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LinkedIn is a bombshell for B2B professionals.

It’s the #1 networking platform in 2024.

Largest professional network, I would say.

No matter why you are using the platform, for marketing, sales, or networking; LinkedIn statistics could be useful.

LinkedIn stats help you strategize better and make data-driven sales & marketing decisions.

In this insight, we shall look at the top 53 LinkedIn statistics relevant for marketers and businesses to lay down LinkedIn-led sales & marketing strategies that deliver.

Why do people use LinkedIn?

Why people use LinkedIn statistics

Why do people use LinkedIn?

Before we get into the LinkedIn statistics [Last updated: March 2024], let’s soak in the intent behind why people use LinkedIn.

  • Professionals flock to this platform looking for job & business opportunities.
  • Businesses are advertising on LinkedIn to create brand awareness and generate leads.
  • Creators are publishing content, organizing LinkedIn Lives, Audio events, and whatnot to build an audience.
  • Sales & marketing people are using the platform to access decision-makers.
  • Investors are using the platform to identify the next big thing.
  • Founders are using the platform to access angel investors and VCs.

People use LinkedIn for a variety of reasons. Knowing the intent helps us choose the right tools that LinkedIn provides to nail our goals.

Knowing the LinkedIn stats helps us win the confidence of stakeholders – because goals are not nailed in a day – not always at least.

LinkedIn statistics for a better social media strategy

As I said before, it doesn’t matter what do you use LinkedIn for …Headhunting? Networking with industry peers? Or lead generation? Whatever. It’s always helpful to know relevant LinkedIn statistics, as it helps you take timely decisions in an informed way for better utilisation of the platform in your overall social media strategy.

Suppose you are evaluating where should you post your next job ad to find the right talent – maybe in your board room you can quote your proposition with LinkedIn statistics like this:

“LinkedIn provides us features to niche down on skills like none other platform. It has 39k+ skills categories and that would help us precisely target the guys who we need.”

Wouldn’t that be interesting? Talking with the data in a board meeting?

Your next hike is guaranteed dude! Do thank the GrowthRomeo team after your hike – with a blank cheque. Lol.

Time for LinkedIn Stats:

Linkedin stats - 39k listed skills

39k listed skills

  • Yes, LinkedIn has 39k+ skills to precisely map talent to relevant opportunities. [LinkedIn Stat updated in June 2022]
  • Customer service is the most added skill by LinkedIn users in the last 5 years [LinkedIn stat 2020].

LinkedIn statistics: revenue growth stats

Though LinkedIn was launched a li’l earlier than Facebook, it’s revenue is nowhere close to Facebook’s ad revenue but lately LinkedIn is blooming and blooming %###$@g good. What makes me say so?

Linkedin revenue growth stats - 26 percent yoy - linkedin statistics

Linkedin revenue growth stats

  • 26% YoY growth in Q4FY2022
  • USD 6 Billion in revenue from LinkedIn talent solution
  • USD 5 Billion in revenue from LinkedIn marketing solution

Linkedin statistics: user & usage related stats

How do you know if bots are seeing your ads?

How do you know if your target group is even active on LinkedIn or not?

For example, I build websites with blog for writers and charge them INR 10k and above based on the quality you expect. Now, I want to advertise my services to writers. Facebook, Instagram, Quora, LinkedIn, Reddit are the four options I’ve got where I can advertise to writers. But none other platform will help me target as precisely to writers as Linkedin.

I am active on the platform – very active – I would say, so, I know writers community is active on LinkedIn. But if I was not active on LinkedIn, how would I know if writers are active on the platform? LinkedIn Stats!!!

I will try looking for some LinkedIn Statistics around how many writers are there on platform and how many are actively using the platform!

Well, First stat was easy to find i.e., 2.74 Million writers are active on the platform.

But how many of them are actively using is a li’l tricky Linkedin stat to find.

Finding such Linkedin Statistics would take a research team with AI-ML capability. To find such deep root level LinkedIn stat, I would recommend working with an IT outsourcing team. Keep a budget of around USD 30k-50k.

This is not a easy job. It would first require you to scrape the entire LinkedIn platform and then analysing the data. Just to find LinkedIn Stat around number of active writers, it doesn’t make sense to spend so much. But to find Linkedin statistics for active members in each of the listed 39k+ skills, it is worth the value. It could be a SaaS offering. People may need this data to be assured that they are not wasting their money on the platform.

Anyway, let’s look at some interesting active users related LinkedIn statistics.

Linkedin stats for daily active users - how many daily active users on LinkedIn

Number of users using LinkedIn

  • As of September 2022, GrowthRomeo team verified that there are 851 Mn+ users on LinkedIn. Exciting LinkedIn stat!! how fast you think LinkedIn can get to 1 Billion mark?
  • On a monthly basis, LinkedIn gets 1.7Bn+ visits on web. [updated Linkedin statistics september 2022]
  • Of the monthly active users, 45% are female and 55% male [updated LinkedIn stat September 2022].
  • 74% of LinkedIn users are in 18-44 years range [updated LinkedIn stat September 2022].
  • On an average, a LinkedIn user spends more than 7 minutes on the platform. [updated LinkedIn stat September 2022]
  • 32% of the LinkedIn traffic comes from United States. [updated LinkedIn stat September 2022]
  • 211 Mn+ users on LinkedIn are from North America.
  • 132 Mn+ LinkedIn users are from Latin America.
  • 222 Mn+ professionals on LinkedIn is from Europe.
  • 237 Mn+ LinkedIn users are from Asia pacific.
  • 47 Mn+ LinkedIn users from Middle East.
  • 75% of LinkedIn members are outside United States.
  • 10Mn+ retail industry professionals are on Linkedin [updated Linkedin statistics september 2022]
  • 29.2 Mn+ Health related professionals are on LinkedIn including mental health & fitness [updated Linkedin statistics september 2022]
  • 24.7 Mn+ IT services professionals are on Linkedin [updated Linkedin statistics september 2022]
  • 13 Mn+ HR industry professionals are on LinkedIn [updated Linkedin statistics september 2022]
  • 7.53 Mn+ CEOs are on LinkedIn [updated Linkedin statistics september 2022]
  • 25.4 Mn+ founders and owners are on LinkedIn [updated Linkedin statistics september 2022]

Linkedin statistics: Job & remote job related stats

Linkedin job related stats Linkedin hiring statistics

LinkedIn Job & Hiring Stats

  • 50 Mn+ people are using LinkedIn to search for job opportunities on a weekly basis.
  • 6 people get hired from LinkedIn every minute
  • 95 Job applications are submitted on LinkedIn every second.
  • 40% of companies on LinkedIn use skills filter to shortlist candidates
  • 6.6 Mn+ jobs listed for United States on LinkedIn [updated LinkedIn stat September 2022]
  • 600K+ remote jobs are posted for United States on LinkedIn [updated LinkedIn stat September 2022]
  • Remote job postings on LinkdIn inccreased by 5x. Remote sales job posts on LinkedIn increased by 3x.

LinkedIn statistics: sales & marketing related stats

  • 4/5 users on LinkedIn are decision makers.
  • Brands see 33% increase in buy-intent when audience is exposed to ads on LinkedIn
  • 82% of B2B marketers get their best success with LinkedIn
  • Live videos on LinkedIn attract 700% more views & 2400% more comments than normal videos published as posts.
  • You can target as little as 300 members in a LinkedIn campaign. For a campaign size smaller than 300, you get “Audience Too Narrow” message.
  • You can target as many as 300,000 companies in one campaign. You have to upload a list for this in the Matched Audience. using the company name filter – you can target 200 organisations.
  • LinkedIn Ads ROI is 2-5x better than other social platforms for technology niche.
  • LinkedIn ads drive 7x higher signups than other display media for the finance sector.
  • For Education sector, the ROI is 2-4x higher on LinkedIn compared to other digital media.
  • 69% of Sellers say they are commited to expand their LinkedIn network [LinkedIn stat 2021].
  • 40% of sellers plan to write more content on LinkedIn.
  • There is 60% surge in individually owned sales navigator licences.
  • 59% of Forbes Global 500  companies use Sales Navigator.
  • 64% of Forbes fastest growing companies use Sales navigator.
  • 79% of buyers are more likely to consider a brand whose sales people have detailed LinkedIn profiles.
  • 73% buyers are more likely to consider a brand if LinkedIn is the platform where sales people reach out.
  • Complete & detailed Linkedin profiles enjoy 87% more acceptance for InMails.
  • 2x more sales target achieved if your LinkedIn profile is well detailed and complete.
  • 200-400 character length InMails on LinkedIn get 16% more responses than average response rates.
  • 1400 or more character InMails get -18% less responses than average InMail responses.
  • 89% B2B marketers use LinkedIn for lead generation.
  • 62% of marketers say LinkedIn generates them 2x more leads compared to the next closest lead generation platform.

More Linkedin statistics:

Linkedin statistics - 9 Million creators are on Linkedin

9 Million creators are on Linkedin

  • 9 Million creators have switched on the creator mode on LinkedIn
Linkedin Statistics - number of schools institutes and academic organisations

Number of schools on LinkedIn

  • There are 125K academic institutions listed on the platform [updated linkedin stat September 2022]
59.3Mn companies are on LinkedIn - stats - statistics

59.3Mn companies are on LinkedIn

  • There are 59.3 Million companies on Linkedin [Updtaed LinkedIn stat on Sept 2022]
  • There are 2.29 Million groups on LinkedIn
LinkedIn is available in 200 countries - Linkedin Stat

How many countries is Linkedin available in?

  • LinkedIn is available in more than 200 countries.
writers active on LinkedIn

writers active on LinkedIn

  • Number of active writers on LinkedIn has crossed 2.7 Million mark.

More Linkedin Statistics …will be added

We shall add new stats for LinkedIn and update the list frequently. Subscribe to our email alerts. Share these stats with your LinkedIn circle to help them understand how they may use this b2b professional network which is a lead goldmine!

By the way, as I mentioned, LinkedIn provides an amazing suite of products to help us grind our goals. Take a look at the top tools provided by LinkedIn and see if you are using all of them to squeeze full value out of LinkedIn. And if you need my help, don’t hesitate to reach-out 🙂

Linkedin products & tools for marketers, sales, and business people.

Linkedin Tools

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