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It’s 2024! Today’s kids are quite ahead of their counterparts from the 20th century. My niece was telling me sometime back how she will export textiles to China from India. I was surprised, how does she even understand this? Cuz.. she was barely 5 years old. And already talking business. HaHa! She watches her father talk all the time about textiles, textiles, and textiles. So, I thought of putting this list of business ideas for kids, so that you & I can together foster entrepreneurship skills in the kids who are going to rock tomorrow!

In this blog, we’ll explore a variety of business ideas for kids that your child can start in 2024. We discuss kids business ideas from selling handmade crafts to offering pet-sitting services. Whether your child is interested in fashion, sports, computers, or something else entirely, there are many kid business ideas on this list for them.

Business ideas for kids that make money in 2024

Thanks to social media and the internet, these days kids start earning money from a very early age. We see 16-year-old millionaires every now and then. Kids are aspirational from a very tender age. And children do aspire to start their own businesses right from the comfort of school.

And why shouldn’t they? Why can’t a child dream to start a business of their own?

Starting a business can be a fun-frolic, exciting, and life-changing experience for kids. Not only can it help them acquire valuable soft & hard skills like entrepreneurship, marketing, negotiation, and budgeting, but it can also give them a sense of independence and accomplishment.

Let’s get started with list of simple, easy, and monetisable business ideas for kids.

1. Toy designing business ideas for kids

Toy designing business ideas for kids GrowthRomeo

Toy designing business ideas for kids will suit children who are interested in creative design. Children usually love playing with colors, and are good at hacking different structures & shapes using the raw materials like wood, plastic, iron, or other spare goods. They can use that passion to design toys which other kids can play with. This is best toy business ideas for kids who like DIY craft.

2. Toy repairing kids business idea

Toys repairing agency business ideas for kids GrowthRomeo

Toy repairing business is for kids who don’t like breaking things but are motivated to fix things. This can mean anything from repairing a remote controlled electric toy car or fixing a rubber into a bat handle. This business idea for kids can be provided to the rest of the children in your society. And this can easily help kids earn a thousand or more per week.

3. Toy renting, reselling, and toys subscription business ideas for kids

Rent & resell toys business ideas for kids GrowthRomeo

  • Renting or reselling toys in your locality or housing colony can be another good viable & profitable kids business idea. Entrepreneurial kids can start a toy resale business, where they buy gently used toys at a discounted price and resell them with a good profit.
  • Toy subscription box can also be availed to kids in your local area, where a monthly box of new and unique toys are sent to those who have subscribed for the same. These can make huge money and can be scalable business ideas for kids to get into.

4. Toy video reviews business ideas for kids

Toy video reviews business ideas for kids GrowthRomeo

Kids love recording themselves on the camera. I guess, Gen Z is the most camera friendly generation in the history of humankind, but the coming generations will be camera-native. I mean camera to them will be a normal thing, no phobia mostly. Such kids can start a toy video reviewing business to make extra income as a children. All they gotta do is review and showcase new and interesting toys on their own YouTube channel and ask people to buy it for their kids. One of the best monetary focused business idea for kids on this list.

NOTE: If you are a parent, remember to always provide adult supervision for your kids when they are dealing in businesses that are sensitive in terms of money, life, health, or anything. And please do follow any local laws and regulations in your country/state regarding child labor.

Nishant Choudhary

Nishant is a marketing consultant for funded startups and helps them scale with content.

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