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My father introduced me to LinkedIn.

LinkedIn & Google helped me find my first job.

But my father didn’t introduce me to LinkedIn as a job platform.

Instead, if I remember correctly, he told me that it’s a place to find leaders i.e., businessman, presidents & directors at any organisation.

This was year 2012. Yup, a decade ago.

Back then, I was not interested in the platform at all. Cricket, Bollywood, Exams, and occasional outings with friends were all that mattered to me.

I was barely 18 years old.

Fast forward 10 years >> all that matters to me is LinkedIn. Without it, I can’t even imagine how would I survive. It’s my bread & butter. Most of the clients I get for freelancing are from LinkedIn. And not just me, I help multiple organisations who I work with in finding clients on LinkedIn for their business.

How do I or anyone find clients on LinkedIn?

There are two ways:

  1. Inorganic fishing (Cold/personalize connection requests/messaging; Ads)
  2. Organic (Creating effective posts & engaging effectively)

We shall talk about inorganic methodologies in some other article. Here, let’s discuss the 7 best LinkedIn post ideas for your personal & company account to drive growth.

Organic Linkedin Content Ideas For Growing Your Brand

Last I checked, NOV 2022, There were 60.3 Mn+ LinkedIn company pages & affiliate pages available on the platform.

Gigantic, isn’t it?

LinkedIn is a must for B2B businesses – all industries!

If you’re a b2b organisation, and LinkedIn is still not on top of your content marketing strategy, then I must say you’re missing a lot now & you’ll fall behind your competitors in future.

That’s harsh statement, I know. But I had to tell this to you.

Why invest “NOW” in Brand Building on Linkedin?

Brand building is tough on LinkedIn, and those who are investing in building brand today will reap the maximum benefit tomorrow.

Is LinkedIn only for B2B organisations?

Nope. LinkedIn is not just for B2B organisations. It is equally good for B2C organisations if you are in training business, or any services or product business that caters to professional audience.

There are 865 Million professional people on LinkedIn.

How many CXOs & Founders do you think are there on LinkedIn?

Find that out in our article on LinkedIn Statistics, where we listed 53 latest LinkedIn stats to highlight why you must not commit the crime of ignoring LinkedIn as a marketing channel.

What is organic content ideas for LinkedIn?

When you land in front of your audience without paying a penny to the platforms is when it is called ORGANIC MARKETING.

Is Organic content marketing free on LinkedIn?

Now, organic content marketing is FREE on LinkedIn, but not free. You still need to pay organic marketing teams a hefty amount for organic channels to unlock effective growth for your organisation. But yes, it’s comparatively more affordable than inorganic where you spend a lot on Ads & paid PR. Organic is more kind of inbound marketing, and a long term game. That’s it, plain & simple.

What content can you post on LinkedIn as ORGANIC CONTENT MARKETER?

  • eBook links
  • PDFs with casestudies, whitepapers
  • Employee videos
  • Office party videos
  • Seminar links
  • Webinar videos
  • Thought leadership content
  • Memes (if that’s not against your brand)
  • Trending industry news
  • Opinion
  • Polls on polarising corporate issues
  • Hiring posts
  • Announcements

There are a heap of LinkedIn content ideas for marketing teams to post on LinkedIn for growing your organisation’s followers and grow your influence, business, revenue, profits, impact.

Segment LinkedIn Post Ideas For Your Company Page To Grow Followers

Just posting content on LinkedIn is not enough.

You gotta have a strategy in mind.

By strategy, I mean every content has it’s purpose, and you must post content on LinkedIn accordingly, so that the efforts yield the desired results.

How to segment LinkedIn content ideas based on the desired outcome?

Well, this may vary based on the industry domain of your organisation. But on a high level, you can segment Linkedin content ideas based on a single outcome you want from your posts. The segmentation could be:

  • Lead generation: The post must lure the audience to contact you or drop their contact for you.
  • Brand Awareness: Posts that evangelises the culture or USP of your organisation/you.
  • Thought Leadership: Posts that establishes you & your org as an authority in your industry domain
  • User Engagement: Posts that drive engagement & in-return visibility for your organisation.
  • Educational content: Resources to educate your audience to be and do better.

LinkedIn Post Ideas to share from your Company Page for high growth

Now that we know content buckets, you need to go niche with the strategy.

Plan right. Research and add sub-categories within each bucket. Some subcategories may also be common across different buckets.

Clarity about what you want from each post puts you in control of shaping the messaging right in your LinkedIn posts.

Here are some effective LinkedIn post ideas to share from your company page:

1. Gated eBooks related LinkedIn Content Ideas, evergreen lead generation hack

Write eBooks with authority, add rare-value-content to it, which is not easily available over internet. And people will volunteer to share their email, contact details, and related personal information. Everyone seeks substantial authority insights.

Here are some eBook related content ideas for LinkedIn:

  • Write how-to guides
  • curate a set of related blog posts
  • an illustrated playful storybook
  • a workbook or template framework documentation with playbook
  • feature talks from industry experts

Share the cover page of these eBooks on LinkedIn, and add a link in post caption/comment to incentivize your audience to visit the eBook download page.

2. Share Free Trial Offers In LinkedIn posts to Capture Leads

Free trial LinkedIn content ideas should be aimed at post engagement. Get as many people to interact with your service/product, as possible. Use LinkedIn to get trial users for your platform by often sharing details about the free resources in LinkedIn post. Create buzz.

Create & post creatives that invites people for LIMITED TIME OFFER DEALS, where people get a free trial.

This free trial has to be only for a specified time with full access to all features, but in a capped way.

Most companies & their leaders confuse Free Trials with Freemium strategy.

Fundamentally, free trials & freemium are different:

  • Freemium is where you get access to limited features of the platform.
  • Free trial is where you get full access to all the features but with limits usage meters for the advanced features.

Example, a lead management SaaS tool where you can store emails, send emails, create automation campaigns, verify emails, view stats, personalise emails, etcetera.

Now, a freemium model here may mean that

  • you can store emails up to only 200 (lifetime limit unless you upgrade), and
  • send 200 emails every month.
  • you won’t have access to creating automation campaign, or email verification / personalisation / stats features.

In a free trial model,

  • you’ll get access to all features, but maybe
  • the number of emails & daily emails sent will still be limited to 200,
  • the number of automation campaign will be limited to 3 for 2 weeks of buffer time,
  • when your free trial ends, you’ll lose access to pro / advanced features. And that’s when your audience craves for more content from you!

3. Demo videos LinkedIn Content Ideas to capture leads for full access

If there is one idea you can steal from this collection of LinkedIn Content Ideas, this has to be the one.

  • Demo videos linkedin content idea is equivalent to free trials, but without actually letting the users experience hands-on free trial software/service.
  • You can showcase all your platform/product/service USPs in 45 seconds to 3 minutes video, and entice the audience.
  • And please do add a strong CTA to make the audience sign-up, subscribe, and buy!

Videos are on absolute fire these days.

Sometimes, I wonder if videos are made of pixels or gasoline? Because, videos are on absolute fire these days.

What??? Okay, that was a very stupid line. But I’m trying to improve :/

Moving on to the next Linkedin content idea…

4. Contest, giveaways & rewards – LinkedIn content ideas to create awareness & buzz

Contest post ideas are great for LinkedIn. 21/45 other odd people who got the T-shirt thanked Zeda for it in a public LinkedIn post.

I remember getting a T-shirt from a Bengaluru, India based product management company, just because I commented on one of their contest type LinkedIn post.

Because my family is into textiles, so I know from the quality of the T-shirt, that its value was around INR 150 max. But they may have sourced at up to INR 400/piece.

We will come to why we are estimating T-shirt’s price.

Now, when I recieved T-shirt, I didn’t post about them on LinkedIn. But, 21/45 other odd people who got the T-shirt thanked Zeda for it in a public LinkedIn post.

What does this mean? What outcomes the LinkedIn contest post got them?

If my estimates are not wrong, the post was a BIG WIN for their marketing team. With the contest based linkedin post idea they got:

  • 21 organic posts mentioning their org by just spending INR 150/post.
  • 45 comments i.e., they must have garnered a brilliant organic reach of above 4000+ impressions on LinkedIn riding on top of those comments.
  • If nothing, minimum they would have got 21,000+ impressions on LinkedIn for those 21 LinkedIn posts promoting their brand .


45 T-shirts * 150/T-shirt = INR 6750 (Floor cost).

If they bought at 400,

45 T-shirts * 400/T-shirts = INR 18000 (Ceiling cost)

If you have used LinkedIn Ads, you would know that 25000+ impressions would cost you minimum INR 15000.

I strongly feel, me, you, and every other organisation can harness contest type LinkedIn post ideas to drive engagement and awareness for our respective brands.

So, 6.75k or 18k, it’s a win for them because:

  • 15,000 ad impressions where you promote yourself is far less influential then 21 people promoting you!
  • Additionally, I’m creating this post which will reach out to minimum a 1000 people a month. And like me, multiple other marketers would have covered this marketing stint.
  • Then people would have wore the T-shirt and roamed out. There would have been so much non-trackable word-of-mouth about the campaign, and whatnot.

So, lots of organic reach for pennies!!!

What was there in that LinkedIn contest post that made me comment?

They simply ran a contest asking people to suggest a one-liner to be printed on their official T-shirt for their employees.

That’s it.

I strongly feel, me, you, and every other organisation can harness contest type LinkedIn post ideas to drive engagement and awareness for our respective brands.

But it needs to be executed right. Else, it can be loss making deal.

5. Try Polls posts on LinkedIn

Who doesn’t wants to give opinion?

But who wants to write on that tiny mobile screen either?

Maybe, that’s what makes LinkedIn Polls a great engagement magnet. People find relatively easier to express their thoughts by associating themselves with 1 of the multiple options available in the LinkedIn Polls.

Done right, LinkedIn polls content can generate leads for you as well.

How polls based LinkedIn content ideas can help generate leads?

Let’s say, you do a poll on-

“what are the top lead generation channels for you?”.

And you give 3-4 options:

  • Organic LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Website & SEO
  • Google Ads (SEM)

Suppose, you are a content marketing organisation.

And let’s say, 300 people in your network votes for the above poll.

That means,

  • You can reach out to 300 people.
  • Nurture them to engage with you for optimising their top channel, which they voted for.
  • Or soft-nurture them to engage with you for tapping into new channels.

Basically, you can use poll related Linkedin content ideas as an ice-breaker.

Now, do you realise, how powerful Polls could be? While brainstorming LinkedIn content ideas for lead generation, don’t forget to add polls in your strategy.

More Linkedin post & content ideas for you to grow your org in 2023

  1. Gated cheat sheets
  2. Gated Checklists
  3. Gated guides and playbooks
  4. Gated Industry trends
  5. Original data & research sharing
  6. LinkedIn Live Events
  7. Evangelise your free tool/apps
  8. Video ads as organic posts
  9. Carousels
  10. LinkedIn Newsletters
  11. How to articles
  12. Top resources listicle
  13. Industry puns
  14. Trending professional memes
  15. Product Launch
  16. Employee highlight
  17. Project highlight
  18. Customer highlight
  19. Video Casestudy
  20. Book recommendations
Nishant Choudhary

Nishant is a marketing consultant for funded startups and helps them scale with content.

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