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Eager to start your own business in 2022? But running out of business ideas? Well, I’m here to your rescue if you’re looking for business ideas in Patna. I’m gonna rent my brain to you and share a few good business ideas for Patna. For brevity of this article, I would refrain from repeating 50+ business ideas for Bihar that we have already discussed. To find them out, go to our insights on business ideas for Bihar, online business ideas, and business ideas for Bhagalpur blogs respectively. But some business ideas which needed explicit explanation on why it would suit Patna, they are covered in detail.

Here is a quick list of the business ideas in Patna:

  1. Tourism focused ventures
  2. Textile & clothing
  3. Laptop & mobile repairing
  4. Sports academy
  5. Bamboo products manufacturing
  6. Coffee-cafe outlet
  7. Mobile food truck
  8. Food export
  9. Start a marriage bureau
  10. Digital marketing 
  11. Maid services

Before I share the best business ideas in Patna to start in 2022, how about we check if Patna is good for business?

Let’s check what are the green flags in favor of Patna as a location to start your business, and the red flags as well, if any.

Is Patna, Bihar good to start a business in 2022?

In Bihar’s political fabric, the Nitish government as of 2022 is trying hard to bring in more industrial investment and create jobs for the youth of the state. Team Tejaswi is also a rising force in Bihar, and even if he comes into power, he will be under extreme pressure to accelerate Bihar’s growth. 

So, you should be assured that there will be government schemes to boost business in Bihar in the long term to reignite Bihar’s industrial dreams. Bihar’s growth took a backseat after Jharkhand was cut out of it. And maybe, that’s why it becomes even more important you pursue business ideas in Patna, Bihar to accelerate growth in the region.

What sort of businesses are suited for Patna, Bihar?

Tourism businesses, Educational sector organisations, Agriculture focused enterprises, Textile factories, Real-estate companies, and Green Energy focused businesses ideas in Patna, Bihar have good scope in the next 10-20 years i.e., 2022 to 2042. And from an economic point of view, 2040-2050 will be a period of high growth for Bihar. So, whatever you business ideas in Patna you decide to start, do clarify your goals, and then go with a rock-solid mindset/intent. See the longer picture. With hard work and God’s grace we shall definitely succeed in our business ventures.

What sort of business ideas in Patna you’re looking to start in 2022?

Maybe, you are looking to launch sanitary pads manufacturing business ideas in PatnaOr, a computer skills training business in PatnaOk, how about you open a fast food outlet in PatnaPatna is the economic centre, and the largest city in Bihar with a population of 2.35 millions i.e., 23 lakh people. It’s home to thousands of small and medium scale businesses as well. 

With so many businesses already out there, it’s highly critical to first analyze

  • the scope of a business ideas in Patna,
  • feasibility of your ideas,
  • market size of the business ideas in Patna,
  • product-market fit research
  • market saturation,

..then after proper idea validation, startup a new business in Patna. And that’s what this business ideas in Patna 2022 collection is all about i.e., to help you identify opportunities worth pursuing in Patna, Bihar. 

Top 11  Business Ideas in Patna, Bihar

Let’ start exploring the best business ideas in Patna that can help you rake in a lot of wealth. But the real fun of doing a business is that it enables you to leave some positive impact on the world around you. So, here I present you the top 11 business ideas in Patna in 2022:

1. Tourism business ideas in Patna and branching opportunities

Tourism business ideas in Patna, Bihar

Tourism business ideas

  • Bihar’s Chatt Puja, Litti Chokha, Madhubani Print, Mahabodhi Temple, and Ruins of Nalanda are famous all throughout India. 
  • Also, along with Shahi Litchi and Jardalu Mango, there are 13 GI tagged Agricultural, Handicrafts, and Food products which are unique to Bihar.

What I’m trying to highlight here is the fact that Bihar is marketable, and so is Patna. It’s a good decision to go after tourism related business ideas in Patna in 2022.

Is Patna an ideal city for tourism business ideas?

Tourism business ideas in Patna could be a smart entrepreneurial decision! What makes me say that?

  • First, Patna is the transportation center of Bihar. It has direct Air, Road, Train connectivity with all major cities in India.
  • Second, it is highly marketable and has good number of Hotels (including a 3 star hotel). Ambience is important for tourists.

What’s the USP of Patna as a tourism center that might lure tourists to this city?

I’ve already mentioned a few unique selling points (USPs) above. Apart from those, there are multiple other factors as well. Need examples?

You can market your Patna based Tourism agency in the global market by inviting people to visit the land 

  • where the concept of Non-violence emanated, 
  • where the Indian freedom movement was launched by Gandhi, and 
  • that gave India its very first president, 
  • the land with the world’s oldest university, 
  • the land of Ashoka, Chanakya, Aryabhatta, and Buddha.

Bihar is suited for a lot of different tourism business ideas. Again, need examples?

The most prominent tourism business ideas in Patna, Bihar:

  1. Agricultural Tourism Business in Darbhanga
  2. Cultural Tourism Business in Begusarai
  3. Religious Tourism Business in Gaya
  4. Wildlife Tourism Business in Patna and mountain regions in Bihar
  5. Rural Tourism Business in the villages of Muzzafarpur, 
  6. Recreational Tourism Business in Patna
  7. Food Tourism Business
  8. Tribal Tourism Business
  9. Industrial Tourism Business in Barauni
  10. Adventure Tourism Business
  11. Bhojpuri Film Industry Tourism Business

Just a heads up, if you do not like any of the 11 business ideas for Patna, then you must check a mega list of business ideas with 277+ opportunities to try in 2022.

2. Textile Business Ideas In Patna for 2022

Textile related business ideas in Bihar

Textile businesses

Patna is the fastest burgeoning economy in Bihar. It has some of the biggest malls and shopping complexes in Bihar. The station road in Patna and the surrounding areas are equipped with 100s of roadside stalls. Most of these roadside vendors sell cheap apparels and clothing materials. Patna market, Khaitaan market, Hathwa market, and Maurya Lok are one of the most crowded markets for shopaholics in Bihar’s capital. Thus, I feel textile business ideas in Patna have a good scope in 2022. We also mentioned 3 textile business ideas in our insight on business ideas in Bihar.

What are some unique textile related business opportunities in Patna?

And these markets are also a center for retailers to sell textile products in wholesale and/or retail.

  • Exhibition road, Ashok Rajpath, and Boring Road are good localities to start your textile business.
  • You can start a Saree business, or you may also start a apparel and fashion store to sell Jeans, Shirts, T-shirts, Undergarments, Kurti, Salwar, Shawls, Scarves store, or
  • launch your own home interior fashion store to retail Bedsheets, Cushion covers, Duvets, etcetera in Patna.

Random tips for starting a textile focused retail store in Patna

But the textile retail business is not new at all. It has been there since ages. It’s quite a saturated and competitive field. But smart people make marginal profit in any business.

Street smart salesmen with a knack for fashion are well suited for this sort of business.

If you’re setting up your own store, make sure either you can do all the operational work, sourcing from different markets, or you have funds to hire a support representative. While starting a clothing outlet, I would recommend getting into long-term real-estate agreement if you’re renting your store space. Otherwise, some real-estate lenders create issues when your store does well.

What about sourcing textile products to sell in your store in Patna?

To source readymade garments, you have two options- 

  • Build your own designs and brands from scratch. Or,
  • You may sell garment products of an existing brand.

Find more unique business ideas that you may want to pursue in 2022.

3. Laptop & Mobile Repairing business ideas in Patna

Laptop repairing business ideas in Bihar

Laptop repairing center

This could be your gateway to the world of electronics. Laptop and mobile repairing is a good electronics business idea for Patna in 2022 and beyond. I was in the Hanuman Nagar region for a while in Patna, and needed urgent servicing to my Lenovo laptop.  Surprisingly, in the capital of Bihar, there were not any verified/official servicing centres from Lenovo. I researched, not just Lenvo, there were no verified servicing centres from any of the top brands within 5KM radius of Kankarbagh area in Patna. I started to wonder why brands are not opening up service centres here in Patna?

Is Patna not good for electronics businesses?

No laptop servicing centres was surprising. Does this signal that Patna is not a mature market for Laptops? No, that’s not the case. I know my friend who runs an edTech company based out of Patna. He is doing really well. In-fact, everyone I know in Patna owns a desktop or laptop. Recent graduates, marketers and doctors – everyone bought a laptop in 2020/21 if not before. 

So, what’s the unique business opportunity here for Patnaites?

The laptop market is quite ripe in Patna. And this opens up the gates to laptop & mobile repairing services business ideas in Patna. The question is not about the market maturity of Patna, the question is whether we can find the right talent for servicing Laptops & other electronics in Patna. If not, what’s the way forward?

Solution for short supply of laptop servicing talent in Patna

Hmm..  that’s something worth considering if you are venturing into it.

  • Well, you can always train.
  • But if you don’t want to invest in training, the other way around is to call out your brothers from Bihar who are working in other cities.
  • Pune, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Chandigarh, and Chennai have a lot of repairing centres where Bihari’s work.
  • Try reaching out to them via Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram and pitch them about your laptop repairing business ideas in Patna.

Lastly, once you have the talent and hardware setup in place, the only thing that needs to be done is the marketing of your existence and the offerings you have for the Laptop owners.

Random marketing tips for your laptop repairing business ideas in Patna

In starting days, you can run a free-laptop-cleaning campaign to create buzz about your services. But I am not a fan of free offerings, which always tend to attract a lot of non-paying customers. The campaign I would love is ”Get 3 years of Laptop cleaning membership at 90% Off”. You can price your services at 10k and offer cleaning at 1k.

Normally, people only go for 1-3 cleaning a year. Keeping that in mind, 3 visits of a potentially high-paying customer at 333 is a pretty good idea. It can do magic. I’ve not tried this as I am not into this business, but you can try and let me know how it turns out in an year.

You can start other electronics business ideas in Patna as well. Explore some of the best electronics business ideas to start in 2022.

4. Your Own Sports Academy In Patna

Sports academy business ideas in Bihar

Sports academy

One of my favorite business ideas in Patna to boost the sports based industries in Bihar. It can create a lot of job opportunities in Bihar. Moin-ul-haq stadium is one of the only proper sports grounds in Patna, Bihar. Last I checked, it was used for Karate training, Ranji matches, and Football matches. I used to visit there every evening to watch kids hustle, train, sweat, and rejoice in victory. It used to be very inspiring, even today I could recall Saurabh Tiwari hitting 4 Sixes in a row on that ground.

Why Patna needs sports related business entrepreneurs?

Bihar may have a few sportsmen like Saurabh Tiwari, and sportswomen like Rashmi Kumari and Kavita Roy, but still there should be a lot many. Bihar’s neighbouring state boasts players like MS Dhoni and Deepika Kumari (archer) who have tasted the pinnacle in their respective sports. Bihar too should build a sports culture, train and support kids to pursue different sports. IAS might be very rewarding, but Sports too is a way to serve the nation.

Which sports and related business ideas in Patna have a good scope?

Bihar could do well in

  • Kusti,
  • Kabaddi,
  • Karate,
  • Chess,
  • Cricket,
  • Football, and
  • Badminton.

If you have the experience you can start training the kids. If you lack the skills, no worries. You can always hire someone who does the training job really well. But these trainers and coaches demand somewhere from 2L to 3L a month. So, you need to have funds to pump the sports training business in the initial days.

Overall, as the competition is less, I feel this could be one of the most profitable business ideas in Patna in the long run. If you’re interested in more profitable business ideas, do explore them on the attached link.

5. Bamboo product manufacturing business ideas in Patna

Bamboo product manufacturing business ideas

Bamboo product

Venturing into bamboo is one of the rewarding unique business ideas in Patna in 2022.

The Government of India has already announced that it has banned the production and single-use plastic products throughout the country. This might be a concern for some, while others see a huge business opportunity in it.

What’s the business opportunity here for Patnaites?

People are venturing into bamboo product manufacturing business ideas in Patna to make environment-friendly bamboo made bottles. 

  • Bamboo products are sustainable, and are available at very competitive prices.
  • A bamboo bottle with 750 ml water holding capacity would cost somewhere around INR 300.
  • And the investment to set up a bamboo bottle manufacturing business in Patna would need 1.75 lakhs only.

Need project plan for bamboo manufacturing? Or need more manufacturing business ideas in Patna?

Interested in pursuing bamboo products manufacturing related business ideas in Patna? You can download a project report to set up the plant here. Thank me later 😉 Not interested in this idea, but interested in manufacturing business ideas? Checkout our collection of manufacturing business ideas for 2022.

6. Coffee Cafe outlet

CCD franchise outlet in Patna, Bihar

coffee franchise business

This is one of the best franchise business ideas in Patna.

There are 3 CCD i.e., cafe-coffee day outlets in Patna that I know of. There might be others too but I am aware of only 3. I was invited to one for a developer Job interview. Interview in CCD – yes. Sounded interesting at that time though. Not a bad idea, anyways.

People are using Dominos as a place for signing bank documents, so interviewing initially at CCD is not that bad either. Anyways, you can start a Coffee brewing franchise business in Patna. I guess if you chose a franchise that allows you the flexibility to price your product, it could be an edge over other competitors. But usually, franchise companies won’t allow you to price their IP protected products.

Top six franchise to consider for Coffee cafe business in Patna-

  • Cafe coffee day franchise store
  • Brewberrys franchise
  • Indian coffee house franchise
  • Starbucks franchise business
  • Frespresso franchise
  • Coffee day xpress franchise business

You might want to take up a look at our collection of best business ideas for India in 2022.

7. Mobile Food Truck Business ideas in Patna

Food truck business ideas in Patna, Bihar

Food truck business

Food related business ideas in Patna are on a boom. And mobile food trucks can give you a ride to the gateway of large scale food & restaurant business in Patna, Bihar.

As mentioned in the Bhagalpur business ideas post, Patna is the #1 place in Bihar for competitive exam preparation. Lakhs of students move to Patna every year to prepare for UPSC, SSC, Banking, Railway, Police, and Teacher’s exam. /and that’s why Patna is my #1 spot for starting a Food truck business in Bihar. It can do well in Bhagalpur, Darbhanga, Begusarai, Muzaffarpur as well but the best place to start a food truck business in Bihar is Patna (my opinion).

What do you need to start food truck business in Patna?

To start a food truck business in Patna, or anywhere in Bihar/India, you need the following:

  • Buy a commercial vehicle
  • Buy necessary kitchen equipments
  • Obtain necessary licenses
  • Hire the cook(s) and operational manpower
  • Decide on location(s)
  • Decide on your food offerings, marketing strategies, etcetera.

Random tips for starting food truck business in Patna

This is one of the best business ideas in Patna. But it can be cost intensive if not pursued in a lean way.

  • While you can buy a ready-made food truck, I would recommend purchasing a used vehicle to cut initial investment costs.
  • And on top of that in the starting days, I would prefer buying a small truck instead of heavy weight large trucks. Small trucks are easy to park, and commute. Besides, in some states or union territories of India, Large trucks are not allowed to roam around until 9PM in the night. So, go for smaller trucks. Tata Yodha, Tata Ace Gold are good choices for starting a food truck business. You would need to modify these trucks to be your mobile kitchen.

Any License requirements for starting a food truck?

You need to obtain certain licenses too, like-

  • Fire safety,
  • NOC from ROC, municipal corporation,
  • FSSAI license, etcetera.

To buy kitchen equipment, you would need a budget of around 5L or more. You would need to invest money in inverters, refrigerator, exhaust, tables, Juicer, Microwave, Dress for food truck employees, etcetera. Again, choose a location in Patna which has a little room for parking your food truck in a locality with high student or couple footfalls.

These modern businesses usually perform well in areas with young audience/traffic. Adhering to all these points and your personal intelligence will ensure that your food truck business ideas wheels are always moving smoothly.

8. Food Exports Business ideas for Patna

food exports business ideas for Patna, Bihar

food exports business

Patna has long been the export centre for agricultural products from Bihar. And agricultural export business ideas in Patna is really worth your attention. 

Grain, Sesame, Litchi, Basmati & Katarni Rice, Sugarcane are some of the most popular export items from Patna. But not all of these are exported a s raw products from farms. Some are processed to match the export quality and some are processed to make new products and then get exported.

Bihar’s food export report-card

Bihar under the leadership of Nitish Kumar has seen a 800 times growth of Agricultural exports in the past 15 years.  But this is not the top yet. There is a lot of export growth potential in the state. And that’s why the present agricultural minister is very keen on bringing new policies to further grow the agricultural export market in Bihar.

Food & exports business ideas in Patna, Bihar can be very profitable if operated from a agriculture focused districts which has affordable labor crowd as well. By the way, do checkout our curated list of Food business ideas.

9. Start A Marriage Bureau In Patna, Bihar

Marriage bureau business ideas in Bihar, Patna

Marriage bureau business

This is a gem-idea. Yes. It is one of my favorite business ideas for Patna in 2022.

Reminds me of Yash Raj’s Band Baja Barat movie too. And the acting of Ranveer Singh. Sad that with every passing movie he got commercialized, and we lost a good actor to masala scripts.

Is it good to start marriage bureau in a modern Bihar?

Marriage is a business in this part of the world i.e., in Patna and throughout Bihar. Surprising that even 21st century youths in Bihar are tolerating the marriage dowry tradition. But mostly people do it out of peer pressure and show-off mentality.

And I feel police won’t be able to make society criminal free, but schools and proper education can. But – any amount of social messaging or education won’t stop this dowry culture unless it becomes a strictly implemented criminal law.

In this dark world, there is a ray of hope in starting a marriage bureau business in Patna or any part of Bihar. I feel, this too is one of the profitable business ideas for Patna because people are more advanced and open to change in Patna compared to rest of Bihar. The hope is that if more marriage bureaus pop-up and they collectively promote no-dowry culture, then maybe more people will start embracing no-dowry marriages.

Who would suit for marriage related business ideas in Patna?

To start a marriage bureau business in Patna, you need to be really good at networking, communicating, and you need to be sweet as well, especially when you talk with someone. 

In the starting days, you can tie up with marriage convention halls located in Patna’s central areas like Kankarbagh, Gandhi Maidan, Frazer road, Boring canal road, and also in exterior or neighbouring areas like Danapur, Phulwari, Patna Sahib, Rajendra Nagar, Mahendru.

10. Digital Marketing Services Business Ideas In Patna

Digital marketing business ideas in Bihar

Digital marketing business

I’ve avoided mentioning any online business ideas for Patna, because I’ve already published a comprehensive dedicated online business ideas post for that. And online businesses are mostly location agnostic, so for brevity we have not repeated those opportunities here. But some of these online businesses could be location dependent as well or at least location can play a role in getting clients. Digital marketing business ideas fall under this category. And so, though we mentioned this in our business ideas in Bihar insight, still I’m repeating it here.

Why marketing business ideas in Patna could be magical and evergreen?

Small or big, Bhagalpur or Patna, online or offline, local or global, every company needs marketing!

Some companies rely on organic marketing channels like word of mouth, blog publishing. And some rely on inorganic or paid marketing channels like influencer collaboration, Google, Facebook Ads, Youtube ads, or Instagram social media ads. Some get positive traction by investing in offline events, newspaper ads, TV ads, Radio ads, etcetera. But ultimately, every company needs marketing. Forms and channels may vary, but marketing is quintessential for a business to scale.

Why should you pursue digital marketing business ideas in Patna in 2022?

In 2022, digital marketing will be the most prominent and effective form of marketing for most businesses. And unlike  traditional branding and marketing organisations, new digital marketing mediums are not limited to a geographical region or audience set. Digital marketing is highly scalable, and you can granularly target people across the globe, anywhere, anytime.

Sounds great? Right? But that is where the trick is. Because digital marketing is global now, there are only a few talented marketers out there who could strategically help your company grow with highly effective digital campaigns.

Who would succeed in Digital Marketing business?

So, how do you ensure that you are one of that limited talent in supply? Simple. Read more on digital marketing, and your niche industry. Be a master in your niche industry and then once you are the established wizard in your chosen domain, scale into other industry verticals.

How to approach digital marketing business in Patna?

Starting a digital marketing company in Patna could be really profitable as there is not much local competition as of now. And usually businesses prefer to work with partners who understand them, speak their language, and understand their business as well.

You as a digital marketing services company in Patna can target schools, hotels, lawyers, real-estate, retail, automobiles, and politicians as well to become your clients.

For more marketing related opportunities in Patna, hop on to our blog on awesome marketing business ideas.

11. Maid services consultancy business idea in Patna, Bihar

Maid services business ideas in Bihar

Maid services business

Where there is a problem, there is a business opportunity. Agree? Yes? Cool. Domestic helpers availability is a problem in Patna and remote parts of Bihar. And the solution for it is our last item in the list of business ideas in Patna 2022

Shortage of domestic helpers in Patna

In Patna, there are a lot of families, and bachelors who have recently shifted to the city from their respective villages/remote districts. They are accustomed to having 3-4 helpers around them in their villages and barely take care of their day to day work like room cleaning, utensil cleaning, grocery shopping, pet care, etcetera. And when they shifted to Patna, let’s assume 10 years back, they brought a 15-16 years old  female/male from their village to work as a house-helper. But now those kids have grown up and are getting married. And so, they no longer can afford to be a domestic help. They switch to become construction labour, or drive e-rickshaws, etcetera. This is creating a big shortage of domestic helpers in Patna, Bihar.

Maid services business ideas in Patna

And this is where you can step-in to help the residents of Patna. Start a maid hiring agency based out of Patna. Maybe you can start maid training business too, and help the Patnaites find the right maid for their household care works at affordable prices. One maid can usually take care of 3-4, or more 2 bhk flats if they are located in the same building or at-least in a close proximity to each other.

Your business model can be to take commission from those who need a maid, and in-turn you get them the talent and function as a guarantor that the maid is skilled and ethical in her approach.

Is this a good business for next five or ten years?

This business of availing domestic help will be highly successful as the population of Patna further saturates. The influx of people in Patna is on an increase, though there are other cities like Gaya, Bhagalpur, Muzaffarpur, Begusarai which are growing quite fast.

When starting a business, always start in a domain where you can scale fast or start in your expertise area. Starting a business in the trending domain is also a good idea as everyone is a novice, so all entrepreneurs would be on the same boat. I will recommend checking out some really good future business ideas that I have shared keeping in view their future value.

This is not the end of business ideas in Patna

Woah! That was hell of a reading marathon run. 

So many business ideas to start in Patna. Hope you found a few new ideas worth considering before you decide on starting that one business idea in Patna. If you need more offline and online business ideas then you may want to explore my list of 277+ business ideas to start in India. Email me to get the Ebook.

Need a complete guide to setting up & scaling business in India?

Usually business consultancy people charge lakhs of money to suggest you business ideas, business tips, and growth ideas. But I have made it available at a price cheaper than a Pizza. The catch is that even a small success with any of the ideas could power your pocket to afford lakhs of Pizzas 😉 I do love Pizzas, but I never ask my cousins for a Pizza party, instead I ask them to give me books, because I know, Books will help my bank account grow 🙂 Books empower me to earn more, make better decisions, do business in the right way, network with the right people, and communicate in the right way. If you too believe in this and need the eBook with a collection of top 200 Business ideas, business growth ideas and strategies then do let me know over Linkedin/email.

For more business ideas, stay-in-touch with us.

Let’s hustle.


Which business is profitable in Patna?

Patna is one of the top localities to startup a business in Bihar. The top profitable small business ideas that you can start in Patna includes:

  • Saree store
  • Govt. exams coaching business
  • Tourism focused startups
  • Textile & fashion apparels export
  • FMCG & food processing units
  • GreenTech startups
  • EdTech startups
  • AgriTech startups

Find more business ideas on GrowthRomeo.

What business can I start in Patna?

In 2022, I would recommend you to start following businesses in Patna:

  • Textile & home fashions export
  • Pet care businesses in Patna
  • Real-estate consultancy business
  • IT services
  • Digital marketing agency
  • Govt. Exam coaching business
  • IIT/AIIMS/CAT/CLAT training institute
  • Makhana exports
  • Bihar tourism agency
  • Logistics services

There could be multiple other opportunities for you to start in Patna. Of course, you can always explore GrowthRomeo to find good business ideas for Patna.

Is Patna good for business?

As discussed at the start of this business insight, Patna is definitely a good place to start a business. It helps if you are a localite. It could be a challenge if you’re an outsider (not from Bihar) and want to execute your plans in Bihar. Because it could be tough to crack into the mindset and lifestyle of people of Bihar. It’s very unique. A decade ago, world bank quoted Patna as the second best place to startup in India. Delhi was first.

How to open a coaching center in Patna?

You can incorporate a coaching institute in Patna just like how you would incorporate any other general business-

  • Register for sole proprietorship or a Pvt Ltd firm.
  • Get shops and establishment license
  • Obtain trade license
  • Open a current account
  • Get you GST & and other taxation paperwork done.

It’s good to engage a company registration and taxation consultant. This gives you more time to execute your business expansion plans. Feel free to reach out to our team for help.

Nishant Choudhary

Nishant is a marketing consultant for funded startups and helps them scale with content.

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