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What’s the best part of pursuing online business ideas in 2022 in India, USA, UK, Australia, France, Japan, China, Pakistan, Ireland, Canada, Ukraine, South Korea, Singapore, or your own native country? For me, it is the cost of living! I reside in India. And here the cost of living is very less compared to the western countries. In fact, 10x lesser than USA or affluent countries like France and Australia. In this blog, we discuss the following online business ideas that you can start from anywhere in the world:

  1. Workout analytics
  2. E-mail security
  3. Stock images
  4. Crowd investment
  5. Telehealth app
  6. Ad SaaS tool
  7. FinTech solutions
  8. eCommerce store
  9. Cloud testing PaaS

And there are 11 more online business opportunities in this complete list of online business ideas that you can start in 2022.

Should you start online business ideas in USA, UK, Australia?

Go after your dreams, start an online business idea

chase dreams, cash dreams!

For USA, I guess, the best perk of starting out an online business in USA, UK, France, Australia is its economy, and also its internet penetration. Similarly, for France, UK, and Australia. Japan has another unique proposition for starting an online business – the Japanese market is quite mature to embrace just any e-business.

But region is not a bottleneck to what you can earn, or how much you can grow.

The growth possibilities in India is almost at par with what the western nations businessmen earn. For example, Mukesh Ambani is a frequent topper from India in the list of 100 richest businessmen in the world. If he can while dwelling from India, why can’t you?

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List of online business ideas to pursue as a side business

Well, Im not promising that this list of online business ideas will make you the richest in the world, but yeah they can definitely take you out of a mediocre lifestyle and set you up for big success. It will take you out of the shitty quality of a tensed life, and take you to a bright life with less stress and less negativity.

Here is a list of 20+ unique online business ideas to start in India in 2022. Let me know. if you have any additional favourites in the comments.

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1. Workout analytics app, fitness related online business ideas

workout analytics online business ideas

workout analytics

Everyone wants good health. And to ensure the same, here I unveil to you the first online business idea in this list – a health analytics startup in the exercise and fitness domain. Its one of the most interesting online business ideas on this list.

If you do not track your eating and exercise habits, its really tough to improve or maintain your health.

  • Is tracking enough? I dont feel so.
  • We must have access to intelligent insights to make the tracking useful.

What workout analytics online businesses can do?

  • Learn the data analytics skills and build a software for delivering real-time valuable insights to health freaks.
  • Help your customers to better take care of themselves and their health.
  • If you do not want to learn programmatic data skills, still give a read to a few of the statistics books and data analysis books. At-least, reading those books, you will get an idea about whats possible.
  • So, after reading the books, you might be able to visualise a business offering and a business plan that is different from the existing workout analytics solutions in the market.

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Possibilities with workout analytics online business ideas!

Lets say you have access to

  • the data about food bills, or
  • eating habits, workout plans of an individual,
  • how often they spend time on phone,
  • which apps do they use and when,
  • how frequent they are to the gym,
  • how often they go defaulter on their diet plans, or
  • their gym schedule

Based on all this data you can predict and alert the user about their behaviour i.e.,

  • when they are most likely to eat unhealthy foods,
  • when they are most likely to skip their gym schedule,
  • how many calories they are burning,
  • how much protein they are consuming,
  • is the ratio healthy, should they drink more water,
  • are they hitting their limits, and
  • insights on weight gain or loss.

You can present all this information in a simplistic manner. Health analytics is a buzzing startup vertical and with these online business ideas, you can very well win the cream out of this opportunity.

2. E-mail security SaaS startup online business ideas 2022

Email security SaaS online business ideas

Email security SaaS startup

We talked about email marketing in our insight on marketing business ideas. And see, emails are back yet again in this list of online business ideas for 2022. But the email startup idea is a bit different here.

Why we need email security SaaS startup?

Do you remember we talked about spam, phishing, and all? This second online business idea i.e., email security SaaS startup safeguards us against those email scams.

  • Emails are such an awesome mode of communication. Non-intrusive mostly. A good fit for business communications. But some marketers and scammers tend to abuse this usability of emails. They spam a lot, a lot.
  • Email phishing scams are no secret either. New email scams make you download and install key-loggers on your system to hack your passwords.

You can build a digital solution to secure the network premises of enterprises, and also safeguard individuals against email threats.

How to build email security online business ideas?

Some of the startups in the email security domain that you may take inspiration from:

  • Mimecast,
  • Cofense,
  • Egress,
  • Syren

This is a unique, high-potential, futuristic online business opportunity for security and privacy loving people. And akin to the last online business idea read a book or two about security and SaaS business before your venture/ pursue this email security SaaS business.

On impact scale, saas based email security online business idea would be very useful if it is commercialised and shipped as an affordable tool for the masses. Just like how Avast antivirus was in the 2010s.

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3. Online premium stock photography business ideas

Stock photography online business ideas

Stock photography

How can I not mention stock photography platforms while discussing online business ideas in 2022?

Do you know about Canva?

Its an image creation and editing platform that has clocked more than 100 Mn+ downloads.

And it’s run by a woman!

Do take a look at some of my best business ideas for women.

Does this fall under online business ideas worth pursuing in 2022?

More and more people are creating blogs, vlogs, and posting on social media. Almost everyone has a good camera in their hand today. What you can do is start selling your brilliant clicks online on these stock photography platforms. Even better would be to start your own online business in the form of a stock photography platform. And empower other creators to earn a little extra for the beautiful clicks that they capture with their camera. How do you develop such a platform?

Developing an online stock photography platform in 2022

Umm.. again you can learn it via books or online courses.

Or, you may outsource the project to a potential web development team. This could be one of those little investment demanding online business ideas. And so, I recommend to first understand the process into which you are investing your money.

Amazon is a good source for books to deeply understand the process of web app development.

In fact, web app development too is one of the evergreen online business ideas too. At least, for the next 10 years. So yeah, this is a futuristic opportunity, and highly profitable as well.

4. Digital crowd investment platform online business ideas

Crowd investment platform online business ideas

Crowd investment platform

Talking of investments in the previous section reminds me of crowd investment online business ideas. I kinda thought of not talking about this online business idea. But it’s a booming sector especially in 2022 for the finance segment. So, lets discuss this business opportunity as well.

But what exactly is an online crowd investment platform?

  • Usually, startups go to a venture capitalist to get funding for their business idea, or alternatively they request banks to lend them a loan.
  • But both banks and VCs have limited funds and do not invest in very risky ideas.
  • Because of this a lot of good potential businesses meet premature death. Sad.
  • But you can turn this around with an online crowdsourcing platform.

A VC or a bank may be wary of investing large sums if the idea is risky. But you can solve this with a crowd-sourcing investment platform.

How to be a better online crowd-sourcing entrepreneur?

  • Kickstarter is a great example of a crowd investment platform.
  • The recommendations for starting this platform are the same as the last one. And the book recommendations are also the same for this. As this too is a SaaS business.
  • In-fact, the overall development process of any web development platform is more or less similar.
  • And so, my recommendations for all other digital platform development ideas in this list of online business ideas will be the same two books as mentioned in the stock photography image business idea.

Did you notice, we have already discussed 4 awesome online business ideas which can be launched with low investment in India.

By the way, we also have a complete list of low-investment business ideas.

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5. Remote patient monitoring app online business ideas 2022

Telehealth online business ideas

Telehealth services

  • Telehealth services or remote patient monitoring is one and the same. If you have interests in venturing into the healthtech segment, then this is another good online business idea for you.
  • And what could be a better industry than healthcare if you think about the future potential, impact, and growth opportunities.
  • All the advancements in tech and biological sciences is going to bring exponential growth for healthcare startups and organisations.

Start an app for on-demand tele-healthcare services related online business ideas

  • Just like healthcare service provider aggregators, you too can start a on-demand tele healthcare services business app.
  • So, people who need immediate help with their medicines and remote consultation can use this app and avoid rushing to the clinic. Remote healthcare services are going to be highly successful future business ideas in 2022 and beyond.

For more details on tele-health services online business ideas please do research about similar apps and companies in this domain. I’m not someone who has great knowledge of healthcare but because I happen to be an industry agnostic growth enthusiast, I know healthcare is the top industry to be in.

Here’s a list of eCommerce business ideas for you.

6. Ad SaaS tool, marTech online business ideas

Ad SaaS online business ideas

AdTech platform

  • Start an Ad SaaS tool to help publishers monetize their creative writing.
  • Present ad SaaS solutions like Google ads and others are very unfavourable for the creators, in terms or remunerations and revenue.
  • I’ve read a few creators claiming that when they switched from Google ads to other ad monetization channels, their ad revenue jumped 5x.

More share, more profits – SaaS based online business ideas!

  • You can start providing a saas solution where businesses come to you for advertising their products and services.
  • And creators become your partner to display those ads on their blogs or platform.
  • This SaaS solution that you offer should be easily integrable into a partner’s blog and make it as transparent as possible.
  • If you offer a profit sharing of above 60% then you would already be beating many top players in the SaaS ad space.
  • If you decide to venture into this business then make sure that you are giving a solid value to the audience as you will be in a direct competition with Google here.

This is one business idea that could power millions of online business ideas or creators in India and abroad.

Moving on to the next online business idea, lets talk about something in the enterprise space.

Are you interested in retail business ideas as well?

7. Digital financial solutions, new age online banks startup opportunities

Digital financial solutions

Digital financial solutions

Start an online platform for the business financial solutions. This is a second finance based online business idea on this list. Businesses need to file taxes, pay their employees, keep a track of payments from their clients.. and so much more financial stuff for market index listed businesses. There are platforms like Kredily which are already doing this but you can do this too.

End-to-end finTech startup – an online business idea for finance entrepreneurs


  • Start a platform that completely takes care of the a2z business financial processes.
  • Again, you can develop it yourself or outsource it to a credible team of web and mobile app developers.
  • With this online business idea you can serve small enterprises as well as large ventures that employ lakhs of people.

Do you feel we need more women entrepreneurs? If yes, do share our list of business ideas for women with the ladies in your circle.

8. eCommerce store and marketplace based online business ideas

eCommerce store online business ideas

E-commerce store

I was wondering if this list of online business ideas could even be considered a good list without mentioning eCommerce stores?

At first, I thought, as Im sharing only unique and less competitive business ideas so, lets avoid discussing eCommerce stores as almost everyone knows about this. But then a unique online eCommerce business idea crossed my mind and I thought lets share this too. Ready to start an eCommerce store of your own?

Woosh.. make sure the walls dont get to know of this idea. Else, who knows they may startup too. The idea is to sell god and goddess idols in India.

The business of god – a high potential online business idea?

  • Dude, spiritual and religious businesses are one of the biggest in the India.
  • Just a few days back, I was calculating the earnings of a temple in Andhra and my estimates were that they earn almost 40-50 Crores a Month and on top of that they drive an economy of about 70-100 Crores as people who visit temples end up spending on Food, and lodging too.

Anyways, this elaboration was only to highlight how big the religious market is in India. Imagine you can sell the favorite god Idols to their devotees. Okay, another under the hood secret if you start something like that then you might find me booking Ganesha Idols on your website/app.

But I wont get to know of your specific Ganesha designs unless you start posting on Instagram. Yes, that was a marketing Idea. You can also promote on FB, Youtube, TikTok etcetera.

Woosh.. here’s a secret list of eCommerce business ideas that would work in 2022.

9. Cloud testing platform, IT related online business ideas

Cloud Testing online business ideas

Cloud testing

Start a cloud testing solution for app developers. This idea is inspired from companies like LambdaTest and CrossBrowserTesting. They provide app testing infrastructure in the cloud accessible to web and mobile development companies from the comfort of their homes.

What’s the online business idea here?

  • You too can start offering Selenium grids in the cloud but this would need a good amount of investment and hiring good talents.
  • Ive worked with online app testing SaaS service providers.
  • I know, the real war doesnt end at product but it starts with content.
  • The war is fought with the product and is won with the quality of service.

Do you find this as an interesting online business idea? If not, this aint all that we got. There are plenty more. Keep scrolling and you will find a list of other online business ideas to pursue in 2022.

Just a request, if you know someone from Bihar, then do push them to startup. As states like Bihar, Odisha, UP, MP need more entrepreneurs, more opportunities. Agree? Here’s the list of business ideas for Bihar that you can share with your Bihari mates. We have a few business ideas for Kolkata as well.

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Thats not the end.. more online business ideas in 2022

Those were our top 9 unique online business ideas for 2022.

But thats not all. You may consider the following extended list of online business ideas to start from the comfort of your home in India, USA, UK, UAE, Australia in 2022.

  1. Workout analytics app
  2. SaaS based E-mail security service
  3. Online premium stock images platform
  4. Online platform for crowd investments
  5. Remote patient monitoring app
  6. SaaS platform to help creators monetize content
  7. Finance solutions based online business ideas
  8. eCommerce store
  9. Cloud testing PaaS startup
  10. Start an online stock exchange
  11. Launch an online business name finding solution
  12. Build an online code learning platform
  13. Start a social commerce platform for interior designers
  14. Develop a online wedding venue booking platform
  15. Design & build a matrimonial website
  16. Start a no-code saas platform to help non-techies build mobile and website apps
  17. Build a DevOps platform
  18. Commercial Drone Services for the enterprise
  19. Start a 1 to 1 online education platform
  20. Startup a location based service provider review platform

Tada.. oops we ended up sharing 20 online business ideas, nevermind.

See you around on other posts where we share a list of 200+ online/offline business ideas to pursue in India in 2022.

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Nishant is a marketing consultant for funded startups and helps them scale with content.

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