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As we are a community of freelancers coming together as one team, we are able to deliver best & affordable Search Engine Optimization services to our clients — soonicorn & unicorn startups.

SEO at Scale

Hire SEO experts who know their $#!T

We like to stay on top of The Latest, and The Next. Most of our SEO freelancers have their own websites & side projects where we go maniac when it comes to experimenting with SEO. We love it. Of course, we fail often, but we learn. And you get the benefit of our learnings 🙂





SEO digital marketing services company in Bangalore India

SE* to me is SEO

…hire me 😀

Claim what’s rightfully yours, especially, the SERP real estate with our Content & SEO services!

Work with the best affordable SEO services company in Bangalore, India GrowthRomeo.

We’re a team of freelance marketers who iteratively experiments, learns, and implements SEO together. We’re remote, flexible, and affordable SEO services provider company in India.

We work together, have some virtual beers together, and do lot of SEO analytics to extract actionable insights for growing your business.

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Technical SEO services

Make Google & Bing go weak in knees seeing your website.

SEO Audit services

Get better actionable insights for growing your traffic!

SEO Strategy & Competitor Analysis

Why reinvent the wheel 😉

On-page SEO services

Get discovered, ranked, and clicked.

SEO UI/UX recommendations

Customer is king, let’s not piss off the king with bad CX.

SEO content writing

… cuz Google love fresh, trendy, humor, and relevant content

eCommerce SEO

Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, … You name the platform, and we shall get it donen it.

Off-page SEO services

build lasting authority in your business niche.

Do you like being at the top?

…of search result pages 😛

eCommerce SEO services company
Content & SEO services

Technical SEO services — for Search engine friendly websites

  • Hire Technical SEO experts to rank higher on SERP (Search Engine Result Pages).
  • GrowthRomeo’s Technical SEO services ensures your website is in compliance with SEO best practices & webmaster guidelines. This is important to help the search engines discover (crawl) & list (index) your website in their search results.
  • Our Technical SEO services includes SEO audit, structured data SEO services …hi Schema markups 😉 , Sitemaps search engine optimization services, Site structure SEO services for Multilingual websites …hello there breadcrumbs & international SEO, EAT optimization SEO services, Search Engine Crawl budget optimization,
SEO Audit Services

Website SEO Audit services — actionable insights to rank better

We do a comprehensive SEO audit i.e., diagnosis of your website as part of our Technical SEO services to identify the opportunities of improvement. Your website’s speed & user experience are crucial factors for high search rankings. Our SEO audit report highlights issues & prescribes immediate remedies that can result in better search engine rankings i.e., more leads, conversions, and revenue. SEO audit unsurfaces – duplicate page titles, canonical urls, http headers & SSL, 404 errors, crawling issues, plagiarism, indexing issues, AMP pages issues, site speed, core web vitals, page responsiveness, keyword performances, backlinking profile, and a lot more.


search engine optimization services company in Bangalore for journalists

Soar to the top of Google

…and Bing


You build Terrific products & services for your business. Traffic hum le aayenge 😉

How do we earn traffic for you?


  • Meta Descriptions
  • Keywords Audit
  • HTTP Headers
  • Crawling & Indexing Issues
  • Site Speed & Performance SEO Audit
  • Core Web Vitals
  • CX Audit
  • Backlink Profiling
  • Sitemap(s)
  • Schema Markup & Structured data
  • Page Speed Optimization
  • Image & Multimedia Optimization
  • International SEO for Multilingual Websites
  • Crawl Budget, Page Redirects, Broken URLs

SEO is exciting,

…because SEO brings traffic.

best search engine optimization services bangalore
CX & UIUX recommendations

UI/UX/CX recommendations for SEO services — get them addicted

User experience has a massive weightage on your search rankings. We take pride in being one the most effective & best SEO services company in Bangalore who are data-driven, not bias & opinion-driven. We use your website extensively & observe our experiences. This practice helps identify the peaks & troughs of the CX you deliver. Based on the observations, we make recommendations for good UX & CX. Higher the usability of your website, more search engines like you. UI/UX/CX recommendations SEO services usually covers your website’s mobile responsiveness, cross-browser experience, customer journey experience, content discoverability, content sharing, ease navigation, and number of clicks required to complete intended tasks.


SEO strategy & competitor analysis

Intent-based SEO strategy & Competitor Analysis — accelerated growth

Most startups do not invest in a 360-degree content strategy. Their social media, blog, website, PR, video, and paid acquisition strategies are all broken as if they are divorced. And that’s where money slippage happens. We don’t want startups to be losing money and leaving the economy in turmoil. We want to see you piling up profits, creating job opportunities, and inspiring thousands to dream big. So, we devise a precise intent-based SEO strategy to help the target audience at every stage where they struggle. This creates better brand awareness & brand recall for your startup/business. We’re one of the very few SEO services company in India with an iterative & adaptive approach to SEO strategy i.e., we’re not blindfolded by plans or vanity numbers, we are outcome & result-driven.


SEO strategy & competitor analysis company in india bangalore

Visibility = Sales

“Jo dikhta hai wo bikta hai!”

on-page SEO consultants search engine optimization
On-page SEO services

On-page SEO services — get discovered, ranked, clicked

Your individual web page’s meta tags, keyword strategy, hyperlinks, and multimedia optimization has a good influence on the overall SEO health of your website. We are one of the best SEO services company in Bangalore, who provides SEO keyword optimization services, SEO content writing services, content revamping including FAQ schema, internal page linking, image SEO optimization, title & description meta tags SEO optimization for search & social, structured content schema markup SEO services, content readability & on-page SEO content structure optimization including Heading tags (h1 to h6). These improve your website’s search rankings, and subsequently, your lead pipeline.


Off-page SEO services

Off-page SEO services — build your authority in your niche

Off page SEO services build the reputation of your website’s domain. The quality of backlinks you generate, the sources, and the hyperlink text all play a defining role in building your domain’s authority. GrowthRomeo is one of the top SEO services companies in Bangalore to help you win earned media. We outreach to bloggers and journalists to get you high-quality backlinks. Directory listings, cross-publishing, content promotion, social distribution & mentions — everything under one roof for the Off-page whitehat link building SEO services.


off page link building SEO experts near me in Bangalore

Visibility + Relevance = High Sales

Don’t we all crave for someone who understands us without uttering a word?

digital marketing seo services agency in Bangalore
SEO content writing services

SEO content writing services — build your brand voice

Our pool of freelance SEO content writers and expert SEO editors implements the SEO content strategy, and gives a finishing touch to your content for a lasting influence on the audience. We write SEO content that’s sharply targeted, highly relatable, solutions-oriented, and pretty actionable. If you’re on the hunt for the best affordable SEO services company in Bangalore — who delivers quality for value — place your bet on us.


SEO content revamping services

SEO content revamping — stay fresh & relevant

Stagnancy stinks 😷. Search engines prefer content that gets updated regularly. It pushes latest content ahead of the stale content which was published years ago. Experienced SEO services company would always have content revamping as part of their overall SEO strategy. We have freelance content strategists & editors, who can do the content design for you. That’s basically akin to gardening maintenance work. But you do need a good gardener for a captivating aesthetic.


keyword optimization services indian SEO agency

Visibility + Entertainment + Relevance = Insane Sales

…cuz who doesn’t like to have a good laugh?


Week 0

Team formation for the next 12 weeks

Week 1 & 2

SEO Audit of your digital real-estate

Week 3 & 4

Goal setting & SEO strategy

Week 5 (Onwards)

Backlinks & outreach program kickoff & continuous execution

Week 6 (Onwards)

Content creation, optimization, distribution, and interative improvements in SEO strategy.

Week 12

SEO reporting on progress & deciding on further course of action.
Technical SEO services

Get SEO consultants who are driven by passion

GrowthRomeo is a squad of freelance content marketing managers, strategists, writers, designers, & SEO experts. We’re passionate about playing with the SEO. Not to mention, we play to win, and to make you the champion of your niche!

SEO Experts

Work with disciplined, diligent, remote & flexible SEO consultants

We work remotely from different parts of India, and are very flexible with time. We’ve catered to people in India, Bangladesh, China, USA, Australia, Iceland, … and will probably have many more countries in the future.


Expert SEO Freelancers


Years of experience

SEO audit services company bangalore

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Got questions about our SEO services? See if we have answered them already. 

How much should I pay for SEO services?

The project budget would vary depending on the size and the amount of work required, the quality of SEO services expected, and the aspirations of the clients. As we are a team of freelance SEO services providers in Bangalore, India, we’re very flexible with the budget. You pay for an ALTO, you’ll get an ALTO. You pay for a Land Rover, you’ll get one.

We assign a dedicated SEO account manager to you who will be the point of contact. The account manager will be responsible for the SEO services rendered to you. If at any point, you feel unhappy about the SEO services or progress made, you can reach out to the help center. Within 24 hours, you’ll be on call with the customer success team.

Is SEO services worth it for small business?

Well, can’t say for EVERY BUSINESS, but yeah, 97% of the businesses can easily leverage SEO services company in Bangalore, India to grow their business. It’s a cost effective marketing channel. It’s organic, and ROI is huge in the long run. But the tricky part is, you have to find the right SEO services company in India.

Everyone, like us, will claim to be the best SEO services company in India. You must have an eye to spot the real ones.

Take a bet on the right horse

Even if you’re wrong, you’ll learn, and you’ll make better decision next time.

But if you bet on the wrong horse, don’t get into the belief that SEO doesn’t work.

SEO works. We’re the witnesses.

Does SEO work for small business?

SEO works for businesses of all size — Startups, SMEs, MSMEs, Large enterprises, everyone! Work with the best SEO services company in Bangalore, India and scale your business to a different level.

What more can GrowthRomeo’s Partner Network Services help you with?

As mentioned earlier, we are a freelance SEO services company in Bangalore. So we have no boundations when it comes to expanding our services offering or expertise. We’ve partnered with some of the best UI/UX development companies in Bangalore & all across India to assist you with new digital solutions development. Again, the same thing applies here, you pay for an ALTO, we give you an ALTO. You pay for a Range Rover, we give you a Range Rover. What’s the benefit of working via us? Well, no matter what is your invoice, you apply the GrowthRomeo coupon code, and you get instant 5% discount on the bill amount. You can even tell the company that GrowthRomeo is getting me 5% discount on your invoice, why can’t you give me that directly? And they may oblige and revise the amount. But again you can avail 5% on that new revised invoice amount by applying our coupon code 😉

What SEO services is available at GrowthRomeo?

  • Local SEO
  • International SEO
  • eBAY SEO

Maximise Sales.

Up for the lead riot?