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You can’t game talent retention, but you can win it.

Nishant Choudhary

Employees will stay longer if you offer-

1. Good PAY

A big stress-reliever for employees if they don’t have to worry about “who should I ask to lend me money for this month’s EMIs”.

2. Good peeps.

Good for employees if they know that people are not gonna drag them down, but uplift.

3. Exciting work.

Boredom kills.


Boring != Repetitive.

Boring = Anthing that you don’t enjoy, and yet have to do it for prolonged periods.

4. No micromanagement

WhyTF should managers care who is napping (unless s/he is snoring and disturbing others) and who is on a Sutta break, or who is chilling?

5. A culture that prioritizes ‘value delivered’, and not hours spent.

Work = Force (effort) * Displacement (how much you progressed towards your Goals).

ALL effort & NO displacement = 0 work

(marketing/sales saying they are doing their best yet no leads… is zero work, something definitely needs to be fixed)

Zero effort * goals achieved = 0 work

(okay, no HR jokes here)

Technically, the formula to calculate ‘displacement’ is dependent on ‘time’ (velocity*time + 1/2 * rate of acceleration * time * time). But most candidates prefer to be paid for work not time. When you pay for time, velocity & acceleration will automatically go south. Acceleration beyond an extent will also result into burn-out.

6. NO entrance PASS to ‘toxic corporate POLITICS’

This is tough. With diversity or without, politics will always be there. Admit or not. It’s just that you can choose to be in denial (hello, CXOs), or you can open your eyes & ears, admit about the sprouting politics, and do some WORK to keep it healthy and hygienic.


Nishant Choudhary

Nishant is a marketing consultant for funded startups and helps them scale with content.

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