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Ah, it feels bad to be giving these LinkedIn Tips away for free. But if you want to make the most out of LinkedIn, if you want to squeeze everything that it has to offer, here’s what you got to do:

1. Share links to your post(s) in someone’s comment section. Wait, it shouldn’t end there. You must desperately try justifying/explaining how your post is relevant to the one where you’re commenting. And why not? It makes it less spammy.

2. Share links to your posts in DMs. Do mention that you think it is going to be very helpful, in fact life-changing, for the recipient. After all, being helpful is a noble character attribute, a human virtue we are slowly forgetting. So, why not?

3. Send connection requests to people with a highly personalized note i.e., “Let’s connect.” Just two words. Nothing more. Because without these two words, if the recipient gets a blank request, they would not know that you wanted to connect. Anyways, there is a saying, “Something is better than nothing”.

4. Don’t follow up with your prospects because they might feel spammed. So, if by luck/chance, you’ve got your potential customers in your connections, don’t try to upset them by letting them know your intent to work with them. They might find it spammy & intrusive. It’s better to be non-existent for your prospects than to get rejected. At least, that way, you can hope for future synergies.

5. If your account is dead in terms of reach, if you’re not able to gain leads from LinkedIn, if you’re not able to build your network on Linkedin, or if you’re not able to find new professional friends, then just blame it on the algorithm and do a rant post “LinkedIn is a hoax and doesn’t work at all”. Stop using the platform and tell others that LinkedIn is just hype. But don’t ever ask for help from those who are seemingly doing fine on LinkedIn because all these people are arrogant and won’t help you. They aren’t meant to be mentors. Esp men, as they want something else. All of them.

Bonus Tip: Don’t ever make use of LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Why pay money for it? Why even try its free trial? Just don’t. It is of no use. So many people on LinkedIn have Sales Navigator only because they have excess money and no channel to dump that money, so they are giving it to LinkedIn to make Bill Gates richer.  That’s it. There is no other reason behind people with LinkedIn premium accounts.


6. Don’t upskill. If you show the LinkedIn algorithm that you are learning & earning more certificates, if you show that you’re working with more organizations & people, and if you regularly update your work experience, there are chances that the algorithm will start disliking you, esp if you’re a woman. Nobody likes an intelligent thriving woman. So, please be dumb. Don’t share your experiences or anything on Linkedin. Because ‘what people may think’ is what really matters. More than anything! After all, to experiment and to fail fast is an ill-advice.

7. Don’t post insights from your experience and knowledge for FREE on LinkedIn. Why should you? Esp when you don’t even know most of the peeps on LinkedIn. It’s better if you create an online course, and sell it for $99. Hell Yeah! Why leave a penny on the table? Don’t engage wit your peer network, esp not in comments.

8. Didn’t you read the seventh tip? NO FREE KNOWLEDGE SHARING. Do you think that I’m gonna preach to you something that I don’t follow myself? Lemme tell you, that’s not a LinkedIn thing at all. LinkedIn is a platform where we are all very transparent, honest, and true about what we say in our posts. We never lie. NEVER. That’s true. Nobody ever lies on LinkedIn. Esp not about bagging a million dollars providing freelancing services to clients. Clients who made it to Forbes Top 50 rich list after availing of XYZ freelancer’s or agency’s magical services. But of course, it is your job as the audience to decide who among the rich 50 was the client of the post author. Because the agency or service provider can’t share the names of their clients… for privacy reasons and because of the non-disclosure agreement that they signed with them.

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If you don’t want to grow your followers, help me to grow mine by (re)sharing this post on LinkedIn, and tagging my LinkedIn account in your post (Nishant Choudhary).

Nishant Choudhary

Nishant is a marketing consultant for funded startups and helps them scale with content.

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