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No one wants to be a slave. And most of the workers are not happy with 9-5, Monday to Friday or Saturday. So, here I’m sharing a list of 71+ best business ideas in India to start your own company in 2022.

I’ve refrained from including any online opportunities here. If you’re interested in online business ideas, I recommend reading the linked article on GrowthRomeo. That insight has a brilliant collection of online opportunities that you can start just with a laptop and an internet connection. This business ideas collection briefly discusses following best business ideas for India in 2022:

  1. Beauty parlor chain
  2. Coir mattress manufacturing
  3. Sanitary napkins business
  4. Detergent & soap manufacturing
  5. Paneer manufacturing plant
  6. Palm plate making
  7. Paper & notebook manufacturing
  8. CNSL Anti corrosive paints
  9. Cement concrete tiles
  10. Ayurvedic formulations
  11. Disposable syringes
  12. Gold plating

Towards the end, we have shared a list of best business ideas in India for 2022 with an extra 60+ opportunities. Do check them out as well.

How do we chose best business ideas for India in 2022?

what are the best business ideas
There is an entrepreneur in all of us. Everyone likes the idea of being an entrepreneur as well. Maybe, because we humans are wired to be innovative by nature. But in India, most of us do not take the risk of starting up our own business. And not all businesses and workplaces are equally supportive to bring that entrepreneurial aspect out of our personality either. 

The best business ideas are what suits your skills and talent.

A big shout-out to all the companies who do create an environment where individuals can experiment and bring out the best in them. My organization allows me to do that, and so here I’m discussing best business ideas in India 2022.

The classification of these opportunities as best business in India 2022 is not in terms of just the impact they might have but also an overall analysis of

  • How easy it is to start and sustain that particular business?
  • The profitability factors.
  • The loan availability to set them up
  • Government support
  • Community
  • Export potential

You too shall consider or prioritize the “ease of getting started” while assessing the best business to start in 2022 in India.

On a different note, do explore the insight on upcoming business ideas 2022That too has some of the best business ideas out there which will be trending in no time (some are already mainstream businesses).

The best business ideas in Indian cities of Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Chennai 2022

start your own business
India is a big country. And there are so many cities including Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Kolkata etcetera which are already one of the top commercial hubs in Asia. Millions of businesses have sprouted out of these localities in India. But India has space for lot more startups and businesses. After all, we are a company of 1 Billion people.

Here is a comprehensive list of best business ideas in India that you can start in 2022. I’ve expressed my opinion with a proper analysis of the first few best business ideas in India 2022 with a recommendation of entrepreneur-personality type for whom these would be best for. 

This list of best business ideas 2022 India is not sorted in any particular order. So, let’s treat this like a random list. Every business opportunity shared here has potential to be very profitable and scalable. In fact, some could even qualify to be most luring startup business ideas for 2022. 

Let’s get it all rolling:

1. Launch a Beauty parlor chain business in 2022

beauty parlor best business ideas in India
If you are someone who would be pleased to provide services like

  • hair cuts,
  • perm and straightening,
  • acne treatments,
  • color and highlights,
  • freckle bleaching,
  • derma roller,
  • electron ionisation,
  • eyelash extension,
  • eyebrow shaping,
  • swedish massage,
  • nail care,
  • pedicure,
  • manicure, etcetera

then you must consider launching a beauty parlor business as it is one of the best business to start in 2022 in India.

It’s also a good women business idea for 2022.

Who would better run a beauty parlor business?

In fact, beauty parlor business would suit women in general – normally a middle aged woman but a young girl would be an equal fit. But that doesn’t mean a man can’t start it. For men, the nomenclature would change to Men’s parlor, but still the business remains the same.

It’s among the best business ideas in India 2022 from the investment angle as well, and it’s pretty easy to start this business.

  • You can start this with a capital investment of only 3-5 Lakhs.
  • If you do not have the skills, you can go for a 6 months diploma course in beauty niche and run a beauty parlor business like a seasoned entrepreneur.

How to raise initial funds for opening a beauty parlor business?

Consider taking business loans under Mudra scheme from Govt of India, if you need financial assistance. In states like Bihar, if you’re a woman than you may get loan at very low rates, as the state government is pushing for woman entrepreneurship. Take a look at business ideas in Bihar 2022 list as well.

Location wise, beauty parlors will do much better in crowded Indian cities than in rural India. I would recommend opening it near a high density residential location. If you’re someone from rural India and want to start a business there itself, you may visit village business ideas 2022 collection. Starting a beauty parlor is the first easy & simple opportunity in this best business ideas in India 2022 collection. Continue exploring for more brilliant business opportunities.

2. Coir mattress is another best business in India for 2022

coir mattress trending business ideas in India
It’s a hidden niche that many oversee. This would fall under top revenue generating list of best business ideas in India.

  • Duroflex, a brand from Kerala was started with an initial investment of only 3 lakhs and it is now a 500 crore business.
  • Similarly, Freshup mattresses is showing a 38 crore revenue.
  • Century mattresses, Restolex, etcetera are some other brands that are doing pretty well in the mattress business niche.

Start a Coir mattress business

You too can start a mattress manufacturing business. It has very less competition and a wide market. So, I considered adding this to the list of best business ideas in India 2022 because of the low competition and huge market size.

Also, it is a product which is in demand all throughout the year. But marketing is going to be more crucial for these businesses than the product itself. I can’t recall but there was a business paying 9 Lakhs to just sleep on their mattresses. Yes, that was the role. Sleep 8 hours on mattresses and take home 9 Lakhs per year. More of a marketing gimmick, I guess. But a good one. No?

Mattress business inspiration & strategy

Anyway, if you too find mattresses opportunity as the best business ideas to start in India in 2022, then Duroflex is a good case study to read before you start a mattresses startup of your own.

No, it’s not late.

The Indian mattress industry is just opening up.

To start a mattress retailing business, you can focus on both tier 2 and tier 3 Indian cities. And if you are thinking of starting a export business then Rajasthan, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Varanasi, Chennai are some of the good Indian cities to consider. All these Indian cities have equal potential for the mattress business opportunity. You can source from these business manufacturing hubs and export from Delhi, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Chennai, etcetera. 

So, that was the second in the collection of best business ideas in India 2022 list. You can also checkout our collection of unique business ideas.

3. Sanitary napkins industry: best impactful business idea in India 2022

sanitary napkins best business ideas in India
Increased awareness about sanitary napkins after the ads by government of India, and a movie Padman of Akshay Kumar, the sanitary napkin business took off in India and is doing pretty well. We are focusing on the list of best business ideas in India 2022, and as mentioned at the beginning, the list is going to be very diverse. It will have some of the

  • best low investment business ideas,
  • a few high investment business ideas,
  • good number of highly profitable business ideas, and
  • it would also cover some of the business niches that people generally tend to overlook but which has huge revenue and profits potential.

To deliver on that promise, I added sanitary napkins as one of the most impactful business ideas for India in 2022.

Why sanitary napkins business would excel?

  • Because it’s a one-time use and through product,
  • the recurring customer revenue is good for the business.
  • The demand is there all throughout the year.
  • And almost 50% of the population in any country is a target customer base.

Now, I believe you too feel that yes it deserves to be among best business ideas in India 2022 list 😀

Who is best suited for sanitary Napkin business idea?

  • Sanitary napkin business idea would suit both men and women.
  • It can be started by anyone in the rural India as well.
  • Tier 1 or 2 towns in India are equally good to start sanitary napkin manufacturing business, but they are more suited for large scale sanitary manufacturing businesses.
  • In villages, you can do it at a small scale with low investment.

Sanitary napkin business investment

Recent advancements in technology allows you to set up a small scale sanitary business by barely spending INR 15,000 as the principal investment. The profits can be in multiple lakhs a year if you scale and sell all the napkins that you produce.

To summarize, consider the following facts that made me choose this as best business ideas in India 2022:

  • anyone can start this business in villages or cities of India
  • it can be started with low investment,
  • huge customer base size,
  • year long recurring demand,
  • its scalability potential,
  • job creation potential, and most importantly
  • its impact on the health of a woman,

Find more upcoming business ideas. Or continue exploring this list of best business ideas in India 2022.

4. Detergent powder and soap making business ideas

detergent and soap manufacturing business in India

  • Online-focused household products firms are seeing stupendous growth in recent years.
  • Puracy and Truman’s success has been remarkable over the past few years.
  • You too can start a d2c cleaning and surfactants startup business – sell it using your online ecommerce website or register as a partner on online selling websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Aliexpress, etcetera.

Why is this opportunity on the list of best business ideas in India 2022?

This opportunity might not appeal to everyone, but I wanted to keep this best business ideas in India 2022 collection as diverse as possible so that all sort of entrepreneurial personalities can find a suitable opportunity for themselves.

Remember, I said in the beginning of this article, what’s a best business idea for you might not be the best business idea for someone else. To me, all businesses are great if they are targeted at serving the world. And this opportunity is no different. It solves the pain of cleaning clothes – a saver for billions of housewives and bachelors, and gentleman who takes care of their smelly wardrobe.

Different processes in detergent manufacturing business

Detergents are manufactured in 4 simple steps –

  • Saponification,
  • Glycerine removal,
  • Soap purification,
  • Finishing.

Okay, not that simple process.

The detergent manufacturing business idea would need a little higher investment than the previous best business ideas in India that we have discussed so far. This opportunity demands installation of machinery including Ribbon blender, Screening machine, Conveyor and packaging machine, alongside several others.

How to approach detergent business opportunity?

You can start detergent and soap business project at a small scale in a commercial building. If you don’t have your own commercially registered place – you can either get the license or you can rent out a new place. First option would be cheaper in the long run. Overall, it is one of the common and best business ideas in India for 2022, especially for those who are from chemical engineering background. This business idea is covered in detail in the blog on manufacturing business ideas.

5. Paneer manufacturing- best dairy business ideas in 2022

paneer manufacturing business ideas in India 2022
Dairy has always been one of the high-octane sectors in business circles of India. In fact, its popularity is what convinced me to add in this list of best business ideas in India in 2022. I’m personally irritated with the word Paneer (am a vegetarian). Being vegetarian, we don’t have much option other than paneer, mushroom, beans/lentils, and soyabean. All we get in restaurant in the name of cuisine is – same boring stuff! In fact, If I visit a restaurant and open the menu, the menu screams back to me “matt khol bhai, apni zindagi me kuch naya nahi hai – sab wahi baasi item”.

Anyway, let’s avoid the negative vibes and celebrate the entrepreneurial energy!

How to properly approach paneer business ideas in India in 2022

Paneer manufacturing is a profitable dairy product business idea in India. It is in huge demand (of course, not me). This business opportunity is more suited for people in the sub-urban Indian towns and villages.

Properly trained men and women can do well in the paneer manufacturing business in India. This is one of the best FMCG business ideas that can be scaled to multi-crores in revenue if done on a large scale in 2022. I know of a paneer manufacturing plant that’s coming up in the Dalsinghsarai region of Bihar in 2022. It’s by a large UP-based dairy business enterprise.

Are there any more branching opportunities from this business idea?

By the way, a side business idea that can be pursued with paneer manufacturing is whey protein powder manufacturing business. Now that is one of my favorite business ideas to start in 2022, as-

  • India is evolving fast as a fitness-pro nation.
  • To start whey protein powder manufacturing business, initial investment could be somewhere between 3-5 lakhs depending on the scale of your business.
  • It’s suitable for people who are apt in networking, operations, and people management.

And for the above quoted reasons, Paneer manufacturing & protein powder extraction business together, as a combo, are the best business ideas in India to start in 2022 (even if you hate paneer more than I do).

Find more business ideas for villages and rural areas in India, USA, UK.

6. Palm plate related business ideas in India 2022

Palm plate manufacturing business in India
This again is one of those best business ideas for India that suits both town and villages alike – but a more suitable retail market for this would be the areas with high density of street food stalls. Something like the Chandni chowk region in New Delhi, Mumbai’s food street, and Bangalore’s Koramangala Region. But should you get into distribution of palm plates? Or is it better to get into manufacturing? Or, how about end-to-end business?

Where to start palm plate businesses in India?

  • The manufacturing plant for this palm plate which is made from Areca Palm Tree leaves would be best if set up in Assam.
  • Assam is a north-east state in India with high cultivation of Areca Palm Tree.

CSISAC scheme and palm plate manufacturing business

  • CSISAC scheme can be of financial help if you decide to venture into the palm plate manufacturing business ideas in India in 2022.
  • The total initial cost of the project would be around 10 Lakhs if you decide to produce around 3 Lakh sheets per annum, and
  • An operating revenue of 3 Lakhs would be required to pay the employees and to source raw materials.

We need to promote green businesses like this one if we want a cleaner and safe environment in the long run. Let’s be responsible, be human and support green businesses. Of course, the huge positive impact on environment, the support coming in from various schemes, and job creation potential makes this a clear fit into the best business ideas in India 2022 collection.

7. Paper & notebook business ideas in India

paper manufacturing best business ideas India 2022
You must be like, just in the last line he was evangelizing green environment, being responsible humans, and now he is talking of a business that involves cutting down the trees…??? WTF? 

I get it, and this frustration is all good. We must develop the habit of questioning hypocrites (esp businesses, celebrities, & politicians).

But before you judge me, read the idea. I’m not asking you to cut down trees.

I’m asking you to recycle the paper that’s already in the market and make fresh sheets out of it for school use. Prolly, you can also plant a seed for every 100 copies sold. Happy-happy deal? Great!

This paper manufacturing business idea also falls under the recycling business ideas, and environment friendly green business ideas. Do research more about these, if you’re interested in the recycling business. Recycling startups are another niche which is highly profitable and impactful as well, but these are often not into the limelight and many do not know about the related opportunities. So, added this to best business ideas in India 2022 collection, to create awareness.

Word of caution for choosing the right business ideas

Note: Now as I said two times already, the best business idea for me might not be the best for someone else. And the worst business idea for me (animal killing/poaching businesses) could be very interesting to someone else. I request you and everyone else to only pursue business ideas that take not just us but the entire humanity forward towards a sustainable progressive life without harming any being. Avoid business opportunities that involves killing of animals or animal torture (not sure, if dairy can be counted as torture as well). Just an appeal. You can take it, or ignore it.

On that note, paper recycling and manufacturing business is best suited for people with good initial investment i.e., around 15-20 Lakhs, and preferred location would be near to international sea/air cargo ports.

8. CNSL Anti corrosive paints business idea

Anti-corrosive paint business ideas India
Chemical industry is on the rise. Anti corrosive paints is one of the best business ideas in India. These paints are very useful for preventive maintenance of anything that could fall prey to corrosion. Corrosion is basically degradation of metals into stable forms of oxide, hydroxide, carbonate, or sulfide.

  • Cashew nut shell liquid (CNSL) oil is an organic product which is processed & polymerized into resins to use it as coating materials.
  • The product is available in ample in the cashew industry as a byproduct.
  • Also, CNSL anti corrosive paints are in high demand in coastal areas with lot of marine vessels and fishing boats.
  • You may find it useful in the structural applications as well.
  • The project at a large scale with production capacity of 60+ metric tonnes would need an investment of INR 50 Lakhs.

9. Cement concrete tiles business ideas in India 2022

Cement concrete tiles business ideas in India 2022
Portland cements and aggregates i.e., sand and stone particles are often casted into square. rectangular, or round befitting & interlocking tiles and pavement blocks. The business can easily be setup with a capital investment of 22 lakhs. The process of molding these cement blocks includes 5 stages:

  • Proportioning
  • Mixing
  • Compacting
  • Curing
  • Drying

The cement to aggregate ratio should not exceed 1:6, and that of cement to water ratio should be 0.64. This is one of the best business ideas in India for 2022 if you wish to start in the real-estate sector. This opportunity is a very small one, but the market demand is high esp for footpah, pavements, washrooms, floor covering tiles etc.

10. Ayurvedic medicine formulation business in 2022

Ayurvedic formulations business in India

  • India is believed to be the mother of Ayurveda.
  • Products like Ashokarista, Sitopladhi, Chyavan Parash, and Mritasanjivani are quite popular among the masses to maintain a good health and to organically treat a lot of medical conditions.
  • Ayurvedic formulations are either plant derived, called Kashtausadhi, or it is metal and minerals derived which is called Rasausadhi.
  • Plant based organic ayurvedic drugs can be extracted from the the plant leaves, root, trunk, flower, fruit, or sometimes the entire plant itself.

How good is the Ayurveda business idea?

To promote Ayurveda related best business ideas in India, esp Ayurvedic medicine production units, the government of India has setup Indian system of Medicine and Homeopathy. Find more details about this on their dedicated website. With rising adoption of alternative medicine, and with growing dislike for the allopathy, the opportunity for marketers is huge. You can easily setup this business by investing in INR 36 Lakhs in the first year. The breakeven point is at around 70% – 80%.

11. Disposable syringes manufacturing business India

Disposable syringes manufacturing business in India 2022

  • For setting up a plant to produce around 50 Lakhs disposable syringes per year, you would need a capital of minimum 3 Crores.
  • The costs per syringe might appear low, but it’s because the raw material for it is entirely plastic.
  • These syringes are in high use within the medical and veterinary sciences.

Brief overview of manufacturing and supplying disposable Syringes in India

Here is what goes into getting started with disposable syringes business ideas in India in 2022:

  • With the use of molding machines (for injection), polypropylene is molded into syringes.
  • And then, the syringes is assembled with niddles on a automatic assembly unit.
  • Post sterilization with ethylene oxide, these niddles & syringes are blister packed to get shipped to the market.

Now, why I have this among the best business ideas in India 2022 collection? Umm.. maybe because Covid accelerated the demand for this product. Prior to Covid, AIDS fear was one of the major accelerators.

12. Gold plating business ideas for India 2022

Gold plating opportunity in India 2022
How can any business related to gold not make it to the list of best business ideas in India? Indians just love Gold.

Gold plating on Jewelry, hand bags, metallic optical frames, watch cases, and other fancy goods are some common use cases that are related to this opportunity. Other than decorative uses, it also finds application in industrial use cases, especially in electronics. For example, printed circuits, transistors, heaters, calculators., etcetera. Gold plating business idea in India can be started with a capital investment of 20 Lakhs. If this interests you, feel free to ping for business incorporation and tax filing services.

Not the end.. list of best business ideas for India continued..

As a recap, until now we have discussed 7 best business ideas to start in India in 2022.

One of these ideas, specifically speaking, the ‘beauty parlour’ business idea is region agnostic. It’s fit for starting anywhere in India. You can start beauty parlours even in villages. But parlours would rake in high profitability only in metro cities. I feel so. Palm plate manufacturing is best to start in the northeast region of India. Paper notebook recycling can be ideally started in Indian cities near to ports. You can start sanitary napkins, and coir mattresses in tier two towns of India. And lastly, you can start paneer manufacturing in the dairy focused villages and nearby towns across India.

The way forward to starting a business in India..

Many of these can be started with low investment. Detergent & paper recycling may need a bit of high investment. Overall, the list has something for almost everyone.

But isn’t just 7 business ideas too less? I too think so. Anyway, I’ve curated a list of another 60 best business ideas. Find them below. Not explainig them in detail for the brevity of this insight.

Explore these best business ideas 2022 collection, and let me know which one you are starting in the near future.

So, on a high level we have covered pan India opportunities. There are plenty more business ideas that you can pursue. Feel free to explore all the business ideas on GrowthRomeo.

Complete list of Best business ideas to start in India, 2022

Below, you’ll find 64 more best business ideas that you can start in towns and villages of India in 2022. I shall add links to all these businesses as and when I express my opinion about them. If you don’t find links, feel free to Google these ideas.

  1. Start a papad manufacturing business
  2. Make pickle and sell it online in branded packaging
  3. Setup ready-made quality garments stitching business
  4. Launch a footwear manufacturing business
  5. Open an exquisite furniture manufacturing business
  6. Set up a large scale agricultural equipment manufacturing business
  7. Consider opening a high investment nuts, bolts, washers, rivets business
  8. Open a computer assembly business with low investments
  9. Set up a tomato sauce manufacturing business
  10. Launch a flour mill business in Indian village
  11. A low investment mustard oil mill business
  12. Start a crockery business
  13. Start a cement business
  14. Start a ceramic based businesses
  15. Open a glass based businesses
  16. Consider starting an anti corrosive paints business
  17. Launch auto tubes and flaps business
  18. Printing and Ball pen ink manufacturing business
  19. Start a menthol crystal selling business
  20. Manufacture disposable syringes
  21. Make ECG paper and sell them to b2b clients
  22. Start providing gold plating on metallic optical frames & jewelery
  23. Get into mosquito nets manufacturing business
  24. Provide textile screen printing services
  25. Open a store to retail kids garments
  26. Wrought iron furniture business
  27. Domestic stove retailing store
  28. Automobile silencers parts manufacturing
  29. Computer spare parts wholesale business
  30. Electronic weighing scales distributorship
  31. Sell electronic burglar alarm system for Automobiles
  32. Loud speakers online store
  33. PVC cable store
  34. Electric furnace business
  35. Canned mushroom packaged food business
  36. Soya products based business
  37. Peanut butter manufacturing and distributorship
  38. Noodles making outlet
  39. Packaged drinking water distribution services
  40. Bakery business 
  41. Coffee beans and tea leaves export business
  42. Steel forging, Iron casting venture
  43. Nickel alloy wires and cables manufacturing
  44. Gym equipment showroom business
  45. Cycle store for kids and adults
  46. Car showroom
  47. Franchise business consultancy
  48. Education and training institutes
  49. HR & Talent services for non STEM students
  50. Digital services business like online marketing and affiliate sales
  51. E-commerce business to sell products online
  52. Cleaning services like car cleaning, office cleaning and sanitization. 
  53. Book store business for non-fiction
  54. Online businesses like banking services, or online darshan services
  55. Entertainment and creative businesses 
  56. Get into honey processing, bee-keeping
  57. Extract groundnut oil and sell it
  58. Mineral grinding business
  59. Fruit jams, squashes & cocktails business
  60. Warehouse business
  61. PG Business
  62. Hotel & restaurant chain services
  63. Lead generation services
  64. Data analytics business
  65. Beauty parlor chain
  66. Coir mattress manufacturing
  67. Sanitary napkins business
  68. Detergent & soap manufacturing
  69. Paneer manufacturing plant
  70. Palm plate making
  71. Paper & notebook manufacturing
  72. CNSL Anti corrosive paints
  73. Cement concrete tiles
  74. Ayurvedic formulations
  75. Disposable syringes
  76. Gold plating
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