed to the target audience or it is meant to attract the audience based on their search intent. Ever heard on ‘Discovery’ channel – “Nar ne maada ko aakarshit kiya”. It’s the same with blog and audiences.

But Email is a different game altogether. First of all, what’s email? A digital address of yours where you get your soft-copy mails. Yes, just like the good old days POST BOX. If market researchers are to be believed then everyday about a Billion Emails get sent. Imagine the scale. But most of them are spam or useless updates/newsletters. Because people are still in 2012.

They think even in 2022 we can scale the business with spam activities. Okay, to be honest. Email frauds do happen in 2022 too. But people are becoming more and more aware. And it is becoming tough now to scam people via emails.

Email marketing business – the game changer in content distribution

Coming back to the idea, businesses out there send emails to Millions of their customers on a daily basis. And small businesses send it to 100s of their prospects and customers. When you start your email marketing services business – start with small fishes, help them out in getting clients via email and bang!!!! You’ll be earning a lot of profit by writing out emails.

I can hear you screaming ‘Next, next, next’. Chill out. Now, I’ll be sharing some filthy profitable marketing business ideas for 2022 with low investment and high returns. BTW, it’s good to be impatient while looking out for opportunities. I like this attitude and hunger. We Indians kinda need this in excess. To feed your hunger, I’ve this list of food business ideas waiting for you 😉

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4. Video Marketing business opportunity in 2022

video marketing business ideas

video marketing

If blogs were a sensation back in 2012, short form videos are a sensation in 2022. To be more precise, videos with AR and creativity are a sensation today. I’m pretty sure that you know someone who consumes a lot of short form video content on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and of-course TikTok. Do you? Say my ‘Hi’ to that person. And share with them the mega list of business ideas to consider starting in India. Help them excel in their life. 

Back, back, back to the topic.

Videos, reels, stories, shorts, and snaps: new-age marketing channel

So, if you are kinda good at creating creative videos then maybe you should just launch a video marketing business agency in India in 2022. You know – people get into the SEO marketing business thinking it is easy but it is tricky and only a few succeed.

I mean those who get the SEO concepts right, usually succeed in that business.

But because people think writing is hard and time taking, and by the way it actually is hard, less people start a content writing agency.

And when it comes to video marketing business services – most of them give up because they find it truly complex to edit videos.

A lot more complex than content writing. Video marketing involves text, animation, graphics, storytelling, new concepts, color expertise, video scripts, sound, and so much more.

So, it is less competitive for you to make an entry in video marketing business compared to the other ideas in this list of marketing business ideas in India for 2022. More details on the video marketing business soon.

5. Podcasts led marketing business in India

podcast marketing business ideas

podcast marketing

Podcasts are already a thing, right? You know that.

What are podcasts?

Clubhouse has taken podcasting to a whole new level with live streaming group discussions. It’s a sizzling sensation. But some still might not be knowing what is a podcast and for them – Podcast is like your radio from the good old times! It’s just that pods are streamed over the Internet. And the audience is in control of which show, which episode they want to hear, when they want to hear, and in what language. 

Why starting a podcast is a good business idea for marketers?

People usually listen to podcasts while they are doing their chores like cleaning the room or clothes or dishes. Some also like to hear podcasts during the exercise session. Yes, I’m not sure how they manage to not hear high voltage music during Gym, and instead hear sloggy podcasts – I must save value delivering slow podcasts. And others like to hear it while they drive to a destination.

Anyways, because people barely tend to change the podcast episodes while they are doing their chores or driving – so, the podcast marketing offers a unique marketing opportunity to businesses. Just like how radios used to offer. You get to add a catchy audio marketing line like “ JCB – dig anything” and play it multiple times in a span of maybe 10 minute podcasts, and that’s okay with the audience. This helps the brand plaster their name in the minds of the target audience.

Cool, right? It is.

Find some home based business ideas that you can start in 2022.

We discussed 5 marketing business ideas in the list so far. Now, as I promised, let’s discuss SMM and SEM marketing business ideas. But I would only give one/two liner explanations here. But I promise to explain them in detail in dedicated articles, as they deserve that.

6. Social Media Marketing (SMM) business ideas

social media marketing business ideas

social media marketing

Social media marketing or SMM business idea is about helping businesses promote their product/services on social platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Clubhouse, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Snapchat, etcetera. This is done by running ads on the native platforms. You as a SMM service provider can plan social content calendar for your clients. You can write their post, create graphics, schedule, and engage on their behalf.

How to price your SMM services?

If you’re into b2b, then you may charge minimum INR 30K for USD 500 for 30 original posts. For B2C companies and personal branding, the quantity of social posts could be way more, as they are in bulk. You may charge them accordingly. 

If you’re just exploring, do not forget to check the complete list of 277+ business opportunities to try in 2022.

7. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) business

Search engine marketing business ideas

Search engine marketing

Search engine marketing or SEM is similar to SMM marketing business idea. It is just that in SMM you promote the brands on social media. And in SEM you promote the brands on search engines. Ever noticed the ads on Google when you search for something? Yes, that’s what SEM marketing businesses do. Run ads on search engines. 

Hope you got it all.

How to price your SEM marketing services?

To be honest, it is all about your efficiency in here. If you are running ads worth a million dollar and helping client earn another million. You deserve at least USD 150K. Don’t you feel the same? But getting to spend a million dollars on SEM marketing is not everyone’s cup of tea.

At the bottom of this SEM pyramid, you would find a lot of people charging $1000 – $2000 for handling SEM for a client, irrespective of their monthly spends or earnings. They approach SEM as a services business and charge them on the basis of number of hours invested in creating and optimising their SEM campaigns.

Find more retail, wholesale, kids, villages, electronics business ideas to give wings to your entrepreneurial dreams.

That’s not all.. More marketing business ideas for 2022

Cool. So, we have detailed out 7 marketing business ideas in this list but that’s not the end. We have more marketing business ideas for all the hustlers in India, USA, Australia, Ireland, Pakistan, China, Russia, UAE, UK, Africa, and France in 2022.

These marketing business ideas for 2022 will be detailed out soon too. Until then, how about you share the above marketing business opportunities with your peers and family members? Also, if you launch your marketing business then do drop me a message on Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. I feel really happy when someone starts a business.

Here’s a complete list of marketing business ideas for 2022 with 7 more opportunities:

  1. Marketing legal consultation agency
  2. PR agency
  3. Business event organiser marketing business idea for 2022
  4. Beacon marketing business idea 2022
  5. Affiliate marketing platform
  6. Marketing analytics firm
  7. Multilingual, cross-geography marketing business idea
  8. SEO services
  9. Content marketing business
  10. Email marketing services
  11. Video marketing
  12. Podcasts business
  13. SMM marketing
  14. SEM services

Hope you found an idea worth pursuing. GrowthRomeo has 200+ startup business opportunities on the platform for retail, manufacturing, wholesale, online, tourism, export, education, fashion, and food industries. For now, this is all in the 2022 marketing business idea list. Do explore other business ideas too if you still do not feel that you have got your match. And do not forget to share with your friends, and family members who want to start a startup in 2022.

Nishant Choudhary

Nishant is a marketing consultant for funded startups and helps them scale with content.

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