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12.3 million US businesses are run by women entrepreneurs and executives. Boss ladies together generate more than $1.8 Trillion a year. Wow numbers! That’s more than 60% of India’s GDP. Interesting, right? That’s the power of empowering women around you. And I’m writing this article to share business ideas for women who aspire to make it big in life. I have refrained from repeating online business ideas and home business ideas that we already discussed in previous articles. Here’s a quick glance at all the women business ideas discussed in this insight:

  1. Online store
  2. Cloud kitchen
  3. Dog shelter
  4. App design agency
  5. Skincare products
  6. Kids fashion store
  7. Yoga studio
  8. Coaching academy

And towards the end of the blog, I’ll also share an additional list of business ideas for women to try in India. But before discussing any of these best business ideas in India for ladies, I have an appeal to make.

Why women business entrepreneurship is a must in India, USA, Australia, UK?

  • If you’re a man reading this insight – then vow today to empower the women in your life (wife, girl-friend), your mother, your sister, your female friends, your daughter, your niece, and any women who you can support directly or indirectly. Share women business ideas with them and help them try entrepreneurship.
  • And if you’re a woman, remember that your success would inspire 100s of other women to stand up for their own dreams, and it would give them the emotional strength to fight the patriarchal (women suppressing) Indian culture. Give them the inspiration to spread their wings and pursue any of the business ideas for women that we have shared or any unique business ideas that they may already have in their mind.

No, I’m not saying that every family/society in India suppresses woman, but there are still monsters out there who treat women like slaves. Your success is going to create a much needed positive impact on 100s of other woman lives. Doesn’t really matter which women business idea you pick up from the list, just don’t leave any stone unturned once you start pursuing your dreams. Put in your best effort and the results has have to be in your favor.

Here’s a list of creative business ideas, see if anything interests you.

A list of top business ideas for women in India 2022

I hope you will respect my appeal and do what’s needed. Having said that, let’s start exploring the best business ideas for women in India to start in 2022. We’re going to discuss 8 business ideas for women in this article. Let’s get the ball rolling.

1. Online store business ideas for women

Online selling or eCommerce business ideas has taken off in the last few years. The market appears to be highly saturated but there is always scope for new entrants. Women entrepreneurs from all over India are trying out different online business ideas for ladies and girls – from starting a doctor reviewing website to eCommerce stores retailing pharma products, selling beauty products, and literally anything is possible in the online world.

What can you sell online as a woman entrepreneur?

You can start your own private apparel/label business as well. One of the best woman business ideas can be to set up your own eCommerce store and start selling online.

  • To decide on what products you can sell, think about what’s in high demand that interests you – something that you thoroughly understand.
  • Make a list of such products and then decide on a few, rate them on the basis of how easy it is to start and operate selling them via an online eCommerce store.
  • When you have the ratings ready, analyse which ones score better on the profitability meter.
  • This exercise would help you identify top performing five eCommerce products that you can sell online.

Find bestselling products to sell online as a lady boss!

For example, in my case, here are a few things that are of high interest to me and which have good market demand as well :

  • Laptops,
  • Smartwatches,
  • Keyboards,
  • Mouse,
  • Books,
  • Flip-flops,
  • Curtains,
  • Perfumes,
  • Linen Shirts, etcetera.

On the basis of ease of getting started i.e., how easily I can procure/develop products which are ready to be shipped without pushing me into the financial stress zone, the same list would look like:

  • Books,
  • Linen Shirts,
  • Curtains,
  • Keyboards,
  • Smartwatches,
  • Laptops,
  • Perfumes,

Notice, ‘flip-flop’ which would be around the same price as a book has been placed at the extreme end. That means, from the given list books would be most favorable for me if ease of getting started is solely considered as the criteria to start my online eCommerce store business. But if I also take into account the competition and profitability scope of the business ideas, the list would get rearranged as – 

  • Linen Shirts,
  • Curtains,
  • Laptops,
  • Smartwatches,
  • Keyboards,
  • Books,
  • Flip-flops,
  • Perfumes.

Do you see the change?

Summarizing the secret to finding the best-selling products for launching a women led online store business idea

You must picture-in:

  • which products are easy for you to try your online store woman business ideas,
  • which products are highly profitable,
  • which products have relatively less competition in the market, and
  • the scope of future growth.

then you can easily gain clarity on what products you need to start selling online.

Anyways, message me on LinkedIn to get a list of the most popular 111+ product ideas for starting your online eCommerce store business in India. This is a specially curated eCommerce product ideas list for women business entrepreneurs who want to start selling online and earn extra income for the family.

By the way, do check out eCommerce business ideas list as well. Yes, some businesses will be better suited for women, but again, I would like to say, it’s not like you should be only checking women business ideas, instead you can look for any industry niche or generic business ideas as well to start in India, USA, France, or Australia. Women are not confined to any particular business domain or set of business ideas. The world is your stage, set it on fire with your entrepreneurial performances.

2. Cloud kitchen business ideas for women

Okay, some of you might not be aware about cloud kitchen business ideas. Let me explain that to you. Cloud kitchens are like a normal restaurant, the difference is that you don’t have any sit-in and dine, or food pick-up facility for direct-customers. In-fact, you do not even have to deliver your own food. You operate via third party food delivery service partners like Zomato and Swiggy.

Perks of starting a cloud kitchen business idea for women

  • So, a cloud kitchen is only about having the infrastructure to deliciously cook the items on your menu when a customer orders it via third party food aggregators like Zomato or Swiggy. 
  • Your food delivery partners take care of everything i.e., from order processing to payment collection and timely food delivery.
  • All you gotta care about is fiercely accept the orders and cook delicious food for your customers. 

With cloud kitchens,

  • you save heavy bucks on restaurant rent and customer facing/serving staff.
  • Plus, not much costs on the setup and infrastructure management.

So, in short, it makes sense for  the ladies and girls to pursue cloud kitchen business ideas for women, while going easy on your pockets/finances.

Challenges of starting a cloud kitchen women business ideas

There are some drawbacks too with cloud kitchen business ideas for women, i.e., if you chose the wrong third party food partner, maybe you’ll have a really hard time to establish a name/identity for your brand. And you might need to spend heavily on marketing to beat the competition on the aggregator platform. Still, I highly recommend cloud kitchen business ideas for women and men alike. The only condition is, you should be religiously passionate about serving high quality delicious food to your customers who you probably might never get to meet.

Cloud kitchen business strategy

  • You can also start a cloud kitchen franchise for many brands like Burger Fries Factory, Chin chan, Food hut, etcetera. 
  • Metro cities are a great location for starting a cloud kitchen business in India.
  • Millenials are not at all shy when it comes to spending on online food, or buying a live experience.
  • FoodTech is booming in India, are you too going to ride success with it? 

BTW where do you stay? If in India, then do subscribe to our newsletter where we share exclusive tips for growing your business and income using the latest in the tech and marketing space. To subscribe, drop an email with subject “sub me to NL”.

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3. Home dog shelter business ideas for women

If you are a pet lover, you can start a business in this very domain. While a majority of veterinary pet care and shelter businesses are not-for-profit, you can also start a for profit pet care business in India. 

Why women are suited for this business?

  • This is a good fit for women business ideas. I feel women are naturally good at empathizing (no logic behind this statement, just a random observation).
  • And so, starting a pet care and shelter business could really be a one of amazing business ideas for women in India to start something of their own and be their own boss.
  • As women are good at empathizing with anyone – humans or animals, they would perform really well and deliver highly-satisfactory care service.
  • In-fact, customers who drop their pets to these shelters would have a little higher peace of mind if they know that a kind woman is looking after their pets.

Not a business idea for fake pet lovers

I might be in the wrong circle, but a majority of my “pet-loving-friends” are just show-off fads. They aren’t pet lovers. Brutally torturing your pets when no-one is around to see is not what defines a pet lover.

Startup idea for women: a dog sheltering center

  • Pet shelter is a booming industry.
  • And so, it also qualifies as top startup ideas for women in 2022.
  • Anyway, it’s time for the kinder gender to step up their game.
  • It’s high time you stop saying that I take care of the home.
  • Women take care of ‘everything’ is the truth and the messaging should come out now in BOLD and CAPITALS.
  • One of the best ways to do that is to launch your startup, and let them see your real economical worth, your real potential.

Dog sheltering business strategy in India

To start a pet care shelter business as a women entrepreneur– you need to decide on

  • which pets you’ll be comfortable taking care of?
  • how big you would want your shelter to be?

My suggestion is to start a shelter near high density residential complexes where people keep pets. But the property where you open your pet sheltering business should not be too costly. Alternatively, you can restructure your existing home or garage to make it a fit for a shelter. Cats and Dogs are the top two verticals to start your pet care business. In countries like Australia, you can start a pet care business for snakes too.

Not every woman can be close to every other animal, totally understandable, but don’t push yourself to start a pet shelter business for animals who you don’t feel to love naturally – this could be risky. I would explain the risks in a dedicated post.

Where a women in India should start pet sheltering business?

If you’re a woman in India who is looking to start a pet care and shelter business – I would recommend considering Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Patna, Bangalore, Chennai, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, Gurgaon as the top locations to start your pet business. The crowd in these cities are quite ahead in adopting the western culture and trends. Pet adoption is undoubtedly one of the big trends among urban populations right now. Besides, not all localities in India would be favorable for women business ideas or even women entrepreneurship.

Here are some more profitable business ideas that you can consider looking at to see if you would want to pursue them instead.

4. Run an app design & development services company

This is one of the very popular women business ideas. I was about to talk this in detail at the beginning itself. But then I thought, first let’s give some exposure to new innovative business ideas for women in India and across the world be it USA, UK, Australia, France, Germany, Canada, China, or any other nation for that sake. And why is this business idea for women popular? Obviously, suits women personality (creativity) and is one of the highly profitable business ideas for not only women but men as well. While discussing the pet care business idea, I shared that women are naturally good at empathizing with other beings. And that somehow makes them a better designer & solution architect as well. My personal bias, but I think so.

Are women good for app design agency business?


  • Other than the empathizing nature, another good aspect of a woman which I kind of feel envious about is their craftiness with design and colors.
  • Of-course, there are male designers and fashionistas who are faring equally well, but almost every next girl seems to be so well educated about colors, shades, designs, etcetera.
  • It’s justifiable why I feel envious. Anyways, they can use this natural talent towards booking business profits.

So, I feel, one of the best business ideas for women in India is to start a digital agency to design apps and websites.

Is there a market demand for this when there are thousands of IT companies already out there?

Almost every business today needs an app or at-least a website. New entrepreneurs want to launch their digital businesses but they lack the digital know-how. You can enable these entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams.

You can help them build their digital businesses. And it is not just limited to developing use-case based applications. You can use your design & dev skills in all the verticals of the business like marketing, sales, hiring, etcetera. In-fact, businesses launch temporary websites to run marketing campaigns. These marketing campaigns too need precisely crafted, well thought-out, aesthetic graphics.

How to get started in this business as a newbie woman entrepreneur?

  • In the beginning, to start this business as a woman, you can start as a freelancer.
  • Or you can start with a team of 3-4 developers and designers.
  • It’s possible to start this business form absolute zero investments to up to a few lakhs.
  • Let’s say you start with 4-5 developers. Then you would need min 20 Lakhs as working capital.

How to get clients for this business?

  • Best way to gain clients in app design business is to go for inbound SEO and content led marketing.
  • “Show up and they will come” is not a brilliant strategy but it works in this business.
  • More strategies could be there, but before you start finding clients make sure your offerings are valuable and helpful to the target customers.

But what if you’re not someone with a knack for design and tech skills? Don’t worry. Business world is a big ocean, and you can get thousands of fish hunting ideas (I mean ‘business ideas’) here on GrowthRomeo.

For example, hit this link -> creative business ideas, to find some other creative business opportunities for women or men in India.

5. Sell skincare products or take beauty products franchise business ideas for women

  • Did you know that Kylie Jenner became the first self-made billionaire influencer?
  • She is a woman, of-course. Just wanted to clarify, as a lot of Indians don’t really care about western celebrities. 
  • Anyways, could you guess how she became a billionaire lady? Yes, she used her influence, popularity to promote her private label brands that sell skincare and beauty products.
  • She has a massive following and her offerings apparently clicked with her audience. The rest is history.
  • There are some controversies too, but that’s part of a celebrity life.
  • Right now, her net worth stands at around $700 Millions.
  • A drop of $300Mn+. Well, the intent behind sharing her success story is that – if she can, why can’t you?
  • It’s time for women business ideas to rule the planet 😉

Kylie Jenner is not the only woman with a success story

Also, how could I not mention our own business magnet, the new sensation in the entrepreneurship world of India – The Nykaa Lady, The one and only – Falguni Nayar! What an IPO. Overvalued, but still.. Proud to see a woman achieving this feat. Hope this is just the beginning of the women entrepreneurship wave in India.

Dream big, leap big – there are chances of failure but what’s the gain in not taking an honest attempt? There are a hell of a lot of female-founded beauty products coming up recently in the USA and countries like UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand. 

Women entrepreneurship is trending

In India too this trend is slowly picking up. Women are now stepping out of their comfort zone. The patriarchal Indian society is finally taking the punch in the face, and are facilitating the budding women entrepreneurs. Government too is keen on promoting women entrepreneurship and business ideas in India. They have launched several schemes to boost the same. If you want to try beauty care products woman business ideas in India – > request for a detailed eBook here.

6. Open a retail store for Kids fashion & apparel products

Another lucrative business idea for women in India is to start an online fashion and apparel products store. 

This could be hybrid too, as discussed already above. You can open an offline store as well. The Kids wear market will rise to 1.7 trillion rupees (INR) by 2028. 

That’s a huge opportunity, right? 

Is this business right for a woman to get into?

Being a woman, you would know exactly what other parents are looking to buy for their kids in terms of quality, colors, and apparel comfort. The Indian kids wear market presents a unique business opportunity for women who can design apparel, or at-least have a sense for fashion and business.

Business strategy to start kids fashion store

  • New platforms are coming up for textile sourcing where you can source fabrics and outsource job works like printing and embroidery.
  • So, to start the apparel manufacturing women business ideas, you don’t need to have crores of rupees.
  • If you want to start your business with just a single product variant – that too is possible today.
  • But for such cases, I would suggest sticking to the online mechanism. 

For example, you can start an Amazon or Flipkart store. Once you have broadened the scope of your business and diversified to different designs and segments then consider opening a self-owned online store or offline shop or both.

Checkout following business ideas list:

7. Yoga studio & fitness business ideas for women

  • Wellness industry in India is as big as INR 490 Billion.
  • Yoga studios and fitness studios comprise INR 200 Billion.
  • Startups like Cure.Fit and Gym membership chains like Golds Gym have time and again proven the potential of the fitness sector in India.

But can you name any women only gym chain? Can you name a big brand in the yoga studio space? No, right? That means there is a niche opportunity for a lot of women business ideas and enterprises to sprout-up and thrive in the fitness industry.

The good thing is that Yoga market is not just exploding in India but also in the USA and European countries. Exercise and nutrition are recommended for an athletic body, yoga is recommended for a healthy body and soul as well.

What about investments needed for the studio setup?

Fitness & yoga studio is all about body mechanics, and the vibes you get in the studio. Starting a yoga training business in India is a low investment affair as the entrepreneur/yoga trainer need not buy much equipment. Only a Yoga Mat and dress is enough. But yeah, where you do Yoga does impact the outcomes. An open, fresh air environment is preferred to perform Yoga then a polluted roadside location.

  • So, maybe when you start your Yoga boutique, you would need to invest on the office decor.
  • Let’s say, you open a yoga studio on a roof-top.
  • You would need to invest in installing on-roof grass (natural/artificial), natural grass is recommended if you are opening a Yoga studio business.

How to gain customers for the women led yoga business?

Of-course, organic is one stream for leads. Besides, to attract initial customers, you can go for usual marketing campaigns either online or offline or both. Digital marketing for Yoga studios can be really economical, but advertising in billboards near parks and gyms could be equally effective too.

The best tip I can give out before you start your own yoga venture is – be a certified trainer, or hire one. This helps a lot in the long run. And also helps in closing inquiries into sales.

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8. Coaching business ideas for women, girls

Last women business idea i.e., yoga studio was kinda a coaching business idea only, but this one is more in the academic/skill based domain. You can say that this one is a little broader and not niche like Yoga training. it’s not just limited to the fitness or sports business domain but can be scaled to everything where training could be useful. I’ve high regard for educational entrepreneurs who are into the education sector not just for the sake of making money but to leave an impact on the society and build a stronger nation. This too is a good business idea for women.

So much competition, online platforms are there, should you still start a coaching business?

  • You can start a coaching business anywhere in India.
  • Online coaching and training is at an all time high, and it’s not going to see a down trend in the near future, but offline coaching is not gonna die either.
  • Whatever skill you have – be it programming, playing an instrument, designing, mathematics, english speaking, or science knowledge, you can capitalize on it by training other students and professionals.
  • You can start your own edTech platform in India either by outsourcing your app development work to an app/website development agency or by using an educational platform like Unacademy, Vedantu, etcetera.

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That’s not all… women business ideas continued.

Those are our top business ideas for women in India. There are so many others women business ideas, but these are easy and have good potential. While listing business ideas for women,  we try to keep a mix of ideas i.e., a mix of low investment business ideas for women, and a few high budget business ideas as well. We do this, so that everyone can find an idea which fits their pocket. Similarly, we also try keeping a mix of generic business ideas and a few skill-centred complex business ideas. Explore GrowthRomeo – it has a lot of ideas based on the skills of a person/entrepreneur.

With this extended list of business ideas for women, I’m concluding this insight.

10 more women business ideas for 2022

  1. Start an interior design agency
  2. Launch a financial planning consultancy
  3. Open mehndi related women businesses
  4. Venture into a beauty parlor chain
  5. Start a stitching & embroidery women business
  6. open an events planning women business
  7. Start a food truck business for women foodies
  8. Launch a women startup accelerator
  9. Rocket up a marketing agency
  10. Start a management consultancy

Keep hustling towards a better future!

Tada. Nishant.

Nishant Choudhary

Nishant is a content marketing consultant for startups & SMEs. He writes about MarTech & business growth. Also an avid book reader, skater, pyjama lover, and traveller.

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