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The one place on the planet where passion meets possibilities — Singapore.

Flashy, glitzy, bling, and sparkles in the sky amid tall buildings and oceanic views – that’s Singapore. Where else in the world do you want to host your corporate events if not in Singapore?

Located off the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, Singapore is one of its kind, a perfect fusion of Malaysian, Indian, Chinese, Arab, and English cultures. Being in Singapore is romancing with the Asian culture & diversity. And that’s why it is our top pick for hosting corporate events. Read this guide to hosting events in Singapore and don’t forget the checklist towards the end.

Languages in Singapore

To respect & celebrate its multicultural population, Singapore has 4 official languages – English, Malay, Tamil, and Mandarin. The majority of people here speak English — the lingua franca of Singapore. Not that you won’t find people speaking Spanish or French, but the density of such people would be comparatively too li’l.

Population In Singapore

Talking of density, It has the third highest population density in the world next only to Macau & Monaco.

Business in the tax haven of the world ~Singapore

But the best part of Singapore, the per capita income soars beyond the sky, it is $131K.

Futin’ unbelievable, right?

In the business community, Singapore is a highly celebrated country because of its trade laws and taxation system. It’s known as the tax haven of the world. Minimal trade barriers, free trade, AAA sovereign credit ratings, good foreign reserves, and huge foreign direct investments (FDI).

What more can you ask for from Singapore? 

It’s almost a no-brainer that by being such an amazing cultural & economic hub, Singapore attracts a lot of events and activities all throughout the country! Not just corporate, the country is the center for a lot of political events too, esp the ASEAN events — where Singapore is one of the founding 5 countries.

WHY host events in Singapore?

You can host your events in Singapore, maybe because you would want The Australian billionaire Brett Blundy, and The Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin to attend your events. Just kidding, but yeah, these guys have settled in Singapore, permanently!

Like them, Singapore is home to many other high-net-worth individuals. In fact, the average income in Singapore is $131K, so that makes it a great option to organize any sort of event, especially business events & luxury-focused events. After all, Singaporeans have got quite healthy purchasing power.

Now, on a serious note, Singapore is an ideal place to host events because of the following reasons-

  • Free trade– Rings jingle bells for business owners

  • High population density– Great number of footfalls for offline events

  • High internet connectivity– Ideal for hosting hybrid events

  • Awesome infrastructure & transportation– Luxury experience for the international travelers

  • Unbelievable HNI population– ROI on events investment could be amazing.

Besides, it’s the 6th largest financial center in the world, and 2nd largest casino gambling market.

WHAT type of events can you host in Singapore?

Singapore is a great choice for hosting any of the following events-

Industry Focused Events

Oil & Petroleum, Computers & Software, Semiconductors & ICs, Chemical, Biomedical, Aviation, Cruise, Travel & Tourism – Singapore is a good hub for any business event catering to these industries

Sporting Events

Formula F1 events, Marathons, Rugby, Martial Arts, and Football events are quite frequent in Singapore

Travel & Tourism, Recreational Events

Events on Cruise, Culinary events, the Singapore Food Festival, River Festival & Fireworks related events, and other cultural events related to recreational activities are great to be organized in Singapore.

Corporate events & seminars

Any type of office event with specific audiences in mind, conferences for more diverse audiences with a healthy line-up of speakers, trade shows & exhibitions for promoting products & services, workshops for training sessions, awareness, and team bonding activities.

Social events & themed parties

Official or personal parties for a reunion with old classmates, peers, extended family members, etcetera. In Singapore, you will easily get DJs & photographers for these types of events. Not to mention, amazing venues await you. In fact, consider cruise parties as well for an added zing and booze flavor.

Hybrid & Virtual events

Again, for workshops, summits, and training sessions.

Fundraising events

These could be auctions, gala dinners, sponsored sporting events, etcetera

Pop-up events

More like boutique shops, food collaborations, fitness events, cycling events, music festivals, and … the list can go on and on.

WHEN to host events in Singapore?

With award-winning venues, safe & secure geopolitical environment, reliable infrastructure, amazing people, an HNI population, and a central location in Asia, Singapore has it all that you need to host a cracking event. Besides, Singapore enjoys a tropical rainforest climate, uniform temperature (23 – 32 Celsius), high humidity, and abundant rainfall all throughout the year. So, if the climate is a factor for you to host events – you get a consistent climate in Singapore and can plan events around the year.

WHERE to host events in Singapore?

Events should feel less like work and more like play. With that in mind, venues that allow you to blend work & play in a nice way are a great choice for hosting events in Singapore. For a comprehensive list of such event venues in Singapore with, of course, filters to find the best-suited venues for you, explore some event listing platforms. In general, popular MICE venues in Singapore includes –

  • Changi Exhibition Center – for outdoor & indoor events

  • Concorde hotel – for business & family events where you need top-notch hospitality & a relaxed atmosphere

  • Raffles city convention center – for tradeshows, and conferences

  • Gardens By The Bay – a green venue for delivering a dazzling experience to guests

  • Jewel Changi Airport – for gala dinners, travel & lifestyle events.

Checklist for hosting events in Singapore?

  • Get an event-focused web page designed for UX with modern UI.
  • Choose a venue and time.
  • Send the guides to attendees about how they can reach the venue, the DOs & DONTs, and travel & safety tips.
  • Ensure wi-fi and connectivity at the venue.
  • Ensure ample parking space is available at the venue for the attendees.
  • Do cross-check and facilitate the culinary & catering needs of the event attendees.
  • Make arrangements for the accommodation/hygiene requirements of the attendees.
  • Check for weather conditions & any political news that might be relevant to the event.
  • Ensure that you abide by the local law and order, as a precaution keep a backup judiciary member for emergency cases
  • Make sure that you have access to the nearest emergency services – healthcare, police, and fire extinguishers.

Time for a Tour to Singapore!!

FAQ for events in Singapore!!

How to select an event venue in Singapore?

For MICE venues in Singapore, online event aggregator platforms will provide you with 100s of venues listed on them – including green venues, conventional venues, venues with accommodation, unique cultural venues, etcetera.

You can select an event venue in Singapore based on your requirements i.e., the number of attendees, seating style – Theater, Banquet, Exhibition, Cocktail reception, etcetera.

You may even further shortlist the venues based on the amenities you want your guests to experience, which could be air conditioning, on-site catering, wi-fi, parking, restaurants, recreational facilities, and more.

How to market your events in Singapore?

Digital marketing, SEM, ADs, Bill-board ads, and collaborating with promotional agencies are great options to create awareness about your event in Singapore. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitter, and Pinterest could be good channels to attract relevant audiences.

Nishant Choudhary

Nishant is a marketing consultant for funded startups and helps them scale with content.

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