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Be it a Car, or a life partner – everyone wants to have the best, to possess the top things out there in the world. Well, not everyone is lucky to have the best life partner or business partner – but yeah, those who have the money can get the top car models, or physical goods. The desire for the top and the best is universal. For example, when a new entrepreneur ventures into the business world, their quest is for the top business ideas to pursue, they want to hire the top talent, they want to have the highest paying customers, and so on… 

What’s the top business idea for you to start in 2022

Luckily, you can explore the top business ideas and pick one for you but the top trending business ideas need not necessarily be the top idea for you. Sorry, but that’s the reality check you need, every entrepreneur needs.

What do I mean?

I believe the best business idea for you is the one that best fits your personality, your mindset, your working style, the geography you are planning to start out the business in, or the target markets in future, the people you are going to hire and work with, etcetera. 

But that doesn’t mean looking out for top business ideas is a bad approach. It is a good approach. Unless you know what all business opportunities exist, how could you take an informed and smart decision?

How to choose a right business idea?

My recommendation is – do proper research on top business ideas in a field of your interest, in a geography where you can start your business with zero to little struggle, and then doing a proper SWOT analysis on the feasibility of that idea, the challenges, strength, opportunities – finally based on your analysis, decide on pursuing one good business idea. 

For example, if I was looking for business ideas then based on my interest in the EdTech industry in India, I would have googled something like “best business ideas in India in the education sector in 2022”, or “innovative business ideas in the education industry”, or simply “education business ideas in India”. You get the concept, right? 

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Top business ideas 2022

Anyways, here are a few trending top business ideas in India in 2022 – these are not from a specific industry or location in India. These top business opportunities are randomly picked based on the craze and considering where we are headed as a global economy. 

Most of the listed opportunities from this insight can be started anywhere in India. Please explore these, and see if you find something interesting. If you feel, someone else might benefit from this – do share with that person/group.

  1. E-bikes and cars businesses
  2. EdTech business
  3. Ecommerce business
  4. Solar related business
  5. Cloud Kitchen business
  6. Textile & Fashion exports business
  7. Spices Manufacturing business
  8. Disposable cutlery business
  9. e-recycling business
  10. Small finance banks
  11. Pharmaceutical startup companies
  12. Tourism & travel business
  13. Accounting and Finance services business
  14. Last mile logistics business
  15. Organic products business
  16. Dairy business
  17. Sports coaching business
  18. Export Import consultancy business

These are not the only top business ideas..

These are not the only opportunities. If you want to explore more ideas then I would recommend you to try our comprehensive list of 277+ business ideas for India in 2022

Do you want to launch your website or your company? Do you need help with marketing, or sales? We have got the right resources and the right partners for you. Please let us know if we could be of more use to you. Always happy to help new entrepreneurs and businesses.

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Nishant Choudhary

Nishant is a content marketing consultant for startups & SMEs. He writes about MarTech & business growth. Also an avid book reader, skater, pyjama lover, and traveller.

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