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Are you looking to start a business in Bhagalpur, Banka, Katihar, Gaya, or Munger?

Great! I’ve shared a few brilliant business ideas in Bhagalpur that you can start in 2024. These ideas are equally suitable for nearby districts of Bhagalpur i.e., Banka, Katihar, Munger, and even a distant district like Gaya.

Here, take a sneak peek at all the business opportunities in Bihar, which we discuss in this blog- 

  1. Community membership library
  2. Creative skills training
  3. STEM-focused tuition
  4. Computer skills training
  5. Govt. exam coaching
  6. Air conditioner store
  7. Tiles franchise
  8. Healthy Snacks chain store
  9. Non-fiction book store
  10. E-rickshaw showroom
  11. Textile sourcing/manufacturing
  12. Home tuition services
  13. Electronic repairing services
  14. Food/meal services
  15. Logistics services

If you have new business ideas that can be pursued in Bhagalpur in 2024, feel free to comment as they may interest others. Read this article to find out the 15 best business ideas for Bhagalpur, which can be started with a low investment.

The world does need loads and loads of entrepreneurial souls, and I feel entrepreneurs starting up in economically deprived regions like Bihar are going to bring real long lasting change.

15 Best Business Ideas For Bhagalpur [2024 updated]

I’ve spent a good portion of my teenage life in Bhagalpur. So, the city is close to my heart. And thus, this article is going to be a long read, as I explain each of the business ideas in detail.

Often, I’ll discuss stuff that doesn’t cater to the core topic of this blog but may help you get better at entrepreneurship.

For example, I’m a shameless promoter of business books. I feel that business books can never harm anyone. Books can help you do better in your career. Especially, for aspiring entrepreneurs like yourself, business books can help learn from the mistakes of entrepreneurs and avoid repeating the same. You can take inspiration from entrepreneurs, and apply the same in your business to enhance your impact.

Do you agree?

Anyway, I thought, I’ll give a heads-up. Let’s get started with the list of business ideas in Bhagalpur. If you want a PDF of 444 business ideas to start in India, drop me an email.

Top 5 Education Business Ideas in Bhagalpur, 2024

Let’s start our list of business ideas in Bhagalpur with education industry opportunities. 

Education is the only thing that can pull Bihar out of poverty.

Though there is a lot of teacher recruitment going on in the state, the quality of teachers remains questionable.

If you’re from Bihar, you must have come across videos where teachers don’t even know how to spell simple words like ‘Apple.’

The kids of Bihar, when they go out, get overshadowed by others because they fall short in communication. Often, because of the same reasons, they are underconfident.

The situation is more critical than what you can imagine sitting in other Indian states.

Shall we start discussing the education business ideas after understanding the educational landscape of Bhagalpur?

Educational Landscape of Bhagalpur

  • City Bhagalpur is a rising education hub in Bihar.
  • Bhagalpur is the 3rd largest city in Bihar in terms of urban population with a good literacy rate of 85%.
  • The education industry contributes significantly to the economy of Bhagalpur.
  • Patna, which is the capital of Bihar, is another popular educational hub.
  • Students from Darbhanga, Samastipur, Begusarai, Mujaffarpur, Jamalpur, Munger, Barauni, Vaishali, Banka districts of Bihar flock in huge numbers to Bhagalpur & Patna for quality higher education.
  • Khanjarpur, Tilkamanjhi, and Adampur regions in Bhagalpur are good localities for you to start a classroom-based tuition center business.
  • Bhagalpur boasts one each of law, engineering, agriculture, and medical colleges.
  • It also has a women’s college i.e., SM College.
  • It’s also home to 20+ good quality boarding and non-boarding CBSE, ICSE, and State Govt. Schools.

Business books can never harm you. In-fact, books can help you do better in your career.

Codepoet NA hustler at heart

1. Community Membership-based Commercial Library Business in Bhagalpur, Bihar

Community Membership Library Business Ideas For Bhagalpur, Bihar by GrowthRomeo

The one thing I miss a lot is the modern Library in Bhagalpur.

Every metro city in India boasts a big public library. In Bangalore, there are 4 to 5 really good public libraries. Chennai has the most advanced library in India. Delhi too has a couple of good libraries, including the one in IGNOU, Maidan Garhi.

As I have already shared, I am a business book fanatic.

So, it’s obvious that I love libraries and bookstores.

When you aspire to become one of the most advanced cities in India, the three things you need to focus on are the infrastructure, the health, and the education sector. And if Bihar has to get ahead, it can’t be Government initiatives alone that’s gonna push Bihar on course to growth, it has to be a collaboration of the public & government.

Anyways, there are a few libraries in Bhagalpur. The surrounding regions like Sabour (also home to a famous agricultural college) also house a few libraries.

All big schools in Bhagalpur have a library.

But despite their presence, there is a sheer need for a good commercial library with a stock of newly published business and self-help books.

Because presently, the existing libraries are like dead leaves.

How About You Start a Commercial But Affordable Library Business in Bhagalpur?

You can Start an offline/online library business based out of Bhagalpur.

Keep this library restricted to paid members only.

Community-based businesses will be slow but its network effects are too strong.

So, community membership is a good way to monetize this business. I observed in Bengaluru that there are 3 to 4 libraries in the city that are completely dedicated to providing space for UPSC and Karnataka-PSC aspirants to prepare for the exam. I went to a facility center and found out that they have installed 30 open cabins in a small area of 1000 square feet, and charge 1999 per seat/month. It’s a 24-hour service with wi-fi and AC service. That’s a revenue of 60k/month from a 1000-square-foot area.

I feel the sole reason driving the demand for this business is that at home students get disturbed a lot, and they look for distraction free zones to focus on their studies. Besides, it sometimes gets boring to study alone, but when they study at a library facility center, there is a sense of group study which improves the study outcomes.

In a city like bhagalpur, the pricing could be different, but it’s a viable business opportunity.

Hah! Cool, that was the first business idea. Easy-peasy. Potentially very transformative and impactful business idea for Bhagalpur.

For innovative business ideas, read our post on the same.

Time for the next educational business idea.

2. Creative Skills Training Business in Bhagalpur, Bihar

Creative Skills Training Business Ideas for Bhagalpur - GrowthRomeo

During my stay in Bhagalpur, I observed that people here have a keen interest in learning new creative skills, especially kids.

So, I thought of exploring the market for creative classes in Bhagalpur for kids.

Unfortunately, there were only a few providing co-curricular classes like dance, guitar, painting, karate, singing, beatboxing, rapping, writing, pottery, and embroidery classes.

There is a huge market in Bhagalpur for these creative skill-based businesses.

Creative-Skills Coaching Business Idea for Bhagalpur

So you can leverage this untapped opportunity and start a creative skills-focused coaching business in Bhagalpur.

But yeah, the market is too immature right now for co-curriculars.

On top of that, the economy is so vulnerable right now in India, even in the tech space.

What do you think, are we in a tech bubble?

Anyways, a creative skills training business could be a good startup idea as the competition is too low.

Is The Grass Green?

A reality check, the first movers will have to go heavy on marketing and still expect only slow revenue growth.

Let me know, if you need help launching your co-curricular mobile app or website application. I’m a tech consultant and can help you negotiate the right deal to develop your web and mobile applications.

Explore our collection of awesome creative business ideas for 2024.

3. Tuition centre for STEM based subjects in Bhagalpur in 2024

STEM Tuition business ideas for Bhagalpur, Bihar - GrowthRomeo

You can start a tuition centre for STEM based subjects like Maths, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Satyam Wave, Sanjeevni Classes, Ignite, and Coherent coaching classes businesses in Bhagalpur have been providing STEM coaching to students and could be a good inspiration for you to start your own STEM coaching business.

Off-topic opinion

Some of you might feel that education should be free, it should not be business. 

Cool. You’re right. But I feel Education was always a business. Today, teachers want money to survive because we are in a physical-currency-based global economy. The point here is don’t feel reluctant to start an educational business thinking you would be disrespecting ethics and values

Cautionary advice if you’re spreading your wings

Some negative people would make you doubt your abilities to start in the edtech space, talking about competition, your inabilities, and all. Do not listen to them unless they are industry experts. These free advice guys disappear when you need even the slightest of support in your life. So kick them out, and listen to your heart.

Also, if you’re a student then you may also consider this business idea i.e., teach your juniors. But I have shared lot better business ideas for students in a dedicated blog. Did you read it? You must if you’re a student. Moving on, the next education business idea is about computer literacy.

Free advice guys disappear when you need even the slightest of support in your life.

Codepoet NA hustler at heart

4. Computer training center business idea for Bhagalpur in 2024

Computer Skills Training Business Ideas 2024

Computer education will be a basic necessity in future. Agree? 

But how many institutes do you see around for computer classes in Bhagalpur?

Startup companies like WhiteHat Jr. have started to teach coding to students. By the way, for your information, WhiteHat Jr made INR 2200 Crores in mere 2 years. Byju’s, which is India’s largest EdTech startup acquired WhiteHat Jr for $300 Million. If WhiteHat Jr. and Karan Bajaj can do it, so can you! Computer education is not a future business idea. The right time to start a computer training business is ‘now’.

Computer-literacy focused training business ideas for Bhagalpur

You can start a computer classes coaching business in Bhagalpur, Bihar. I would recommend starting a weekend computer classes based business because students are already way too occupied with online education, schools, and coaching. If on top of this they also attend daily computer classes, it will be hectic and stressful, ineffective for them. 

So, for best results and a sustainable business model, if you start a computer coaching business then I recommend you to conduct classes only twice a week. This too is a good and low investment high-profit business idea.

If you want to start Kids-focused business ideas, I would suggest to explore the blog on the same. I’ve shared some really good Kid related business ideas in that blog

5. Government exam preparation coaching business in 2024 for Bhagalpur

Government Exam Preparation Business Ideas 2024 GrowthRomeo

Another educational business idea to pursue in Bhagalpur is to start coaching for Banking, SSC, CTET, UPSC, and other government exams preparation. Usually, students complete their graduation and either move back to their respective hometowns or they shift to metro cities in search of better education or job opportunities. A majority of students move to Patna for SSC and Banking preparation.

A good chunk moves to Delhi for UPSC preparation. Those looking for Jobs usually go for Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, or Delhi.

Do you identify the gap here?

Students have to move out because after graduation they don’t have any good institutes to join where they can feel assured about their future. “No good institute” is a problem for a common learner, but for you it’s an opportunity. Start a banking, SSC, and UPCS coaching institute in Bhagalpur, Bihar.

Why this business idea would do better in Bhagalpur compared to other districts in Bihar?

If you could hire a good group of teachers – who are apt at training students for their respective niche subjects, then you’re all set for success in this business. This Banking & Government exam coaching business idea has more chances to succeed in Bhagalpur compared to other districts/cities in Bihar because it’s already a student hub. Almost every surrounding district’s students travel to Patna for government exam preparation.

If you could start a trustworthy, result-oriented coaching business for government exams, it has really high success chances in Bhagalpur, Bihar.

For learning management system (LMS) recommendations, and building, launching your live educational training apps for android/iOS – get in touch with me on Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or E-mail.

Top 5 Retail Business Ideas in Bhagalpur, Bihar for 2024

The student crowd opens up the doors to educational entrepreneurs in Bhagalpur, while the geographical, economical, and political conditions of Bhagalpur opens up several opportunities for entrepreneurs in the retail industry

For instance, “Bhagalpur is in the lap of The Ganges”. Yes. And the gangetic plains of Bhagalpur is well suited for growing, cultivating, and retailing of crops like wheat, maize, barley, rice, oil seeds, and their byproducts. It’s more like the overlapping of the agricultural business opportunities and the retail business opportunities.


In Bhagalpur, you can actually see The Ganges flowing from the south to the north. This is considered auspicious among Hinduism practitioners as usually the Ganges flows from the north towards south, and east. But in Bhagalpur it’s different.

Let’s explore top 5 retail business ideas in Bhagalpur, 2024:

6. Air conditioner store business in Bhagalpur

Air Conditioner Showroom business ideas for Bhagalpur - GrowthRomeo

Climate is quite Hot in summer, 40+ degree celsius is a common phenomenon between April to July. And in winter we often get to the levels of less than 10 degree celcius in January and February. The climate and air pollution in Bhagalpur is not as extreme as the likes of Delhi but yeah, it is deteriorating globally. What do you feel?

AC retail store business idea for Bhagalpur

I think climate-focused startups and businesses will be thriving soon in the near future if they aren’t already prospering. But because of the temperature fluctuations and worsening air quality – the market in Bhagalpur is quite ripe for air conditioner retailing business. You can start your own air conditioner store, or take a franchise store of brands like Voltas, Samsung, Daikin, Hitachi, etcetera

Here are some more electronics business ideas for 2024. If you are looking for more retail business ideas, do read this article.

Greentech startups could be good future business ideas in India. Already, e-vehicles are a big industry. That too is on the list. Keep reading.

7. Tiles business in Bhagalpur, India 

Tiles Business Ideas In Bhagalpur, GrowthRomeo

Because Bhagalpur is a rising economy in Bihar, and it’s also part of the Smart Cities Plan of the Modi government, you can easily spot a lot of construction going on in this tier 3 city of India. Now, I understand getting into the construction business demands huge investment and financial liquidity.

I know several people who never pursued their real-estate business ideas due to lack of finance. But there is one unique business idea which can be a profitable business idea in regions where heavy household construction is going on.

Wondering what I’m talking about?

I think, by now, you might have already guessed this small business idea. I’m talking about starting a wall & floor tiles business.

Yes, you can start your own tiles business by opening a franchise for Kajaria tiles, or Cera, or Varmora. There are so many wall and floor tiles brands in India. You can open a franchise store / showroom and market it in your locality to get good business.

How to approach the tiles business idea in Bhagalpur?

For opening a tiles franchise, you would need somewhere around 5-7 Lakhs of investment and 5 lakhs of working capital for daily operations, electricity bills, and 2-3 staff salaries. If sales are good, you’ll be profitable in 3-4 months itself. Bag 2-3 apartment tile flooring deal and bang! You’ll be making profit in no time

What could help you in running a successful tiles store in Bhagalpur?

To successfully run a tile store, you must be really good at networking with local builders and business people, or hire the talent who has a good network among localities and builders. If you want to be a networking pro, read a few books on networking, and try out a few workshops/courses. It’s going to be expensive but it’ll be worth it.

If you’re liking these retail business ideas, you may also want to read some of the wholesale business ideas that I have shared.

8. Fast food, healthy snacks store business

Healthy Snacks D2C Brand Business Opportunity For Bhagalpur

Hah! Nothing is as addicting as business. Wait a sec, for me there is an exception to the previous line. Actually 2, books and motichoor ke ladoo. Both are mouthwatering. Well, you can of-course open a Sweet shop business in your locality or in a market area near the Station road in Bhagalpur which is always buzzy, or maybe near Khalifabaug chowk in Bhagalpur where round the clock you’ll find hundreds of shoppers flocking the market.

Bhagalpur’s evolving taste

I was elated to see that Khalifabag chowk in Bhagalpur is slowly becoming like a food street. If I compare the “2024 Bhagalpur” to the “2011 Bhagalpur”, I see the food market has evolved a lot.

Will any food business succeed in Bhagalpur?

In Bhagalpur there were a few hotels that offered unlimited food for Rs70/plate back in 2011, fast forward to 2024 -they have all disappeared. The lesson here is that your restaurant or sweet shop business model should be sustainable. Freemium models can be used for driving eyeballs and early traction, but if your core offering is freemium and not quality food and premium taste/experience then it’s tough to keep your food business afloat.

Cautionary advice to entrepreneurs

An entrepreneur must know the ins and outs of company finances. There are some good sources to master the basics of company finance. Do explore the books on corporate finance to get some idea about how ‘finance’ can make a good boat sink, or make a paper boat sail through. The student crowd, smart city goal, prosperous local economy, and high national growth projections all signal good growth for new business in Bhagalpur, but an on—field expert’s opinion would be more accurate/convenient.

I know, foodies need good food in excess and entrepreneurs need quality ideas in excess. So, I have shared some of the high-quality food business ideas for 2024 in a blog, please read it.

‘Finance’ can make a good boat sink, or make a paper boat sail through.

Codepoet NA hustler at heart

9. Nonfiction, fiction, academics book store business with omnichannel experience

Non-fiction book store business ideas 2024 GrowthRomeo

Well, there is a business idea for Bhagalpur even in my second addiction – a bookstore! Yes, station road in Bhagalpur is home to several book stores, and the Ghanta ghar region houses multiple used books resellers. Apart from these locations, Choti khanjarpur area also has a few bookstores as well. 

Previously, I suggested a library business idea. And now, I am suggesting that you open a bookstore. The obvious question should be, “Is there a scope of growth when there are already multiple book stores in the region?”

Do we really need more book stores?

My answer is “Yes! There is scope for growth’. People everywhere relish reading non-academic books. Business minded people like non-fiction books. Introverts like nonfiction and fiction books as well. Science lovers want sci-fi books, literature lovers read poems & prose books, and entertainment lovers like romance and crime fiction books.

Would this kind of book store do well in Bhagalpur?

But I did not observe any book store in Bhagalpur catering to these niches. And even those which exist, they barely advertise their book store. So, you can easily grab the market by advertising and offering competitive prices to your customers. Add to it a bit of a buying experience for your visitors and bang! You’ll be popular among students and readers of all age groups.

What’s the catch here?

Evolving reading habits

The digital media is growing really fast. Amazon Kindle and independent eBook publishers, platforms like Medium and Pratilipi, Google Podcast, Clubhouse, etcetera are making it easier for new age consumers to discover and consume content.

Is the future of hardcover books and book reading bright or dull?

The actual number of people investing in Books is decreasing day by day. Now as schools are also forced to operate hybrid/online post pandemic, and students are getting used to e-learning – it’s a little tough to predict how the market for books will be 10 years from now. My personal opinion says the market will shrink with every passing year. And more eye-friendly digital reading solutions will evolve.

But this is my personal opinion, things are growing at a really slow pace in reality. For the short term, I still feel you can start a hardcopy book selling business. But always keep an eye on trends and observe how the market is evolving.

If you’re more into e-commerce selling, then go through the top eCommerce business ideas for 2024.

10. eRickshaw showroom business for Bhagalpur in 2024

e-Rikshaw, e-bikes showroom last mile commute Business Ideas GrowthRomeo

My fifth suggestion for retail business ideas in Bhagalpur is to start an eScooter retailing business. e-Rickshaws are quite popular in Bhagalpur now. There is an eRickshaw charging station near Adampur, and there is an e-rickshaw repairing centre/garage too. But I did not observe any eScooters in the area. Maybe, you can start an eRickshaw showroom.

Usually, scooters are not that popular in Bihar, but because roads in Bhagalpur main city are okay now (roads near the station are still in miserable state, but the Tilkamanjhi – Budhanath temple road is awesome).

eScooter retail store business ideas for Bhagalpur

So, the market is a fit to start an eScooter retail business in Bhagalpur. E-scooters do really well in student areas, but Bhagalpur’s student strength is in the 13-18 age group. And this group is not having solid purchasing power. This might be a unfavorable thing, but I believe work from home has pushed people back to native homes.

And this has significantly boosted the purchasing power of rural India. Anyways, if you are a long term player, then this is the retail business that you must consider for starting a future ready business. Talking of future ready business, do check these upcoming business ideas which would create entrepreneurs of future.

I help you, when you’re ready to help yourself 😉

Wow! Did you realise that we have already discussed 10 Business Ideas to start in Bhagalpur so far? I’m on a mission to help create entrepreneurs, and help those succeed who have dared to start their business. I do it by sharing my knowledge, and services at a very affordable price.

If you’re looking for a business & tech consultant who can help you start your retail business, start your eCommerce store business, and then grow your business as well – reach out to me on Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or E-mail. Don’t forget to follow me on your favorite channels for the free resources, and frequent interactions in chat/comments maybe.

Services Business Ideas In Bhagalpur

The positive thing about services business ideas is that many of these can be started with low investment and if you start a services business that requires high capital investment then it’s usually machinery based. And you can get bank loans to start a business that requires purchasing machineries.

Let’s explore a few services business ideas to start in Bhagalpur, Bihar.

Here are the top 5 Services Business Ideas For Bhagalpur, 2024-

11. Textile sourcing & manufacturing business from Bhagalpur, India

Textile Sourcing and Manufacturing business idea for Bhagalpur

Because Bhagalpur is the hub of Textile manufacturing, you can start a textile-sourcing business from Bhagalpur in 2024. Big textile companies, who don’t have their own manufacturing setup, outsource textiles from remote manufacturing hubs in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and China. The importing companies are usually the USA, the UAE, the UK, France, Australia, Germany, Russia, Canada, and 50+ more countries that import bulk quantity textiles from India.

Is this textile business opportunity for you?

This opportunity is really good for people with textile education/knowledge and good communication skills. If you’re someone who does not have textile education, read this textile industry book for complete understanding of textile business processes and then start your textile business in Bhagalpur or anywhere in India. You can also deal in stock fabrics and make huge profits. This is a good traditional small business idea for small towns in India.

We talk about textile business opportunities in our blog on business ideas in Patna as well. Hope you read that too, if you’re open to opening a business in Patna.

12. Home tuition services in Bhagalpur

K-12 home tuition services for students in Bhagalpur - GrowthRomeo Business Ideas

I already spoke about starting a tutoring service business in Bhagalpur or coaching services business in Bhagalpur. But that was a classroom based coaching business idea. There is one more way to deliver tuition services. Any guesses? Yes, I assume you guessed it right – home tuition services in Bhagalpur 🙂 

If you start teaching by yourself, then it’s barely scalable. If you could hire 10+ teachers to deliver home tuition in different regions of Bhagalpur, then it is pretty scalable.

How to build a scalable tuition services business?

So, your job is to hire, train, retain good talent i.e., efficient teachers. Plus, you need to find students in need of coaching. The supply-demand is your responsibility. Teachers would work under your umbrella, as they usually do in a classroom based coaching/school business model. You’ll pay a fixed/shared income to these teachers, and you’ll earn a commission based on the number of students you get for the teachers.

But if you don’t have the finance for bootstrapping your business to pay salaries to teachers, then it’s a good idea to start your business as a solopreneur teacher, make and save some money, and invest gradually in your business to scale your business to new heights.

Liking the business ideas that you read so far? If yes, you would definitely love my collection of best business ideas for India in 2024.

13. Electronic repairing service center business in Bhagalpur in 2024

Electronic Repairing Services Business Ideas In Bhagalpur

You may also start a laptop/mobile repairing center in Bhagalpur. Because more and more students/businesses are buying Laptops and almost every single person has a mobile in their hand.


I was exploring the roads of Old Kolkata, I guess the area is called Esplanade, it’s the central area in Kolkata with a huge apparel market – lots of vendors, and several apparel brand stores as well. I stopped at a traffic signal to donate a few bucks to the beggars, and I felt bad about myself. Why? Though we should not compare ourselves to anyone, I found out that the person I’m lending money to is holding a much better phone than I had in my pocket.

By the way, do read my blog on business ideas for Kolkata, West Bengal.

Takeaway from the Kolkata experience

That experience struck a chord in my head that mobile phones have really permeated into the hands of all economic sections in India. And so, I personally feel that the repairing, refurbishing, and reselling businesses focusing on smartphones and laptops will grow a lot in future. This is a good future proof business idea. After plastic, the world will fight eWaste.

Again repairing businesses are unique in nature but there are other business opportunities that deserve equal or better attention. I’ve share 29+ unique business ideas for you to help you in finding good business in 2024. Read those ideas as well.

14. Food/meal services for students, workers, events

Food and Meal services for Students business ideas in Bhagalpur - GrowthRomeo

My next business idea for Bhagalpur is to start a meal cooking i.e., tiffin services business for students. As I already highlighted, Bhagalpur is a destination for quality education and competitive exam prep coaching.

And most of these students come from the neighboring districts which are within a 4-5 hour train journey. But they do not get healthy and full-stomach food at affordable rates in Bhagalpur. There are hotels and tiffin services but none maintain the good quality. Even if there are a few with affordable rates, the diet is really poor.

Is there a business idea for Bhagalpur in solving this problem? Is it viable business?

Start serving students with quality food at affordable rates. Do it at scale. Remember your business margin would be very less, so your profitability and business sustainability is dependent on the scale of business and client retention.

If you’re a working professional and looking to start a business in parallel with your job, read our blog on business ideas for working professionals. You’ll find some really good ideas that you can pursue alongside your job.

15. Logistic services business in Bhagalpur for 2024

Logistics services business - GrowthRomeo

15th and the last service business Idea for Bhagalpur is to start a packers and movers or logistic business, or both. Bhagalpur is a district with a lot of economic buzz in Bihar, round the clock you would find people engaged in economic activities – from schools to textile manufacturing and from sand mining to hospitality.

A logistics services business could be one of the highly profitable business ideas to start in Bhagalpur. Krishna Cargo, Blue dart and others have been active in the Bhagalpur market for a long time now. You could also start a courier company alongside logistics services and optimize your income streams.

Packers and movers business can be started by purchasing your own transport vehicles or by renting it. You can raise/get business loans from banks for starting a logistics business.

Why start a business in Bhagalpur?

Entrepreneurial Aspirations

Why Start A Business In Bhagalpur?

I keep coming across news about NRIs moving back from the USA, Canada, UK, France, Australia, UAE, and some other countries to startup in India. Which is good news for the so-called “new India”.

But a lot of these entrepreneurial minds are limiting themselves to tier one cities of India. Tier two and three towns, like Bhagalpur, Gaya, Banka, Katihar of Bihar are still a barren land when it comes to multinational businesses and new-age startups. This creates an opportunity imbalance between the metro cities and these small towns.

Starting a business in Bhagalpur, Gaya, Banka, Katihar is a step towards solving the opportunity imbalance in small towns

I’m happy that you’re exploring ‘15 Business Ideas in Bhagalpur, Gaya, Banka, Katihar’. Your presence here signals that the entrepreneur in you is on a hunt to solve a few problems of Bhagalpur, and other districts in Bihar. But this article has been written with Bhagalpur as the epicenter. And the business ideas discussed here are well-suited for neighboring districts as well including Banka. By the way, if you’re new to Bhagalpur, it is a small town (tier 3, I guess) and a big district in Bihar, India.

What seems like the end is the beginning…

Yay! That’s it. I’m done with the list of 15 business ideas to start in Bhagalpur, Bihar.

I share a lot of business ideas, resources for pro leaders, and ways to scale your business, or startup your own company as a side hustle business

If you are someone who is determined to grow in life, and determined to grow your business, or start a profitable business based out of India, or if you are interested in keeping yourself updated with trending startup ideas, then do follow me on social channels – Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or E-mail.

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  1. Developing Digital Solutions – a website, a mobile application for your business?
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Which are the best business ideas to start in Bhagalpur?

For Bhagalpur, I would recommend starting a business in any of these three domains:

  • real-estate
  • education
  • textiles

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Is Bhagalpur good to start a business?

Bhagalpur is one of the best cities in Bihar to start a business. The people are educated and the crime rate is comparatively lower than other districts. District administration is doing a commendable work.

Why is Bhagalpur famous?

Bhagalpur is famous for several reasons:

  • Gangetic dolphins
  • Silk city of Bihar
  • Good education & healthcare economy
  • Jardalu mangoes
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