Affiliate Disclaimer

Hi, Impact.. this is to inform you about my affiliate associations.

The links to the products and different online tools that I share in my blogs are affiliate links (most of them, if not all..).

What does that mean?

It means, I’ll earn a small share of the sale amount, or a fixed amount per sale when you purchase the products using these links. Companies selling these products provide this small share of the sale amount as compensation for the coverage and visibility I provide to their products and software tools that I mention in my blogs.

Oh! Wait… so if am receiving monetary benefits, then may be I can mislead you to make more sales?

Well probably, I can. But I won’t.

It’s against my value-system to manipulate anyone for my own benefit.

I share and recommend only those tools & products which delivers value to you.

For example, I share:

  • Tools that help you in achieving your goals.
  • Products that solves your problem(s).
  • Advice that helps you grow your business.

I try avoiding $#!T products i.e., products which are pain in the cash. This is because, I respect every entrepreneur, and I don’t believe in bad-mouthing anyone’s effort. But if I know that a product is way to $#!TTY, then to save you from bad investments, I do at times recommend not buying a product.

To summarise, the blogs I write are not motivated by compensation.

These blogs are purely motivated by my intent

  • to help create more successful entrepreneurs.
  • to help push balance in the economy.
  • to help uplift more people up.

So, would it cost you more money if you buy from my links?

Nope. Not at all. It won’t cost you any extra money.

In fact, at times, I share steal-away deals & coupons in my blogs that save you money.

Now that you know of my affiliate disclosure, it’s time that you should explore some of the best business resources to start & grow your business.

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