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Ah, it feels bad to be giving these LinkedIn Tips away for free:

  1. Share links to our post(s) in someone’s comment section, and desperately try explaining how your post is relevant to the one where you’re commenting your link… because that makes it less spammy. 
  2. Share links to your posts in DMs, because you think it is going to be very helpful, in fact life-changing, for the person. Being helpful is a noble character attribute. So, why not? 
  3. Send connection requests to people with a highly personalized note i.e., “let’s connect”, because without it the next person might not understand your intent behind the connection request. Anyways, there is a saying, “something is better than nothing”. 
  4. Don’t follow up with your prospects because they might feel spammed. It’s better to be non-existent for your prospects than to get rejected. At least, that way, you can hope for future synergies. 
  5. If your account is dead, don’t ask for help from those who are seemingly doing fine, because all of these people are arrogant and won’t help you. They aren’t meant to be mentors. Esp men, as they want something else. All of them. 
  6. Don’t upskill… because if you show the LinkedIn algorithm that you are learning & earning more certificates and work experience, it will start disliking you, esp if you’re a woman. Nobody likes an intelligent thriving woman. So, please be dumb. 
  7. Don’t post insights from your experience and knowledge for FREE on LinkedIn because It’s better if you create an online course and sell it for $99. Yeah, why should you share your knowledge for free, you don’t even know most of the peeps on LinkedIn. 
  8. Didn’t you read the seventh tip? Do you think that I’m gonna preach to you something that I don’t follow myself? Lemme tell you, that’s not a LinkedIn thing at all. LinkedIn is a platform where we are all very transparent & honest about what we say in posts. We never lie. Esp not about our client who made it to Forbes Top 500 after availing of our magical services.

*Minimum value

Nishant Choudhary

Nishant is a content marketing consultant for startups & SMEs. He writes about MarTech & business growth. Also an avid book reader, skater, pyjama lover, and traveller.

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