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Australia is the land with the best white sand beaches and the world’s 6th largest country by area. Besides being the best spot for your coastal holidays, it’s also a brilliant destination to startup and set up your business. Read this insight to find out the best small, medium, and large business ideas to start in Australia in 2024.

A sneak peek into different domains of small business ideas discussed here:

  1. Lawn & gardening
  2. Pest control
  3. Firewood & firepits
  4. Pressure washing
  5. Vacation rentals
  6. Car mechanic
  7. Holiday decor
  8. Cleaning
  9. Home & office
  10. Installation opportunities
  11. Mobile services

Best Startup & small business ideas to start with low investment in Australia

Mobile Mechanic Services Business Ideas In Australia

These are the simplest of all the business ideas, with minimal operational complexity.

To make these in-demand business ideas successful in Australia, all you need to have is a serious work-ethic and will power to exhibit high persistence.

These low-investment business ideas for Australia can earn high returns & profits and make you millions if done right.

1. Lawn Mowing, Garden pruning, Hedge trimming, Landscaping small business ideas in Australia

Lawn Mowin and Landscaping business ideas for Australia

Australia is full of commercial properties with lawns, gardens etc.

You can easily make a ton of money by starting a small business in Australia and providing lawn care services and garden maintenance services to the localites & home owners.

  • People charge as much as $1500 for hedge trimming.
  • Landscaping is a profitable business idea in Australia in 2024, esp for foreigners & students.
  • Students in Australia can pursue this as a side-gig or side hustle!

2. Pest control small business in Australia

Pest control business opportunities in Australia 2024

Protect the residential neighborhood in your locality from unwanted invasions. Start a pest control small business in Australia in 2024.

Pests are not just annoying, some are downright dangerous.

  • Help the cafes, restaurants, hotels, aircrafts, retail stores, cinemas, child care & old age homes, and factories in keeping their premises free from ants, spiders, flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, rats, termites, wasps, possums, silverfish, etcetera.
  • Use chemical sprays that are safe to be used in presence of humans.
  • Some pest control businesses make as much as $50,000 to $90,000 an year.

Pest control opportunity is one of the best small business ideas to start in Australia under 20k in 2024.

3. Firewood, firepits, wood cutting tools, and accessories business in Australia

Firewoods, firepits, wood cutting tools and accessories business in Australia

  • Ironbark firewoods are best for burning with low smoke and ash.
  • It produces more heat and combustion is damn slow. Perfect for firepits! Isn’t it?
  • You can deliver firewoods in the cities of Sydney & Melbourne where they are in great demand.
  • For maximizing profits, go for upsells, sell firepits, wood cutting tools, and firewood related accessories like wood storage rack/ring, Timber axe, natural BBQ fuel etcetera.

Become a member of Firewood association of Australia. That way people trust in your products and your commitment to eco friendly sourcing of woods.

If you’re looking for simple small business ideas that you can start in Australia with low-investment and no headache, this is the one.

4. Pressure washing business in Australia

Pressure washing business

Pressure washing is the process of using high velocity water spray to remove loose paint, mud, dirt from surfaces of buildings, vehicles, concretes, furnitures, etcetera.

  • You can either provide pressure washing as service to government places, restaurants, automobile garages, or you can sell the products like gas pressure washer, electric pressure washer, hot water pressure washer, or wall mounted pressure washer.
  • You may also sell accessory items like washer hose, washer pumps, washer spray gun, washer attachments, washer nozzles, washer extension band, Foam Cannon, washer oil & detergents.

This is mainly a labor intensive business. To run this business effectively, you may even hire immigrants who are looking for daily wage contracts. It doesn’t belong to innovative business ideas Australia list but you gotta accept, it is interesting.

5. Vacation Rental Business – AirBnB

Vacation Rental Business Ideas In Australia

Temporary rentals have been on the rise over the past few years and ain’t slowing down in the near future. AirBnB set its foot in Australia a decade ago and eversince millions of travelers have booked short stays & rentals.

Up to 2019, AirBnB witnessed a growth rate of 2.5% per month.

  • Today, micro-entrepreneurs are not just renting properties to visitors, but they are also maintaining properties of other hosts and helping them with providing delightful experiences to the clients.
  • If you’re managing 30-40 properties, you can easily make a profit north of $110k per year in Australia with such small business ideas.

6. Car mechanic, detailing & washing services business

Car Washing & Detailing Garage

Rich people have luxury cars but no time to keep it hygienic.

In fact, they don’t even have time to drive it to a car detailing service provider. Thanks to the rise of on-demand doorstep services business, you can start today a one-person mobile car detailing & washing business in Australia and make anything above AUD 50k and above.

  • To make more profits out of this business idea, you need to hire a few helping hands and expand your business.
  • You can easily get into car repairing and other vehicle services businesses that too without anyone bossing you!

If you’re an automobile-loving person, this is one of the perfect small business ideas to start in Australia with low investment. But this business can give you good profit margins in 2024!!

7. Holiday & decor business in Australia

Holiday & Decor Business Ideas In Australia

One of the best business ideas in Australia 2024 for those who want to be their own boss.

  • Help people make their houses chill, and decorate the exteriors & interiors to make it feel festive.
  • This is one of the hot business ideas for people with an appetite for creativity & craft.
  • Sell wedding, birthday, and engagement-themed interiors & exterior decoration services, and boom, you’ll be raking in filthy money in no time!

8. Cleaning business ideas for Australia

We already talked about vehicle detailing & washing small business idea for Australia. But cleaning business is not limited to just automobiles, you can get into

  • window cleaning services business,
  • carpet cleaning,
  • pool & spa cleaning,
  • deck staining business,
  • clothes dry cleaning, and even
  • gutter cleaning business.

You may also venture into boat cleaning,  aquarium cleaning, Caravan and motorhome cleaning, and office premises cleaning small business ideas in Australia in 2024.

Business is a dirty game, esp the cleaning business. But you can also make filthy hell lot money!

9. Home/office interiors & exteriors services business ideas for Australia

Australia has around 10 million homes, and of course, all of them need painting services & usual house maintenance services every once in a while.

Setting up these type of small business ideas in Australia is not a cost-intensive or resource-intensive deal.

  • It is one easy to get started kinda business ideas for Australia that can be started with a capital investment of less than a 1000 AUD.
  • And you can easily make $100k a year with this business idea.

10. Installation business ideas for Australia

Installation business ideas - smart homes - security cameras - home theatre

Mirrors can be installed in creative ways inside Australian houses to augment its decor. Same applies to lightings, custom wallpapers, and aquariums. Other installation related small business opportunities in Australia for 2024 could be:

  • smart home security installations,
  • home theater installation, and
  • smart garage doors installation.

Kickstart installation business ideas with an investment of $2000, and make upto $60k an year.

11. Low investment mobile business ideas for Australia

Private DJ Parties Business Ideas In India

Mobile businesses are something that need not be stationery in one place i.e., there can be anywhere-on-demand service availability of such businesses. Australia, given its amazing road connectivity is perfect for the following mobile business ideas:

  • Photography or videography business for marriage, engagements, anniversaries, and birthday parties.
  • Private parties DJ businesses to make events lively & jubiliant with music
  • Mobile mechanics services for vehicles
  • Mobile haircuts, makeup, pedicure, manicure, and massage services

To sum it up…

Haircuts, Makeup, Manicure, Pedicure, Spa Services Business ideas Australia

Australia is a multi-cultural region with people from all around the world. It is brimming with opportunities.

  • 2024 is perfect for everyone to pursue small business ideas in Australia.
  • Doesn’t matter whether you are a migrant Indian, a working mum, student or housewife, there is opportunities waiting for you in Australia.
  • So, spread your wings and fly towards your startup & business dreams in Australia in 2024.

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