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Last month I attended a couple of meetups hosted by eChai Ventures. Met a few awesome people, everyone hatching something new.

The image below is from a SaaS community gathering at Draper Startup House, Bengaluru. It was amazing to gain insights from people who are successfully running SaaS startups – funded & bootstrapped, and equally from people who are in the incubation stage. The interactions helped me better understand the challenges that the ecosystem is facing in growing their startups.

I’d like to emphasize what Srikrishna, founder @ Factors.AI, said about identifying & nurturing B2B SaaS prospects:

“Nobody just stumbles upon a B2B website”.

I don’t remember the exact words that followed this… but I believe it revolved around explaining that everyone visiting your site is a prospect (exceptions exist). And it’s sad if your sales & marketing team says that they don’t know who is visiting. His product too revolves around the same i.e., identifying who from your ICP landed on your site and then targeting them with ads/omnichannel marketing πŸ”«.

πŸ“’Also, he recommended LinkedIn Sales Navigator for B2B lead generation & prospect nurturing. It helps in ABM as well.

There were other amazing panelists including Yathindhar Panchanathan (founder, Gallabox), Ganesh Chithambalam A.S (co-founder, Recotap ABM), and Sujoy Chaudhary (Customer Success, Appsmith).

Someone from the panelists shared something which I found amusing… the letters that form the word LEADS are the same letters that make the word DEALS. It’s all about going from LEADS to DEALS πŸ˜….

There were a lot of other takeaways (for me), but I’ll keep them for some other time.

A big shoutout to Jatin Chaudhary for doing what he does. He is actively organizing and even personally hosting some of these events across Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, and Chennai.

On a different note, this week I’m trying to gather the courage to land up in an open mic poetry event πŸ₯ΆπŸ€©, and a couple of startup & tech events too.

Nishant Choudhary

Nishant is a marketing consultant for funded startups and helps them scale with content.

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