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Side business ideas are the commercial opportunities that you can do parallel to your regular job or another business. Mostly, it is focused at establishing an extra source of income to have as backup.

Why do you need to try side business ideas?

This is kinda necessary because we all saw what happened in 2020. Science is taking us towards growth and all but we are also facing a constant threat due to the experiments and the new domains that we are venturing into. So, it makes total sense to have multiple streams of income. Imagine someone in the textile business who has zero savings in march 2020 and zero sales for the next 3 months as the market was completely shut. How hard it would have been for them to sustain. 

Tough to even imagine, right? 

So, in this list of side business ideas – we have tried to cover sectors like real estate, digital income, FMCG and grocery sector, transportation industry, services based businesses, fashion and luxury, manufacturing, content, and so much more.

Side business ideas, 2022

Because every entry here is  a potential side business opportunity, so my focus has been on including only those side business ideas which can smoothly be operated by someone who has limited time availability on a daily basis. 

So, be it students, working professionals, or housewives – everyone can find a suitable opportunity in this list of side business ideas in India, 2022. If you don’t find one suitable for you then you must head on to the mega list of business ideas with 277+ opportunities to try in India in 2022. 

Impact Request: On a different note, please do share with people who have got the caliber and intent to earn their own income. It’s sad that some husbands do not want their wives to start earning as then they might leave them. I have heard such cases. Such a shame and stain on society. Can’t believe we still have such a mentality in India even in 2022.

Anyways, if we do not take action, it will all be the same. So, if you’re a good husband, good brother, good father, good sister, good friend, good cousin, good colleague then let’s share, and motivate our friends and family circles to try entrepreneurship and improve the quality of life they live, and create more jobs to help everyone thrive. Let’s create some real impact on the world around us.

  1. Real Estate Investment Business
  2. Online Courses Business
  3. Start a Grocery Delivery Platform
  4. Rent your Caravans, Cars, Bike (recreational vehicles)
  5. Rent your parking space
  6. Start a freelancing business
  7. open a sewing/tailoring business
  8. Try a home based manufacturing business
  9. Launch a consultancy business
  10. Startup an online store for organic products
  11.  Develop a course aggregator website
  12. Build a lead generation business
  13. Start a price comparison website
  14. Start a newsletter business
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More business ideas…

Again, if you are interested in more business ideas, then please do take a look at our article that covers more than 277+ opportunities in the mega business ideas list that I was talking about earlier. These opportunities are quite suitable to start in India in 2022. And do share the mega list link in your whatsapp group and social media. Every effort towards boosting entrepreneurship in India counts towards nation building.


Jai Hind.

Nishant Choudhary

Nishant is a content marketing consultant for startups & SMEs. He writes about MarTech & business growth. Also an avid book reader, skater, pyjama lover, and traveller.

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